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  1. I'm in a midst of a millions-worthy flat purchase.
    That being said, few 24 years olds can tell something like this about themselves.

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Wait, I think I might be seeing the potential joke. You're from Hungary, right?

    3. Dragonfly


      Oh, if that's the case then it's half-a-million / month to rent the place I live. Oops.

    4. Cell


      @bzzrak Actually, both cases of purchase.
      I solicit for a loan nearly 10 million Hungarian Forints from the bank, but it comes with an excess expense of 360.000 (paid in 12 monthly instalments), unless I sell the flat I currently own within a year. If I can find some new folks to settle into the rural neighborhood I provide fo' dem, not only I'm free of defraying the 360k, but I'll be able to release myself from the debt aswell, interest included. ;)

      So, Agent Cell settles onto a new challenge. ^^