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    You members are more oftentimes than not fine folks of making arguments over everyday issues as I pull off, so I'd like to share something of a dilemma with you:
    NOTE: sheerly radical examples don't count. I.e. don't go into lenghts like, said guy raped your elder sister, killed your parents or was the culprit behind the arson that cost your home. Stick to issues that are likely to happen in your everyday life and so.

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    2. Voros


      IDGAF about it. OK, so that person did something better than me, so why should I whine about it?

    3. geo


      Now that I'm awake, this isn't humor, but I've defended or agreed with people I dislike or hate. That's not even about being friend thought, its about doing what's right.

    4. Cell


      Latecomer late self-respose is late (and lame).

      Sent this picture to some Wise Guy I know and I got quite an answer that satisfied many, if not all my needs.


      "We take anything and everything offensively - or at least, with harsh criticism - from people we dislike. This is reasoned by the fact we qualified them emotionally as culpable people and we just don't want to go into depths of perception of what they've said, instead we simply frown upon their sentences. It might be that if the one who told the same joke was our bestest friend we'd've just burst out of sheer laughter - sadly, this is the nature of things going around in life."