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  1. About a month ago, I got my ass kicked from another Boards for teaching a rather rude (outright provocative and arrogant to put it harshly) person good manners. The admins of that Forum simply reasoned it as "backseat modding".

    Later did I find out that the culprit was an actual old-runner for that community. But not that really contributive type, just the one kind of "been around since like 200X" type of "never too outrageous to be banned", yet "scumbag enough to infuriate people" or howshallIputit - and of course, over the time, he got on good terms with the other old-runners, including a couple of them Admins aswell.

    Well, prestige wins over humanity once again. Frank Grimes-esque experience it was.

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    2. bzzrak


      don't f*ck with cell

    3. Cell


      ^ Yup, that's pretty much the an aesop for this entire twisted shit I'd been part of. :]

    4. Cell


      ... Yo, it has already been a year. I even made this "inspiring/motivational quote image"-esque thingamajig to remind myself about how I was gonna be in for some uncomfortable moments.