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  1. Eyyo! Celebrating gazillions of years of evolutionary success and the fifth anniversary of a highly controversial performance of a true bootleg rap without even a predefined beat written to it.

    (Expect not understanding a single word, unless you are fairly intelligible in Hungarian. I rather share it for the lolz and whatnot.)

    Short story: had a set of performances called CFR, short for "Cell Flash Rap", a monthly occurrence for people attending a secondary grammar school. (Aspect at its finest!!) Each month I write another fancy lyrics full of swear words and other feeble attempts at appearing as a gangsta, this very instant captured on footage marks the peak and the start of the downfall of my so-called career, one which hadn't even kicked off in the first place to set it right. Appearing as a mere curiosity of ridicule and sightseeing (as one of my early unbiased reviewers would put, "like a whitish autistic Stevie Wonder hung on the fence in the back"), chances that the so-called audience appearing in the video up to the headcount of 80 people including the cameraman went out for my deepest thoughts to be conveyed and make them reevaluate perception assets are fairly low, hitting rock bottom audibly loud.

    That being told, words to consider are at yo' disposal.
    "Before setting your mind to write history, please, make sure you're at least literate in the first place.
    Regards, Cell."