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  1. Eyyo! Celebrating gazillions of years of evolutionary success and the FCKN 10TH anniversary of this footage being brought to daylight - which is a piece of excrement in every friggin aspect, including but not limited to its quality.
    (Again, Hungarian all along! The cosmetic can be interpreted internationally tho')

    This video wouldn't've been made and uploaded to YT if fourteen year old me wasn't a socially awkward loser taking desperate - and by this I mean borderline radical - measures trying to fit in. Given at that time "Cell Marcell" couldn't provide any valuable piece of himself that could bring the positive attention of his peers - e.g. sports, music - and also that he thought being accepted is a matter of gamble even at that certain age, his semi-subconscious pursued him rapping "Decaying World" by the Hungarian group Antifaces in a rather autistic and totally messed up manner - taking into account how much said piece of music was full of deep thoughts about modern society, this poor excuse for a performance didn't do any honor to it at all. The result? Three days of ear-bursting cheer of folks similar age as me wherever I went, then a subsequent total of five years of misery, because I threw a too-beautiful-to-believe premise at them and couldn't live up to it all, instead I tired myself too soon and expected them to help me survive till the next summer break - happily ever after. Yup, that's how "l'il Stevie" (Hungarian expression!) imagined it happening and that's exactly how it didn't happen.

    I was hoping to become a colorful spot of community - turned out I actually was all along, only of an unappealing shade s'pose. :]