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  1. He'yo.

    Yeah, quitting the quittance for a while. Things had happened and I've actually found some useful tips (ones I could actually perceive) on the subject that caused my last sorta tantrum-ish asservation. On the actual subject though...

    My new year's resolution for '19 was that I would stop posting in the 'Share a random fact about yourself' thread. Courtesy of @seed, the one whose pattern I followed by updating my 'About me' section with a Spoilered wall of text. However, there are specific things that are required to be addressed publicly, and so is the following a primary example.

    Not sure if any of you guys really caught that, but I really tend to be a vermin if it comes to mocking certain people about their - preferably long-forgotten - screwups or other funny, but regardless, to a degree, compromising stuff prior. Notable mentions include (but are not limited to:)

    - RevenantWithAHat. My dude @Katamori was going to partake in the development of Community Chest 4 in August 2011, and this one user (most presumably a clueless 10-15 y/o kiddo at that time) created some mediocre map (an E1M8 rendition I believe) to fill in the slot Katamori was opting for. Sadly or fortunately, he was oblivious about one of the project's main guidelines (not sharing his work publicly, only in PM for one of the project leaders), and despite being told several times by other participants to "delete the links ASAP", he repeatedly committed this offender which left no other choice but for his thread to be Helled and him to be Losered, soon this to be upgraded to Banned thereafter. To this day I sometimes mention this to Katamori, and I also scribbled something together in MSPaint quickly just to keep reminder of it for a long time.
    - Speaking of Katamori, here's this, courtesy of @dobu gabu maru and again, my image editing skills.

    - Another one involves @Jimmy, or more precisely, his custom title prior to the JoM sessions. I had a quirk for calling him "Jimmy, whose name rhymes/doesn't rhyme with MIDI" for quite a long time (even with 'Joyful Mapper' already implemented), and only recently did I knock it off for good. Though I personally prefer to think this is/was a tribute to his ace composing skills, but whatever.
    - This one's gone on a really long trip and started with this particular confession by @Scypek2. (Holy geeze, it's turning 8 slowly.) I don't believe I have to elaborate about this, searching the term 'barking texture' on the Forums would unfold information sufficient enough. And only recently did I find out about that the specific stuff has actually manifested in some form long ago, for which I feel like an idiot, because I myself was partaking in the exact same project as well.
    - This one's rather a confession, too. I still have a high tendency for binge-searching @joe-ilya's stuff from time to time. Particularly noticeable once I happen to upvote comments addressed to him.

    To whoever I've mentioned or has a fraction of memory about occurrences similar in nature, I should definitely mention that I in none of these cases mean any offense. Might come down as provocative or insulting (or more so, instigating), I am aware, but as far as I recall, I've never done any intentional emotional harm to anyone. (Calling Terrywad authors lifeless homosexuals at the age of 16-17 was another thing, sort of justified on one hand, but still just some emotional awkward adolescence burst on the other.)

    So yeah... stay healthy, folks, and mock only when it's time-relevant. I suppose.