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  1. Yeah, I think I'm getting old to casually enjoy YouTube comments... Recently I discovered being fed up w/ something I didn't quite bother before.

    Let's say, there's a popular video w/ gazillions of likes (5 digits to boot) and also happens to have a few dislikes, usually not even more than 20 and so. Cue commenters proclaiming one of the following or something interchangeable w/ them.

     - X people aren't/don't/cannot [insert an activity related to a quote or a general vibe about said video];
     - X people believed the thumbs down is a download button / cannot aim with their mouse devices / are Australians / etc.
    And perhaps the most cringeworthy of all:
    - The X 'dislike' translates to 'dis I like'

    Just shut yo' mouths already, rite? It's the InterMDFKNet w/ everyone to freely express their opinions. 'Course there are trolls, they're a constant with no legitimate ability to get controlled whatsoever, they'd occasionally find your famous vids and would downvote 'em w/ spite, get over it, the world ain't shatter by some lifeless losers' free roamin', period.

    But. Don't be gettin' into pointin' out the few dislikers only to (most presumably) farm likes on your supey-dupey splendid little comment statin' the obvious, duh. It's the same level of bein' inappropriate like crashin' yo' good friend's celebration of their children bein' born w/ the invitation to yo' grampa's funeral. I really mean there are far more, less cringey methods to display yo' ravishin' fandom towards yo' favorite uploaded vid.


    1. seed


      Well, there's the problem mate, stop reading YT comments, majority tends to be BS or outright cancer anyway. It ain't worth bothering with such things.

    2. Cell


      I tend to forget it's way not the late 00's anymore.
      Crazy stuff, huh.