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  1. The comparison of lookup with NULL probably:typedef struct { actionf_t cptr; // actual pointer to the subroutine char *lookup; // mnemonic lookup string to be specified in BEX } deh_bexptr; ... deh_bexptr deh_bexptrs[] = { ... // This NULL entry must be the last in the list {{NULL}, "A_NULL"}, // Ty 05/16/98 }; ... while (!found && (deh_bexptrs[i].lookup != NULL)); There will be no match.
  2. If you replace the two LoadShotgun code ptrs with LoadShotgun2 and OpenShotgun with OpenShotgun2 it should then load without the segmentation violation.
  3. Updated version of my map uploaded. Joshy, please check PM.
  4. A bug in vanilla doom is that line 0 is always tested when tracing lines for i.e. hit scan attacks. Modifying the map so that line 0 is a short horizontal or vertical line may be the best way to prevent the problem it causes. Some more testing info: MAP21 - Thing 105 (Box of shells) can jump up in the air: Full Size Image Some Co-op Testing: All maps were lot's of fun :) MAP18 - In ZDaemon the Mancubuses fall off the platforms when they get shot by the cyberdemon. Two places are inacessible for co-op players (spider / red key area and AV area at end). MAP29 - Green armour and blue armour on top of each other (at exit). I recommend people who have maps with traps check players can enter the areas from outside in case a player dies inside. Testing with ZDaemon in single player mode can help with this as when you die the map does not reset like it normally does. I need to change my map to stop this problem happening in the blue key area.
  5. I've just finished MAP15 (pretty epic BTW). Found a slight problem (a line 0 bug) stand in sector 869 and shoot North. Perhaps swapping with another (i.e. 5314) would fix the problem.
  6. Ah yes, I think you are right. I checked the map and Spectres can get to that area after teleporting in. I must have died right next to it. Thanks, the mystery is solved.
  7. A strange visual effect occurred while testing PRCP with glBoom+2508: Full Size Image
  8. Great, I've been holding back playing any of the other maps until now :)
  9. OK, not sure if this is what you want but I had a go:Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0 Doom version = 19 Patch format = 6 Thing 7 (Revenant Fireball) Hit points = 5000 Injury frame = 746 Pain chance = 256 Death frame = 0 Bits = 591364 Frame 746 Sprite number = 34 Sprite subnumber = 32768 Duration = 8 Frame 747 Sprite number = 34 Sprite subnumber = 32769 Duration = 6 Frame 748 Sprite number = 34 Sprite subnumber = 32770 Duration = 0 Pointer 421 (Frame 746) Codep Frame = 190It uses some frames from the SS Nazi so they won't work properly when using this patch. I tried getting it to cause damage when shot but this seems to be problematic.
  10. Vangelis. That's the music from Blade Runner end credits.
  11. As mentioned previously by Captain Toenail just make sure you run the mod with the included dehacked patch "twilight.deh" i.e.yourportnamehere.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file twilight.wad -deh twilight.dehThat should help clear up your bush penetration troubles.
  12. Make a wad that has the following entries:FF_START FWATER1 FWATER2 FWATER3 FWATER4 F_END FF_START and F_END are markers and FWATERx are saved as flats.
  13. If you need to convert models from md3 format to md2 format I may be able to help you.
  14. Zero because I didn't found the toaster yet :D
  15. The line you are shooting has a sky ceiling on it's back sector. When a missile hits the upper part of a line with sky on it's back sector it will vanish (so rockets / plasma don't explode when you shoot them into the sky). The line really should be facing the other way (so that the sky ceiling is on the front side).