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  1. For Wolfenstein 3D, I'm going to echo printz and suggest ChaosEdit. It's pretty much a full Wolf editing kit (map editing, sound and sprite editing). It also features a handy 3-d map preview, so you can see how your maps look without having to run the game. Duke3d is more complicated though. Mapster was with Build from the beginning, and the Duke3d editing community seems to be fine with sticking with it. I will agree that Mapster is not very noob-friendly, but it seems to get the job done for most mappers in the community. I guess this is an example of "if it's not broke, don't fix it".
  2. CyberPedro

    Pain Elemental Sprite Boo-Boo

    (Yes I realize that the thread title is stupid, but I think it does the job at getting attention) I'm feeling lazy right now, so instead of describing the issue, I made this handy picture to illustrate it: I'm assuming that this hasn't been brought up before. I know that modified Iwad content is strictly forbidden in freedoom, so I figured it would have been removed if it was known about already.
  3. CyberPedro

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I didn't know about berserk lasting the whole level until I read this thread. It makes me look at them in a whole different way.
  4. CyberPedro

    doomsday: zdoom-in-hexen format incompatible

    Telling us what model pack you are using would help. Although chances are that there are no MODELDEFs for it. In that case you'll probably need to suck it up and make them yourself, because I'm not sure if anyone is going to do it for you.
  5. CyberPedro

    ACS help:morph a thing into another

    Have you tried using MorphActor? It seems like it should do the trick, although I've never used it before, so I wouldn't know.
  6. CyberPedro

    Brutal Chex - Flemoid Genocide

    I don't know, zorchers don't really make sense for a 'brutal'-styled mod. I say keep the guns, but make sure the graphics match CQ's art style. Some unique behavior wouldn't hurt either. Also, I think you should brighten the blood up a bit to match the color of the flemoids better.
  7. CyberPedro

    DooM '3' in DooM 1

    Looks good, but it's too bright. May I suggest lowering the brightness levels? 0 should be good, it'll help give it a more authentic D3 feel. Seriously though, it honestly feels a little cramped. Especially in the starting area of E1M1.
  8. CyberPedro

    Ugliest Monster

    The Mancubus is the ugliest monster. He is so repugnant.