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  1. You could always just use the resource pack included with Community Chest 4, which is mostly just a compilation of things found on Afterglow, and just add whatever textures needed. Then just go into SLADE and remove all the unused textures when all the maps are submitted.
  2. Welcome to the Media Realm! Stay away from television, children..
  3. I want in. I like this concept, I haven't contributed a map in a few years.
  4. Taedium

    Alien Vendetta

    Yeah, I also found the end to be very anticlimactic. But as a whole, its by far one of the best, most influential WADs of all time.
  5. Taedium

    Upcoming WAD

    I rather like it. Reminds me of the Hell levels from Evilution blended with Plutonia architecture.
  6. Taedium

    Looking for Egyptian and Gothic textures

    Already looked, no luck. Realm667 used to have them, but the site is down. I know of some pwads that use Powerslave textures, but I'd hate to have to get them from someone else's megawad.
  7. Does anyone know where I could get a hold of some Ancient Egyptian-style textures? I already compiled together a wad with material from GOTHICDM and Nightmare textures, etc. The basic stuff. But I'm starting a new project, mostly just experimentating around with large, open environments which is out of the norm for me. There are a few in Evilution that I nabbed out, but they aren't sufficient. I want the theme of my maps to revolve around very large rooms with lots of non-linear exploration, and to utilize Zdoom and ACS scripting. I'm hoping that once I get some more resources together, it'll become a large production. Once the ball gets rolling, I'll emerge with some more details. Here's just a shot of some work in progress. (the white stuff is snow. It's hard to tell at first glance.)
  8. oooh,I never tested it with vanilla Doom, only PrBoom. Yeah, I see the HOM. I'd really hate to edit anything out. I'll see what I can do to make it vanilla compatible. ----------- Okay. After some pretty heartbreaking (on my part) cutbacks, I made my E2M8 submission fit into Vanilla limits. http://www.mediafire.com/?9et7cwpcdfe7g1j
  9. Yeah, I figured out the idea behind the cross already, but it took me a second time around in order to realize it was intentional. See what I'm saying? At first glance, one could just assume that the boxy arena was just poor design, and it clashed with the rest of the map layout which was very well executed. You probably really don't need to change the layout of the arena, but maybe add some small ledges that extend from the vertices of the cross arms to the body, and place the blue torches there? And as far as texture detail goes, I think you found a really good balance.
  10. Marnetmar, I played your E1M8 and I enjoyed it. I like what you did with the window-closing transition at the starting area. However, the arena where you fight the barons looks a little too bland. I like the texture combination, the clashing red and blue. But the shape of it is too boxy, it's like a plus sign. Give it some more character. Aside from that, I really like it.
  11. One didn't work, huh? I thought for sure I checked them all, I'll look it over and post a new link. Thank you for the feedback. ---- Okay, here is the new link. All of the columns work now. I had made it so the columns lower to a safer position, but I decided to change it back. I like having the pillars in a dangerous position so people could slip off into the blood while grabbing the ammo. It's almost like its building the atmosphere for the monstrosities ahead. http://www.mediafire.com/?nuuctcpgyj4qjfg
  12. Taedium

    A question for atheists

    The trick is to not over-think things. Religion is nothing but nonsensical tales describing events that happened thousands and thousands of years ago, and because of which, there is no way that any of it can be remotely accurate. The only thing that makes sense is science. Because science works. Praying for miracles doesn't. When God or Jesus or Allah or space aliens or WHOEVER decides to descend down and explain the mysteries of life, give me a ring, and I'll rebut everything I've just said.
  13. Here is my *updated* E2M8 submission. --*Old Link*-- http://www.mediafire.com/?nuuctcpgyj4qjfg --*------*---- Vanilla-compatible link http://www.mediafire.com/?9et7cwpcdfe7g1j