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  1. 4k and noticed nothing in GZdoom. I imagine it looks much better in Eternity, though.
  2. A demo video would be awesome and would motivate folks like me to try it.
  3. This is wonderful. While I'll admit I'm waiting for a Zdoom splitscreen, Eternity is a great secondary engine for it. Edit: The plug in play natures is absolutely fantastic. Thanks!
  4. OW is a lot of fun to play despite what I've been hearing about the community. Quick Play is where it's at for me anyway.
  5. Really unfortunate news. My condolences to this family and friends.
  6. It's been sitting in my HD for a while now. Should try it now with the gtx 1080.
  7. If you have a 1080 then 4k will work fine at 60hz for the most part. Just upgraded from a GTX 780 and it's a night and day difference.
  8. NMS is Elite Dangerous with training wheels right now. It's really unfortunate. Planets are nice.
  9. You could take the time to convert all of the new graphics in smooth doom to 32bit PNG via slade.
  10. Is there music similar to MAP02's? It's so good.
  11. Oh hell and I thought I was going to sleep earlier tonight.
  12. MG is dropped by chaingun guys. GL is the SSG pickup. So short answer: It's because they're Doom 2 actors. You could just do "summon Q4GrenadeLauncher" and "summon Q4Machinegun". It is a bit odd IMO that the shotgun is only pickupable by killing shotgun guys. Actor ShotgunSpawner : RandomSpawner replaces Shotgun { DropItem "Q4HyperBlaster", 255 //DropItem "Q4Shotgun", 255 }
  13. Could make it an extra file to load with a different SBARINFO.
  14. Return is the best thing. Shame about the savegame bugs.
  15. As much as I am loving this, is it possible to make the Health and Armor on the left and Ammo on the right as one of the fullscreen hud modes? Or perhaps as an external mod?