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  1. BlackFish

    3DGE Splitscreen Help (controls)

    I look forward to the fix. :)
  2. BlackFish

    3DGE Splitscreen Help (controls)

    I downloaded the latest 3DGE from DRDTeam today out of curiousity to check out the Duke in Doom mod and couldn't help but notice that the splitscreen appears to be playable. However, I can't seem to figure out how to configure player 2's controls. Also, setting up my PS4 controller leads to the axis's controlling both players. Is there a way to have one player be KB/M and the other be the joypad?
  3. Quake Champions Doom Edition now that it's released out in the wild. A lot of effort has been put in this as always by DBT.
  4. BlackFish

    Duke Nukem 3D is depressing

    Honestly I like the game a lot more without Duke Talk and the babes. It makes for a very atmospheric game. Lost Duke Episodes kind of capitalized on this concept and I wish other Duke3d levelsets did the same.
  5. BlackFish

    What the heck happened to Doom Touch/D Touch??

    Any word regarding the iOS version?
  6. BlackFish

    Quake Champions

    I would honestly enjoy a local MP mode to have friends over and play with. Sure it wouldn't be played the way it ought to be, but I'd still have fun.
  7. BlackFish


    This made me download BloodCM again. It's in very decent shape (5 episodes, yay!) but a couple of bugs and something odd about skill 4/5 make it not perfect. Looking forward to this.
  8. BlackFish

    Cornell Box

    http://imgur.com/a/6oEi8 http://imgur.com/a/FiZus 4k and noticed nothing in GZdoom. I imagine it looks much better in Eternity, though.
  9. BlackFish

    List of Eternity wads?

    A demo video would be awesome and would motivate folks like me to try it.
  10. BlackFish

    Splitscreen branch (3.42.03a(h2))

    This is wonderful. While I'll admit I'm waiting for a Zdoom splitscreen, Eternity is a great secondary engine for it. Edit: The plug in play natures is absolutely fantastic. Thanks!
  11. BlackFish

    Just bought overwatch, Anyone else play?

    OW is a lot of fun to play despite what I've been hearing about the community. Quick Play is where it's at for me anyway.
  12. BlackFish

    user Malinku was murdered

    Really unfortunate news. My condolences to this family and friends.
  13. BlackFish


    It's been sitting in my HD for a while now. Should try it now with the gtx 1080.
  14. BlackFish

    Best Doom (2016) Monitor

    If you have a 1080 then 4k will work fine at 60hz for the most part. Just upgraded from a GTX 780 and it's a night and day difference.
  15. BlackFish

    No Man's Sky

    NMS is Elite Dangerous with training wheels right now. It's really unfortunate. Planets are nice.