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  1. -It's 12:42am, I can't sleep. School is tommorow morning but I dont care. I want to write. So I'll write.

    -A year and a half ago, I registered to my very first forum I've ever seen, Doomworld. I was 13 then. I had no idea what I was doing. I figured I'd be accepted but I guess I was wrong, that time. I was an immature idiot who just reached puberty and was going through depression. That time I had to move from a school I've known and loved for 6 years because of some silly money issue. I erupted multiple flame wars and my post hell count was rising so fast you thought I'd become the next god of post hell. When Linguica decided to prank me on thinking Doomworld was gone I became frantic. Even though I've only been there for a few weeks I thought you guys knew me by now but I was wrong. It was only the first thing about the railgunner thing. Lots of crap emerged during the old RG days and I guess things didn't go so well. When I got banned from DW I got confused at first, but then I knew it was Ling's only real excuse to ban me that time.
    -During my absence I went to INA forums, which I registered to a few months after I registered here. They actually accepted me and a while later I became known as the guy who was desperate to enforce moderators (as you may have known already, the Atari forums (INA) are undermoderated and you may have seen that thread I posted in #zdoom a few hours prior to this post). People liked me there and I became part of the ut2003 community, even tho my comp was crap those days (a 500mhz processor with a 32mb vid card).
    During those times another thing happend. -BBG introduced me to #zdoom. Soon I learned the irc channel was alot different then the forums. Bloodshedder was (and still is) god of #zdoom and is on the anti-rg side (free country, I dont mind). It was these days that got me more social with people in the outside world.
    -When I finally got into HS in september of this year, it was like Atari forums. People accepted me. This was because I was more social.
    -Thanks to you guys, I have learned lessons, destroyed gullibility, and learned that not everybody accepts you for whatever reason they have. I dunno why, but it's their way.
    -Now that I'm getting older, I know more. I feel more mature than that summer of 2002. I seem to be accepted everywhere but here, even tho I looked up to you guys from the start. I was wondering if those people who still think I'm a retard to give me a chance for acceptance in this Doom community. I know I'm capable.

    Thanks for your guidance.

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    2. fraggle


      netscape is my shield!


    3. rf`


      Bloodshedder said:

      While you are obviously not as dumb as you were about a year ago, your rampant lapses of intelligence are still quite disconcerting.

      Not as bad as Torn on #youfailit.

    4. Danarchy


      No, Torn has rampant lapses of English and non-depression.