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  1. The other day I got asked to goto some sort of presentation. Apparently it turned out to be yor.com, some company that has some VOIP service, and if you make "you're own business" to help them out you get funded somehow (with selling stuff, gaining profit out of pyramid schemes, etc). Anybody familiar with these guys? I'll describe my 5 hours wasted later.

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    2. Liam


      you're an idiot and you're going to get scammed. get a real job, or at least take 5 seconds to do a damn google search.

      Jimmy said:
      Whatever you do, don't join yor.com!! Or if you did or if your truly thinking about it because of all the 'good people' with 'great relationships' doing it please, please, please do your reasearch (sic)...

      ...You will have to work harder than a minimum wage bum to pay for your website. If you do happen to pay for it you are so deep into the company there's very little chance of escape without major, major financial and social consequences.

      Unregistered said:
      ...The all important gift or fake purchase is for free trials (mostly dialup, some voip) that they send you in an email and would total a value of $420 if they were real accounts, and there's a $30 discount of $390 for 1 spot so act fast!...

      the free trials expire after 6 months as if they lose value over time or some garbage, so you need to continually buy new sets. Plus you need to maintain 2 active service accounts at over $200/yr each in order to receive money from recruiting, and those are at full customer cost. You can't use the trials for this because they are of no value. You don't get any breaks for being a representative of the scam. And to top it all off, there's an annual fee of 2 x $60 per spot.

      "get funded" indeed.

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    3. Amaster


      Im of the opinion that you should never ever trust any pitch exclaiming that you'll receive help in "making your own business". What that really means is that you'll be taking all of the company's risk for them with no compensation.

    4. GGG


      BlackFish said:

      I'll describe my 5 hours wasted later.

      Don't tell me you were suckered into that Trump presentation too.

      Actually please do.