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  1. I live right outside a certain tunnel in NYC. Often there's a car crashing with another car (guy A going into tunnel and the other guy B crossing the avenue/street, with guy A trying to get into the tunnel so hard he crashes into car B). However, what just happened is different. Guy A doesn't give a shit about guy B and simply backs up his car and continues into the tunnel, with the guy B's car somewhat wrecked.

    Luckily the cops patrol the area often and saw most of this, and guy A goes "After him" and the cops give chase.

    I just find it weird I spectated all of this. I'd make a gif out of all of this but I should be sleeping right now.

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    2. printz


      Deaths so far?

    3. BlackFish


      Nope, just really injured to my memory.

      There was this one time where a guy stops his 4x4 before crossing to the tunnel to the nearby deli. While he's at the deli his car explodes.

    4. VileSlay


      BlackFish said:

      I live right outside a certain tunnel in NYC.

      holland tunnel? if thats were your at, then yeah I know how it is. I have a freind that lives in the area and there used to be a great club called the wetlands down there. traffic can get pretty gnarly down there.