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  1. Update:

    New track: IV. Desire. 14:12. Enjoy!

    Sorry for the bump, I didn't want to make a new thread.

    Hi all,

    I haven't posted music on here in ages. I figured I'd post my FB page. If you're banned on FB I'm going to upload on youtube at some point this week.


    Or, Mediafire links
    I. Overture
    II. Xenith
    III. City

    It's like prog/tech metal that's going to wind up being an opera of sorts. All of it is instrumental at the moment.

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    2. BlackFish


      Thanks for the input, I can actually make use of this. The tracks are going to be remixed at some point after other tracks are produced, and tracks like City are going to get lyrics from multiple vocalists (hopefully).

      EDIT: what's used

      FL Studio 10 with

      EZ Drummer
      Hypersonic 2.0
      Real Guitar

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      If you'd like another suggestion for a synth (it's free), go check out Synth1. It might be of use.

    4. BlackFish


      Bump! New Track. I didn't want to make a new thread. I'm well aware it needs to be mixed better.