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  1. i just loaded up DW and this flash ad pops up out of nowhere. this place is turning into gamespy!!!!

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    2. auxois


      Sargebaldy said...

      rofl @ aux

      ie only has two advantages over netscape/mozilla:

      a) better support because microsoft has stolen the market
      b) the fact that it's integrated into windows and thus always running and thus can load fast [in theory] (and at the same time constantly stealing memory that could be used elsewhere)

      The fact that Microsoft's browser is better because it is integrated, and evil, and the fact that it has evilly stolen the market, while reprehensible, does not negate the fact that these things make it a better browser. But thank you for illustrating my point.

      thanks to b) and thanks to IE somehow being mostly corrupted on my computer, i can't even use windows update, find, help, system information, and numerous other things. ironically, one of the most amusing things IE now seems completely incapable of is deleting hotmail messages, which netscape can handle just fine. and IE has always just generally runs like shit on my computer for whatever reason. if i click a link to an image in mirc, it takes about a minutes for the image to start to load.

      Sounds like a classic case of Windows rot. Someone needs a format.

      DISCLAMATORY NOTE: I do not like Microsoft. I do not support them out of any love for the company - quite on the contrary, I rather dislike their "monopolist" tactics, just as I abhor the US's imperialist doctrine under GWB. But they do make some quality products, and I will support them based on their merits.

    3. fraggle


      StRiKeR said:

      mozilla is cool,but it aint the ORGINAL f00

      Depends what you mean by "original". Netscape is based on a modified version of Mozilla and actually removes some of the features in Mozilla (ad blocking)

      EricHerrera said:

      Nautillus rules!! Heh. (Can't remember if I spelled right). Aww heck I like netscape better :)

      If you mean the GNOME file manager Nautilus, you're wrong. Nautilus isnt a web browser, though you can view some HTML pages in it with the right plugin. Its designed to let you browse your filesystem, not the web. For that you should probably use Galeon or Epiphany, which are GNOME web browsers based on Mozilla.

    4. Armaetus


      Norton Internet Security 2003 blocks about 99% of ads and popups for me, I got the CD cheap for $18 at a computer show