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  1. I have to do a sonnet draft due tommorow and I came up with this. I was wondering what you guys thought of it.

    When I first saw you with your shining eyes,
    The world had seemed to collapsed before me.
    From which the the heavens, where the angels glide,
    You are the most beautiful I have seen.

    You surpass the beauty of all angels.
    I cannot lie, I've seen all the others.
    If maybe, the heavens can let me tell,
    that is, your wings are glowing with feathers.

    I see you now, my heart in deepest love,
    with your face, and your terrific figure.

    None other that I will ever dream of,
    Will keep a stay in my heart forever.

    I wish you could live for eternity.
    As so should I, love is infinity.

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    2. DooMBoy


      Ralph and Dan: That's not my quote, that's Elton John, you queers :P

    3. Sharessa


      WE'RE the queers? YOU'RE the one listening to Elton John!

    4. AlexMax


      Lut, you FUCKING RULE!!!!