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  1. After playing Call of Duty 2 with the idea of throwing potatos, I came up with an awesome weapon mod idea. I'm putting it in blogs because it's just a silly idea.

    FOOD WEAPONS!! (Call of Fruity!)

    Silly list

    -A "peashooter" that actually shoots peas.
    -A battle rifle that shoots string beans.
    -A chaingun that shoots cheez doodles.
    -Steak Launcher (name sounds familiar? ;) )
    -A sniper rifle which shoots carrots
    -Potato Grenades
    -Banana Stick Grenades
    -Rocket Propelled Grapefruit -Thanks Airraid.
    -Hot Tobasco Sauce as a flame thrower
    -Chargable Cheez Gun (that shoots cheeze blobs)
    -Pie Mines -Thanks Doors for this idea.
    -The nuke weapon would be Swallows that carry Coconuts.
    -Pineapple nade, which when explodes it hurts surrounding enemies with the pineapple's pointy "shards" -Okay bloodshedder!
    -Pepper Spray, for close range combat! -Thanks Airraid.
    -Ultra ThinCrust Pizza Pies (sawblades!) -Thanks Ichor
    -Acid Soda bombs, which explode with shrapnal and the liquid on the floor would hurt anybody that steps on it - Thanks lizard.
    -A HERRING!!! -The knights of ni, or er.. thanks bucket!

    Silly Call of Duty 2 potatos for making me think of this.

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    2. Danarchy


      BBG said:

      The jeep that shot out pizza?

      Hells yeah. Apparently it was pretty rare because it was deemed unsafe for kids and recalled. I wish I still had it.

    3. rf`


      Bring back Chook.

    4. zap610


      Banana hammer (I saw one before)

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