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  1. This is the version without the text. It's a propaganda poster with the brits left and the french right and they are fighting against eachother. The message is to tell the colonists that their taxes go to their defense.


    edit: Mallis the imps represent the Indians who fought with the Britains during the Seven Years War. The strife dudes are the french. The "peanuts" are shitty attempts to make feathers.

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    2. Linguica


      please dont say this was a homework assignment

    3. Ralphis


      It obviously was

      I used a doom engine for a homework assignment once though. We had to build a 3d model castle, so instead I put it in doom and replaced the bad guys with some imps. The castle was made in legacy and I replaced the weapons with the rocket launcher. Then when the teacher walked away and the rest of the class watched, I whipped out the BFG in medieval times. Rock on.

      But my project was actually cool

    4. AirRaid


      I had to do that (not a castle but similar), but I did it in Half-life. But then, I actually was supposed to use a '3d CAD' package. No package was specified though.

      That 'poster' is terrible though.