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  1. Last week a fight happens and this is how the principal reponds. I'm a junior and I wasn't at the scene.

    Dear Seniors and Juniors,

    As you are well aware, last week, a terrible thing happened afterschool right outside our building. Regrettably, the information that has been shared so far is inaccurate, as many students have chosen to gloss over where they were and what they know. While I realize that most upperclassman were not there as participants or witnesses, I also believe that most students know exactly what occurred.

    Unfortunately, the students who attacked the 9th grader were, by all accounts, all seniors as were several of the witnesses. The remainder of the witnesses were mostly juniors. The school has asked fore people to be honest about what happened and that has not happened yet. The result is that my trust in the senior and junior classed to address the issue honestly has been exhausted. In the absence of such trust, I cannot be sure that we are safe, that students will conduct themselves graciously outside of the building, Therefore out to lunch provileges have been cancelled for all 11th and 12th graders starting Wednesday, April 5.

    My concern runs deeper than just day-today activities at school. Under the current cloud of misinformation, apathy, and fear, it seems like anything that happens is acceptable. This means that any tightly unregulated event involving groups of students has the potential for group violence because someone does not like what someone else said or the way they looked at someone else. Given the risks involved, I am preparing to cancel the senior trip and the senior prom.

    Our first option is, and shoukd be, to decide to address this situation honestly and openly. Re-establishing trust after this horrible display is very important. It seems like there are several paths to this, all of which involve honest statements from students about what they know, saw, or have heard. The alternative is to decide that we are no longer a community and that we are going to forfeit the benefits of being one. that would entail sending the prepared letter to parents this Friday, April 7th canceling the senior trip and senior prom. To continue to lose precious time addressing this issue after that point is not anyone's best interest.

    Name Removed.

    Note the following things..

    -Freshmen provoked the seniors and it may have lead to this.
    -People were at the scene but didn't do anything.

    Well, what would jesus do? I just think my principal is handling this the wrong way.

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      well you're a junior right? so am I, but thats besides the point. The point is, he said he'd cancel senior prom, unless I misread something. At my school, the juniors would cheer if senior prom was cancelled probably cause of class rivalry :P me personally, I'd feel bad though.

    3. Ralphis


      Your school obviously has a bunch of retarded philadelphia city kids who all need to be gas'd anyway.

    4. DoomDan


      Meh, I never really bother with proms and such anyway. I just look foward to graduating. I'm sure if anything like that happened here, nothing like that would happen since school fights where I live are common.

      Gaylen Spladd said:

      My district school sent a letter home to parents about MySpace, apparently.

      My school plans to make a myspace account with a student picture and try to add alot of people from my school so they can look at some of the material some students put on their myspace.