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  1. I'm working on a story that would likely be used as my Make Something Unreal ut2007 project (matinee movie). I'm not planning on making the full film with ut2007 (maybe a scene). This is from the main document.

    (ignore anything about the series for now, as it doesnt have to do with the MSUC project).

    “Aknai: For Love” is going to be a science fiction love epic that will follow with a series (with indirect plot. The main plot of the movie will not relate to the series (known currently as “The Cry”.
    The Film takes place in 2010, not far from now. In Turkey (subject to change), a corporation led by Jakob Cuthboth (known as just “Noz”) takes over Turkey via a coup, paying off various military leasers to do so. He makes various false accusations that eventually convince the public. For a half year, Noz pretends to be the new leader. After the world has recognized him, he begins the plans for his war machine. Civilians randomly become slaves, and word eventually comes out. A neighboring country falls victim (unknown at the moment) to the war machine as Noz's empire begins to grow.
    The world doesn't know about this until a prominent rebel, Atiyha (at-tee-uh), spreads messages quietly as a form of public. Noz figures it out and forces her into his grasp.
    It doesn't take long for the world to know of the problem, and the U.N. scramble for forces, with many European countries and eventually the United States participating. What they begin to learn is that Noz plans on creating weapon technology far beyond the human imagination, and he must be stopped before he tries to take over the world.
    The Tennan Squad, formed of a diverse countries of soldiers, will be the main focus of the story. The main character is Lenna Lorthwick, a Corporal in which the audience will eventually find out her lesbian love for Atiyha. The secondary character is Augustus Valek (or Augi), a Sergeant who is trying to couple with Lenna. The third character is John Almeda, also Corporal, who serves as a friend of Augi. The three, as well as various minor characters, will be the main people of the plot (with Lenna being the main focus).
    The main focus of the film will be the forbidden love of Lenna and Atiyha, which ends in the tragic death of Atiyha (being the climax, not the ending). The first humanoid mech (later known as the first HumaMech), the “Generation” , will also be focused. Lenna's main ship that she'll pilot, Athena , will be a focus in two scenes. A subplot of course will be Augi, as the audience will be familiar with the character as he'll be the main character of the series (if that happens).

    Need input!

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    2. AndrewB


      Sorry dude, thumbs down.

    3. Use


      Christ that's lame.

    4. Sharessa


      Sounds like some weird futuristic lesbian ripoff of Casablanca...or something. At any rate, I don't think it sounds very good.

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