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  1. SyntherAugustus

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Is there a reason why there still isn't Windows 11 support?
  2. That area dips to 45fps with my i7-8700k + RTX 3080 if it makes you feel any better. It looks wonderful, but I wish the engine could handle it better. On a different topic, what's super about the Earth Elemental Wand? It suggests a big AoE blast, but I can only manage to get direct damage from the main projectile. The pebbles are kind of anti-climatic since they don't seem to do much. It would be far more exciting if they exploded at least. Edit: In E5, it's possible to jump from a higher unlock switch to a lower one to bypass having to travel to it normally. Is this intentional?
  3. SyntherAugustus

    Samsara Extra Heros Needs an Update

    ^ It's not a bad update either.
  4. SyntherAugustus

    The Age of Hell: FPS game for GZDoom - DEMO OUT

    I was on skill 4. I think it might have been just the pistol being unbalanced and dropping every low level monster like flies. It just looked weird since even the low level monsters look beastly (especially the wolves) and I start with a pistol that shreds them.
  5. SyntherAugustus

    [REALMS-DEEP-2021] Basilica of a Thousand Torments

    I had fun! Though somehow I missed 100 monsters before ending the map. The throne room could use a tweak or two as there were awkward pauses between the waves. I really enjoyed the 2.5d quake experience. Was there an intended character for this? I ended up using doomguy.
  6. Fun map! I got lost for a minute but that's a good thing.
  7. SyntherAugustus

    T H E D E E P // GZDOOM // FINAL [Realms Deep Map Jam 2021]

    I had a lot of fun with this!
  8. SyntherAugustus

    The Age of Hell: FPS game for GZDoom - DEMO OUT

    12 vs 40 bullets on a revenant is a pretty big difference. That number adds up if you end up using the pistol in a larger battle. Something needs to make it less useful, like perhaps a reload?
  9. SyntherAugustus

    The Age of Hell: FPS game for GZDoom - DEMO OUT

    The pellets the weapons use are not universal like doom is. Something in the code is causing the pistol pellets to be a lot more damaging than the others. edit: To reproduce this, you can summon a revenant upon map load and notice it only goes down to 12 pistol shots. The chaingun gobbles almost 40 before the revenant dies to a chaingun, or 4 shots to the shotgun.
  10. SyntherAugustus

    The Age of Hell: FPS game for GZDoom - DEMO OUT

    I had fun with the demo! But some feedback. -The pistol needs a serious balance pass. As long as your index finger could keep up, not even the dude with the double hammers stood a chance. Using the chaingun felt like a waste of ammo. The shotgun felt similarly powerful. I only used the chaingun when my index finger was tired. -In general though, the time to kill seem a bit low with some exceptions with the brutes (I noticed the baron looking guys and the double hammer guy actually having some health). I guess this is to suit the slaughter aesthetic (high monster count). It's a shame though, because the monster art looks phenomenal and currently they don't have the meatiness that their artwork makes them out to be. This was especially noticeable with the revenants and the wolves. -The HUD cannot be scaled unless you change the resolution scale in the display settings. Is this intentional? I'd like to play in 4K without having to lower the resolution just to see the HUD. -Having some options to reduce the foliage would be nice. I suspect my slowdowns (I occasionally dipped below 60) were due to engine constraints. (Running i7-8700k with RTX 3080 on an SSD). -The monster teleportation animation is a touch obnoxious when it gets to the part when the rift closes. It just seems so big, especially when a lot of monsters are teleporting at once. I look forward to seeing the final product!
  11. SyntherAugustus

    Light Pollution, a map for the Eternity Engine - UPDATE

    This was really neat and I had a lot of fun. I guess my only criticism was that I made myself lost for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out where the green key was, only to find out that it revealed itself in a green beam of light that was the same color. Maybe contrast it somehow?
  12. SyntherAugustus

    Heretic episode: Sold Soul // Now on idgames!

    It's possible to get stuck behind these barrels in E1M6. Spoiler for image. Great mapset so far though!
  13. SyntherAugustus

    Predicament about Resolution

    4k 120hz and never look back! I recently got an LG CX and it's pretty mind blowing. I thought 1080p 144hz was pretty neat back in 2013 (so long ago!) I've been in this boat before and it lead me to trying resolution mods that lower the resolution (Gzdoom seems to do this by default now). I ended up going back to native resolution and have the textures unfiltered and unscaled. It's a decent mix. If I had access to a CRT, I'd play Doom with it again for sure.
  14. I had fun playing this. I guess my only comment is that since there's a lot of cool water sector work going on in general, why are the crate/cubes in the beginning of map01 omitted from this rule? It looks a bit odd.
  15. SyntherAugustus

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Ah alright
  16. SyntherAugustus

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Is there portal support in this port? It would be neat to make a map that features both portals and these 3d polyobjects.
  17. This mapset is very interesting and I'm having fun playing through. There are some odd bits though. I already mentioned the first one in your stream. Map03: -If the 3d lifts hit an actor on the way down, they will clip into the floor and then malfunction. -*If you shoot your weapon in the first room during the cutscene, you will be attacked. Perhaps disable firing or set the monsters to ambush? * This seems to only happen if you warp directly to map03. I noticed in my autosave that firing was disabled. -Is Map03 the only map that uses midi? I noticed it when I had my Sound Canvas VA turned off until I turned it back on. Map05: -You are greeted with dozens of sloped portal warnings upon boot in the console. What's up with projectiles being blocked as the lift functions in this section? It lets you kill yourself with rockets if you're trying to shoot the monsters in the room. Map01: -The water bit in this doesn't quite communicate you can drown easily if you don't act fast. If you die without saving, you have to go through the really long cutscene and then some to get back to that section. Perhaps disable drowning? I'm not sure how that works.
  18. SyntherAugustus

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    3d polyobjects sounds exciting
  19. SyntherAugustus

    Dead Signal (wad) (New version available)

    I had fun with the map. I think the archvile spawn in the slime pool bridge room can be tweaked though. Currently you can trigger the archvile spawn without jumping down the platform with the translucent railing. You can spam rockets through the railing and crouch away from the archvile's attacks this way. I think a target graphic with a small rocket icon in front of the pipe would look cooler.
  20. SyntherAugustus

    What Is The Best Unreal Tournament?

    It's too bad Epic isn't using their unlimited cash flow to make a ut99 remake. I liked all three, but I wish UT3 followed more of the old games and didn't experiment with trying to look like a gears game. 13 years later it looks the most dated despite being the more recent game. It has the splitscreen mod which gives it a slight edge. UT1 and UT2004 I like for different reasons. I agree with the UT2004 gameplay a little more, but the music in UT99 was fire compared to any of the other three. Some good OGG music tracks came out of the ut2004 modding community though.
  21. SyntherAugustus

    About developing a GZ-based game, I have questions.

    It sounds like you need to read the ZDoom wiki and perhaps make a mod first. Zdoom Wiki
  22. SyntherAugustus

    Assembly Line 1.1 - A warm facility map

    I thought that guitar sounded familiar. I have FL Studio 20 as well, but my Ample Sound guitars are coupled with Amplitube 5.
  23. SyntherAugustus

    Assembly Line 1.1 - A warm facility map

    How did you make the OST?
  24. SyntherAugustus

    Assembly Line 1.1 - A warm facility map

    The arena combat reminded me a bit like early 2000s Zdoom levels (including my painkiller inspired map from ages ago). From a detail perspective it was pretty nice. Great use of dynamic lights and models.
  25. SyntherAugustus

    Trevor0402's SC-55 soundfont

    I'm curious how this compares with Sound Canvas VA. If anyone wants any comparisons, I'd be happy to render some. Edit: They both sound pretty similar. I do prefer the sound of the sc8820 myself.