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  1. Prepare for your brain to be melted. Jokes aside, yall need to play some Guilty Gear.
  2. So I had a lot of fun with this. I did my run with Voxel Doom 2 and Eriguns to keep it simple. I think my favorite thing about it was that I counted four different tilesets (The city, the forest (and the blood variant), the castle, and space!) in these maps alone. The first two episodes mostly comprised of one tileset, so this was a really neat bit of fresh air. The music was also wonderful. I love being reminded that the best game osts these days are in Doom wads in 2023. And now to replay the first two episodes with Voxel Doom 2.
  3. Thanks for posting this demo! I really look forward to playing it tonight. Funny story, I was just thinking about doing a replay of BTSX 1 and 2.
  4. SyntherAugustus

    Voxel Doom

    Could we get an option to disable Keen and WolfSS? It screws with dehacked based map packs like Eviturnity.
  5. SyntherAugustus

    Voxel Doom

    Having unused a voxel editor before, is it easy to recolor the voxel models or perhaps add an appendage or item to them? I'm curious about making simple monster mods for myself once this is out.
  6. SyntherAugustus

    Supplice - Out now on Steam!

    Who is the musician behind the soundtrack and when does it get a spotify/tidal release? It fucking slaps.
  7. SyntherAugustus

    [GZDOOM] BREAK// POINT// - FINAL [now on /idgames!]

    I completed this last night. So much fun! Look forward to seeing more of this sort of thing.
  8. SyntherAugustus


  9. SyntherAugustus


    This is so great! Thanks for taking the time to doing this. If it all possible can we define the data directories for iwads and pwads in the future? I don't mind duplicating my wads for this, but I have everything already organized for another launcher.
  10. Do you have a 96khz WAV version? I do love the cover!
  11. I was bored last night (I'm usually out and about in Bushwick seeing live bands) and made a cover of Hanger Danger with the plugins I've been using lately to make my music (Roland Zenology is the bulk of the synth, Archetype Petrucci for the guitars). I think I did pretty well with the mix but it's clearly different than the original midi. If I end up covering it live, I can use the synth parts in realtime thanks to the Fantom-08 and Ax-Edge I have. Here's a 96khz WAV. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KUWcI-ynjuYcaNga6HRDASDRfz1rgEWZ/view?usp=share_link edit: That reverse cymbal was really neat! I want to learn how to use that in my tracks. The zenology sample featured in this cover blended really well with Superior Drummer.
  12. I've been having a lot of fun with this and need to find time to finish it finally (I'm at Z1M6) "Hanger Danger" sounds like it needs to be played live by a band. Is that something you've considered doing?
  13. Thank you! I'm going to look into that when I have time.
  14. That was neat! I loved it! Aside from the lights (which I know are currently locked), are you able to share how you got the 3d platform working? It looked like the player was able to ride on a thing, but the last time I tried that the player would not hold friction to the object. Is this a new engine trick too?
  15. What waveforms are used so that if I used a synthesizer, I can reverse engineer them. That's all. Are there samples involved?
  16. Slightly offtopic, but do you know synthwise how the OPL guitars work? I'd like to reverse engineer them somehow into Zenology and thus my Roland keyboards that support it.
  17. SyntherAugustus

    What DAW/Hardware/Soundfont/VST use?

    I saw this thread earlier but forgot to write something. I used FL Studio as a hobby for almost 10 years. It's pretty easy to use for someone starting out. I started to notice after a while I wanted more and I didn't know how to deal with that. A year ago (it's been a year, wow) I noticed Studio One has a monthly subscription ($15 for the software and their plugins plus access to tutorials and much more) versus having to pay $200 upfront for FL Studio so I gave it a try. After spending a lot of time learning Studio One (Presonus has a lot of tutorials on YT as well as their subscription page as free "masterclasses") it's well worth it. My songs have been converted from a huge mess of pattern lists into an organized track that I can produce a master properly and put out an album with. I guess the only issue is that I had to remake my songs from scratch which took a lot of time. Did you know they also have a live mode so you can bring your fancy laptop on stage with that midi controller and have at it? It's neat, but with my Fantom 08 I unfortunately have no use for it. Studio One on top, FL Studio on bottom After realizing I didn't have to put EVERYTHING into "patterns", life got a lot easier. I can drone on for a while about how much more I like Studio One, but I think the $15 subscription makes it worth it to try. Presonus also has some nice hardware. I bought the Faderport 8 and their R65 Studio Monitors a while back. FL Studio has a slight edge over Studio One in that the latter doesn't save program changes in midi exports for some reason, so I keep FL Studio installed for that mostly. Anyway enough about Studio One, here's the current list of active plugins I use. Ample Sound guitars and basses, highly recommend. These guitars come with their own amps that sound very good on their own. For an example, Here's an example showing Hellrazer's capabilites. or Their acoustic guitars Superior Drummer 3 I recommend buying the base package and exploring it before b-lining into an expansion. I ended up using the base content instead. Roland Zenology - This is mostly because I own a Roland Fantom 08 and a Roland Ax-Edge which can use the instruments made in Zenology. Archetype Petrucci - To get the maximum sound out of your real or virtual guitars. Neural DSP makes some great software. Parallax - Same thing but for bass. Unlike Petrucci, I have to use separate plugins to add chorus and delay/reverb, but that's fine. Ravenscroft 275 - Great sounding piano but a little tricky to use at first since you can't modify the attack and release, so you have to program it like a real piano. IK Multimedia products - Sampletank 4, Syntronik 2, T-Racks, Amplitube 5, and MODO Drum and MODO Bass are all useful, but they're mostly backups when the above list doesn't work. The two MODO instruments are cpu synthesized, meaning unlike the others, you'll get a much smaller footprint on your HD at the cost of how good the sound is out of the box.
  18. This was neat! Do we get khaki and corduroy maps as well?
  19. SyntherAugustus

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Is there a reason why there still isn't Windows 11 support?
  20. That area dips to 45fps with my i7-8700k + RTX 3080 if it makes you feel any better. It looks wonderful, but I wish the engine could handle it better. On a different topic, what's super about the Earth Elemental Wand? It suggests a big AoE blast, but I can only manage to get direct damage from the main projectile. The pebbles are kind of anti-climatic since they don't seem to do much. It would be far more exciting if they exploded at least. Edit: In E5, it's possible to jump from a higher unlock switch to a lower one to bypass having to travel to it normally. Is this intentional?
  21. SyntherAugustus

    Samsara Extra Heros Needs an Update

    ^ It's not a bad update either.
  22. SyntherAugustus

    The Age of Hell: FPS game for GZDoom - DEMO OUT

    I was on skill 4. I think it might have been just the pistol being unbalanced and dropping every low level monster like flies. It just looked weird since even the low level monsters look beastly (especially the wolves) and I start with a pistol that shreds them.
  23. SyntherAugustus

    [REALMS-DEEP-2021] Basilica of a Thousand Torments

    I had fun! Though somehow I missed 100 monsters before ending the map. The throne room could use a tweak or two as there were awkward pauses between the waves. I really enjoyed the 2.5d quake experience. Was there an intended character for this? I ended up using doomguy.
  24. Fun map! I got lost for a minute but that's a good thing.
  25. I had a lot of fun with this!