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  1. That Guy that is back would like feedback on maps

    A trove of gold! appreciate it! Also, nice Elfen lied(?) picture, wish the anime got a proper adaptation :(
  2. I have not set foot in here in maybe 5-6 years, and I'd be surprised if some of you remember me, but just recently got a strong urge to continue playing doom again and possibly recording runs as well. Being out of the scene for so long, i can imagine the wealth of wads out there (good or bad) that I've yet to play. I was hoping, if possible, I can get some suggestions on your favorite or preferred ones that you would recommend to me. Don't take it easy on me either: even ones that you'd think would roflstomp rusty ol' me. Would greatly appreciate it! P.S: community also seems more chill than before, but just a subjective opinion from perusing this past week.
  3. your worst speedrun fumbles

    a demo of a cyber giving me tough love about my cause for gliding in my earlier attempts at getting the UV-speed WR for this map. just for some comedy. EDIT: Map 32 of Go 4 it in Pl2.wad Port - GLboom of course Edit: Sorry memphis.... lol.zip
  4. your worst speedrun fumbles

    a demo of a cyber giving me tough love about my cause for gliding in my earlier attempts at getting the UV-speed WR for this map. just for some comedy. EDIT: Map 32 of Go 4 it in Pl2.wad Port - GLboom of course
  5. your worst speedrun fumbles

    GLboom: also as an added bonus i can have at you the demo as a bonus. just imagine it in nightmare and the front cyber starting a chain of handball with me. and how do you placea demo again? i did it before but what the heck?
  6. your worst speedrun fumbles

    You're preaching to the choir with that statement there good sir. i have had runs get derped from such mistakes that makes me headbang a wall minus the musical touch, due to records being lost to me so easily from that ordeal. so many, but 3 will do. UAC ultra map 05 UV-max = for some odd reason i figured there was enough strafe room to get around the arachnotron. and also it somehow opens the door (how them, cacos, and lost souls do that is beyond me) and releases two barons. whilst the arachnotron still cruising around it walked to a corner and got me stuck while the baron gave me a claw massage. should know better that 20- units is not passable. deus vult map 02 UV-max = i still kick myself to this day for this. being me, i didn't grab enough ammo to utilize at the gate and the mastermind at the end of the opposite corridor was "Guarding" the other cell packs. HAVING 40 ROCKETS LEFT, i charged down the corridor and needless to say i was swiss at the end. Speed of doom map 18 UV-speed = Remember that memorable compendium of doom tricks dew did? the one that probably doomers grew hairs on their chest for watching all those tricks in one run? yeah, being 4 seconds ahead of him (i glide REALLY fast, being my specialty), i shot the cyberdemon that was supposed to teleport because it somehow went to sleep. of course, in that instant i was soup. FFFFFFFFFFFFF! EDIT: what level was you talking about per se phml? a slaughter wad perhaps?
  7. your worst speedrun fumbles

    remember that time where you try so HARD to finish that one level? each time you beat it with no saves on a certain mode that you REALLY feel the need to spontaneously combust from the sheer excitement of it? (hopefully that won't happen but moving on) but then out of NOWHERE there was this revenant's persistent fireball plucking the back of your head at the finish line or a imp getting the LUCKIEST damage hit on you? or just some hitscanners fucking your shit up at the worst time to decrease your performance and speed to prevent failure? just a small amount of my failures: - Map 30 Pl2.wad NM100S% = a rocket of a cyberdemon hit me in mid-air while i was one away from killing the boss. - map 32 plutonia NM-speed = while trying to glide, a cyber LITERALLY blasted me through the gates and, albeit helping me was the equivalent of a lever launching a pinball into action, the other 3 cybers being the bumpers. - Chord3.wad UV-max= last minute revive from an archvile managed to actually spawn a chain-gunner fast enough to drain 85% of my health in mid range AT THE EXIT - seer.wad UV-max = at the end with the revenant spam, one launched a rocket that did the most sharpest turn i have ever seen; seemingly sr40ing through the hallways and land a 80 hp strike. RQ followed - map 02 DV.wad NM-speed = ONE SECOND from beating creaphis's record, and somehow the cyber aimed ahead of me (no P.I orb mind you) to the exit and the blast of course made me fail the run horribly... - map 20 pl2.wad UV-max = the last archvile sped out to the open and somehow survived my BFG shot, effectively killing me before i could have exited with a record of my own. - sunder map 08 uv-max = got to love the last room, enough said. involves a cyberdemon insta-aggro out of telespace the second i was trying to sr40 around it. award for biggest epic failure: - Doom E4M2 UV-max = while trying to teleport, or basically straferunning into a teleporter, in MID-AIR a lost soul tackles me, and with me having no armor and 18% health, it basically ended my run, though my corpse made it into the telefragger for the cyberdemon (LOL, but still....FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU) so, have my own fellow doomers partaken in my own misfortune as of late? or at least a good moderate amount of times that questioned your sanity throughout your time of dooming?
  8. Your speedrun trick of choice.

    i remember that! his run made me attempt that route as well, and after a LONG while (3 weeks long) i managed to do it as well, though it was always well above 20 seconds haha. i would have to thank huy pham for that ridiculous wad, as that and chllax.wad made me well prepared for slaughter maps and their brutal assaults. sunder in comparison was seemingly easy.
  9. Your speedrun trick of choice.

    STAY AWAY FROM VILE FLESH! though the architecture and design is gorgeous it is but a "indiana jones" wad (hit this switch and that switch across the other side of the map in these really long cathedral-like halls) with not many monsters in them by the way. doing a playthrough on it on my channel and though it was promising at the beginning, i didn't think it through towards the middle u.u
  10. Your speedrun trick of choice.

    :O wow... okay. i GOT to try that out myself! i can't believe Dew did that! i got alot of work to do i see heh heh >:3
  11. Greatest Victory [bump]

    well gliding takes MONOTONOUS amounts of practice, being that, according to doomitist Creaphis, you must find a "sweet spot" within a gap that is about i believe 32 units in length, and there is this 0.01 degree where the doomguy must touch in order for the glide to be successful. i forgot the thread that the discussion was on but if you want i can possibly give a demo showing multiple glides to show you it. though at first it takes so much patience you wonder if it's even possible, especially if the gap is between the bars and not against a wall of a gate. there are two types called "guideless" and "guided" glides. of course, guideless are harder (guided are wall-running or SR50ing into a gap which makes it easier since the point is already determined)
  12. Your speedrun trick of choice.

    ah SAV88, i would call that move "herding", as i once told my mate okuplok about when i saw his demos. he basically implements it and triggers infighting so smoothly that it's like the demons are following a script! but i saw some of your scythe and plutonia demos and you have that shepherd touch going on with your demos. especially your SR50. it's like you walk on thin air half the time haha! and 1ntru i recall replicating those tricks in those demos, though timing is my specialty, it still felt like i can do anything after those tricks. though i can say that my luck is the poorest of all doomers to exist; if i had a bloopers' demo reel section, my misery would probably entertain all of doomworld some the sheer HTW factor. :P also, huh??!? you're a keyboard player? my respect for you has increased to the nth power!
  13. may take a while for me to get it but thanks for the walk-through!
  14. Your speedrun trick of choice.

    out of the many demos that i saw, albeit different in everyway and may have some parts that i wouldn't like, a player may pull of a trick that may earn my excitement from being pulled off. either it being a sr50, wallrun, glide, RJ, suicide exit, etc., i would say my favorite would be the glide. when they are pulled off so exquisitely like they was using IDCLIP; i get simply awed and can't wait what that player will do next. if they actually pulled that trick off, which requires dedication and concentration, to me it makes it unpredictable to what they may do next. i now ask you, my fellow doomers. what is your special move of choice? doesn't have to be any of the usual, could be a made-up move you did all yourself!
  15. Greatest Victory [bump]

    I would say learning how to glide. being how insanely hard it is to do so, when you just slip through those bars so easily like nothing is holding you back, you get that feeling of "can not be stopped!" coursing through your veins! being that it is also the reason how i set the WR for Go 4 it on plutonia 2, it has since become a trademark of my gameplay :-)