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  1. Fournaridis

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    I would like to thank both you and Bashe for you responses - I would also like to apologize. I was watching a playthrough video of CChest Map 29 with the music in question. I opened it up on my computer and realized that it was the stock Map 29 music from Doom II that I am already familiar with. So, for some reason I assumed that I didn't get the music file when I downloaded the wad. It turns out, the video in question was uploaded by Lingyan and he chose his own music for the occasion. Turns out, it was Heretic music! I apologize for any confusion and time wasting on my behalf.
  2. Fournaridis

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    I apologize if this has been asked before, but does anyone know where the music comes from that plays on the Community Chest map 29 "Citadel at the Edge of Eternity"? It sounds like something from Super Metroid. It's so unbelievably familiar that I know I've heard it before but I just can't place it...Heretic? Metroid? Some 90's game...
  3. Fournaridis

    Doomed: Doom WAD Reviews Tumblr

    I very seldom post on here, since I know absolutely nothing about mapping and thus, cannot contribute to these forums in any way. With that being said, I'm an avid Doom fan. I adore Doom WADs and never go a day without playing one. I just saw your Tumblr and I really, really, REALLY like it. I could read your reviews for hours. They're so comprehensive and thorough. I hope you're always able to make them, because as long as you are - I'll never stop reading them.
  4. Fournaridis

    Movement and its effect on damage

    Fucking hell, I love readings your posts. Not trying to stroke you, here - but, I know NOTHING about programming or the Doom engine. They're always so full of information and inner-workings. Love it.
  5. Fournaridis

    Organizing Ye Ole Doom Folder

    I use zDoom - I haven't figured out what other ports to use yet, or how to use them, or how to apply them, or even what they do, what they're for and when the appropriate time to use them is. There's just too many. I'm kinda simple like that, though. Otherwise, I have zDoom, Doom 1 & 2 - Plutonia, Evilution and dozens upon dozens of other WADs in one folder, and backed up on my own personal Doom flash drive!
  6. Fournaridis

    IDBEHOLDL and my failing eye sight!

    I have been playing Doom since it first came out. I remember installing Doom 2 on our computer and howling in dismay when our machine could hardly handle it. We finally got it to work and...well...the rest is history. That was almost 15 years ago! Anyways - I've always kept Doom/Doom 2/Final Doom and hundreds of WADs on a flash drive. With every new computer I purchase, I always make sure Doom is the first program to run on it. But, I have a problem. And, BEFORE you call it blasphemy, please, please, PLEASE hear me out and pretend that you were in my position. I mean, I imagine since you all post here, you must love Doom just as much, right? My eyesight is beginning to fail me. Horribly. This terrifies me more than anything, as I'm an avid reader, writer and gamer. Not a day goes by where I don't play at least ONE random level of Doom. The problem is, it's getting to the point where I can no longer see. At all. I don't use cheats, but, I gave the IDBEHOLDL a shot - and, it really did help. Those light-amp goggles really work. It's a shame, because the lighting is what MAKES Doom. But, put yourself in my shoes. Either I play without the clever lighting....or, I don't play at all. And, believe me, there's no way I could go without playing this game. With my eyesight being the way it is, I can NOT see anything - even when it's SLIGHTLY dark, in the game. Example : Doom 2 Map2 (Underhalls) is completely unplayable. I can't even see my gun, let alone the enemies in front of me. So, here comes the question : is there any way I can bind "IDBEHOLDL" to a certain key on my keyboard, while I play? Or, am I stuck perpetually typing in "IDBEHOLDL" every couple minutes? Sorry this is so lengthy and whiny, I just don't know what else to do!
  7. Fournaridis


    That's how I feel - then again, I have no room to talk, I'm no puritan. I use a crosshair / autoaim. I use the mouse to turn and the keys to strafe, which, when compared to free look, kinda makes me a hypocrite.
  8. Fournaridis

    What is your favourite way to play Doom?

    I was struck dumb when I read this! No fucking joke - I do the EXACT same thing! Glad to see I'm not alone!
  9. Fournaridis

    How do you like your Doom?

    I use zDoom - autoaim, no freelook - "cross" crosshair, and the mouse to turn, WASD to move/strafe, mouse click to fire.
  10. Fournaridis

    IDBEHOLDL and my failing eye sight!

    I appreciate the well wishes - really, people - thanks. I know that this is like, my first post here, but I really didn't expect such a tight knit community to be so welcoming and accepting of someone new. Thanks a lot, really. With any luck, the surgeries should work just fine. The ONLY DOWNSIDE is that for several days afterward, I will LITERALLY have to keep my head facing down, 24/7. Thank God I can still read books, and adjust my laptop screen accordingly! Everyone's advice, help and instructions has been beyond helpful. Really, you all managed to solve my problem entirely! Thanks for being understanding!
  11. Fournaridis

    IDBEHOLDL and my failing eye sight!

    This works splendidly. Thanks for your help, really - thank you!
  12. Fournaridis

    IDBEHOLDL and my failing eye sight!

    I use zDoom, so, unfortunately, it only lasts for a couple minutes.
  13. Fournaridis

    IDBEHOLDL and my failing eye sight!

    Slowly but surely, I am going blind. I have several surgeries scheduled - however, in the meantime, I DO need something to do. Is there any way this is possible?
  14. Fournaridis


    I use the basic "cross" crosshair. I use autoaim, but, I don't use mouselook. Bleah. That's just me, though.