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Everything posted by imp1979

  1. imp1979

    Doom 4 Monsters

    Looks like Pinky demons.
  2. imp1979

    Happy Birthday, Ukraine!

    It's official. Conventional invasion has taken place. About 5000 Russia soldiers with tanks and buk missile systems and armor have entered
  3. imp1979

    Doom 4 Monsters

    I've read they are similar to Doom 3
  4. imp1979

    Happy Birthday, Ukraine!

    So do people over there believe the Russian military is going to invade? Like full scale in the traditional sense.
  5. imp1979

    Happy Birthday, Ukraine!

    There will be no 24th birthday.
  6. imp1979

    ISIS Beheads U.S. Journalist James Foley

    The US government is now officially considering the beheading a direct attack on the United States......oh shit....Syria, watch out. And fuck you Russia, you better fucking step aside.
  7. imp1979

    ISIS Beheads U.S. Journalist James Foley

    Where did you see the video?
  8. imp1979

    Alcoholic beverage of choice?

    Bud Ice.
  9. imp1979

    Doom 4 Trailer Monster: Cyberdemon?

    No silly, it's obviously a lost soul! Geez
  10. Wolfenstein The New Order had some swimming parts. Well done actually. I always loved the look of water n the Half Life 2 levels. I like water.
  11. imp1979

    Doom 3 is ten

    Happy birthday Doom 3! You have aged well, playing BFG version every now and then is a blast!
  12. imp1979

    How do you think Doom 4's music should be like?

    Quake 3 Arena. But harder.
  13. imp1979

    Gentlemen, choose sides...

    Yeah, so there will be no war between US and Russia, or NATO. End of thread.
  14. imp1979

    Any DOOM 4 leaks of any sort( except descriptions)?

    Doesn't work for me.
  15. imp1979

    Doom [4] reveal first impressions

    If I remember correctly Blazko had brown hair in wolf 3d. At least he did in the HUD.
  16. imp1979

    Doom [4] reveal first impressions

    You mean like that stupid weapon bob like in RAGE? God I hated that! Made fighting the mutants a lot harder. Stupidest feature Evers!
  17. imp1979

    Doom [4] reveal first impressions

    I just hope there is extreme variety in the levels. That was one of the things that was wrong with Doom 3, all the levels, even the hell ones, had the same feel to them. I want some levels with a lot of color.
  18. imp1979

    Doom [4] reveal first impressions

    The teaser was made by a third party studio and didn't use id tech 6.
  19. imp1979

    Doom 4 to be shown at Quakecon exclusively

    Well big open areas for combat is a good thing. Something a lot of fans have asked for. And I haven't played a shooter that wasnt linear.
  20. imp1979

    Doom 4 at Quakecon

    What about descriptions of the classic demons? I haven't heard any of that yet,
  21. imp1979

    Doom 4 to be shown at Quakecon exclusively

    Well the explanation will be that there was no reloading in the original doom. Good for me.
  22. imp1979

    Doom [4] reveal first impressions

    Ok, nice description. Now, let's have descriptions of the classic demons. Thanks!
  23. The Russian military has surface to air missile systems capable of hitting a target 72 thousand feet in the sky. 33 thousand is a piece of cake. These rebels in east Ukraine have been getting heavy weapons from Russia in recent weeks, and training.
  24. imp1979

    The Next Duke Nukem Forever?

    I have always thought id treats their fans like shit. Good for Beth coming in an basically cleaning house and making them make games faster. They always took way way to long with their tech demos, I mean games.
  25. imp1979

    Ukraine and the current situation

    It appears now the Russians are building up yet again on the border after withdrawing. It comes after pleas from rebels in east Ukraine for help, claiming they were tricked with the cease fire and are now under full assault by the Ukrainian military.