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  1. Jippy

    Doom Turns Ten

    Didn't you see the cake?
  2. Jippy

    The /newstuff Chronicles #157

    Yeah, I don't expect n00bs to understand the fact that they're the 'target' audience of that site.. and by target, I mean target of ridicule. Life's little ironies I suppose. Anyway.. Just played Vrack 3. It was tres nacho. And as one of those SP fanatics, I have to agree that it's one of the better SP maps I've played in a while.
  3. Jippy

    The /newstuff Chronicles #157

    Haha, awesome! Thanks buddy! Good that you learned a few things. Maybe next time you won't throw a tantrum because someone disagrees with you.
  4. Jippy

    The /newstuff Chronicles #157

    Love me or hate me, it's the way I am. :P However, it wasn't the fact that someone was a n00b that caused my first reply. It was the fact that someone was whining about the cards dealt to him. So yeah, it's not a "STFU n00b" mindset, but more of a "STFU crybaby" mindset.
  5. Jippy

    The /newstuff Chronicles #157

    It's "probably" and "altogether". Oh, and you're one step away from throwing yourself to the ground and screaming "I QUIT AND I'M NEVER COMING BACK EVER". Right on brotha'! UD on top!
  6. Jippy

    The /newstuff Chronicles #157

    Shrug.. Okay, call a spade a spade. I'm a pathetic troll, you're a pathetic mapper. That I did, and I have to agree with the review. I don't like tight, cramped levels (as you can see here in a post I made back in.. Oh, lookie that.. May). Nah.. I'm not Deathz0r, although I do r0x0r his world.
  7. Jippy

    The /newstuff Chronicles #157

    You must be new here, or you're an idiot. Maybe both. Either way, it seems you're a fucking baby. Don't whine because your review wasn't good. Here's a tip. Make better WAD's.
  8. Jippy

    The /newstuff Chronicles #156

    I dunno.. I'll bet you guys who are whining about Mock2 are the same kind of guys who complain about April Fools day jokes. I loved Mock2 Taking all the stupid things that people do wrong when making a level and focusing on them in one wad is great. It's like the entire community pointing and laughing at the morons who make errors like that. Beeea-utiful. On that note, I think there needs to be a joke wad about people who hate joke wads now.
  9. Jippy

    Deathmatch Discharge

    Hah, I can relate to that. Except for the "young mans body" part...
  10. Jippy

    Quakecon Has Doomers Seeing Red

    Thanks, I knew there was hope for you after all.
  11. Jippy

    Quakecon Has Doomers Seeing Red

    Yeah, because two screenies of a multiplayer map a testament to the actual game... Smart.
  12. Jippy

    Latest Doom Movie Crap

    Yeah, I hope they get Ben Affleck to play Flynn Taggart. That way the movie can really tank.
  13. Jippy

    How long has it been...

    As a matter of fact, I ran through it last night. However, I was bored so I threw on Suprwep8.deh and blazed a trail of cheating glory through the whole episode. Maybe tonight I'll find the energy to cheat through Episode 2 as well.
  14. Jippy

    Doom3 At E3

    Yeah, when I asked my question, I forgot which group I was talking to. Big city maps for Deathmatch are pretty boring, that's true, but I find the same thing for Deathmatch period. I was referring to the single play aspect of the game. I'm hoping there will be some decent levels of Hell itself, but really hoping it's not just an "Aliens"-esque corridor romp.
  15. Jippy

    Doom3 At E3

    Someone let me know if I'm wrong or not, but so far, every screenshot or clip I've seen of Doom3 has all been based indoors, inside some 'facility' of some kind. I really hope the game is not going to be based on running around cramped hallways and dark rooms with brief exits outdoors, or it's going to get old quick (a'la Quake 2). However, I doubt it'll be possible to have huge city maps (like MAP15) due to the amount of memory that would need to be loaded, but who knows.