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  1. It was the first result because you specifically chose to use a dehumanizing, demeaning word as the search term. You are quite clearly racist.
  2. Redstar

    The Doom Confessional Booth

  3. Redstar

    Things about Doom you just found out

    These aren't things that I just found out, but I did first discover them within the last year or so. 1.) Spectres are supposed to be invisible, not just a quirky monster. The graphical distortion is just a result of my computer's speed, so I've never had the intended experience with them. 2.) Demons cannot in-fight within their own class. This makes things less simple.
  4. Redstar

    Wraith Head Sculpt

    I agree. It also makes you focus more on the overall design, which is vaguely sexual.
  5. Redstar

    Doomworld Facebook group

    I would be happy to volunteer to contact anyone on that list for a potential Doomworld interview if that is what's wanted.
  6. Redstar

    Wraith Head Sculpt

    So, I'm friends with Vincent Guastini (the creature effects artist who did work for the original '90s Doom production) and saw that one of his crew (Andrew Freeman) did a monster sculpt resembling the Wraith. With the exception of it lacking eyes, I'd say the two are a close match:
  7. Redstar

    Doom 4 should have...

    I would like for Doom 4 to have n interesting story that explores and/or continues from the events of Doom 3. I like that the UAC had no direct contribution or knowledge of what was happening on Mars. That was all Betruger and that makes sense. However, it would be cool if the the UAC would in Doom 4 fill a sort of "Weyland-Yutani" role. They could be actively trying to reach Hell again to utilize the Hellspawn/the Soul Sphere/the Hellstone as biological weapons. It'd just be fun to see opening cinematics of heavily armed marines mowing down demons much as described in the Final Doom pre-invasion backstories.
  8. Redstar

    If you were in charge of Doom 3 what would you change?

    Well, that's the explanation for *how*, not for *why*.
  9. Redstar

    Where IS the Mars City?

    You know, I was just wondering this myself yesterday, though not in the trivial form of "where on the planet is it." It's not relevant at all because this is a videogame, not an actual planned mission that needs to take into account such important details. However, it would have been nice to have a section exploring the actual "city" with a pool area, indoor park, restaurants, etc. Surely the living quarters of the UAC personnel was invaded as well.
  10. Redstar

    If you were in charge of Doom 3 what would you change?

    I liked Betruger, though I admit his character was extremely obvious and cliched. It would have helped if they had given him some motivation for wanting "Hell on Earth." Like, is he just insane or was he possessed by a demon during the initial experiments? The backstory suggests that he was once a talented and ambitious man, but the experiments "changed him." Was he possessed or just corrupted by the prospect of ungodly power? Making him possessed would make the game so much more interesting, though making him literally an evil human being and a demon much like the Hellspawn would make him as a character more interesting. I agree that lots of atmospheric and gameplay mechanics should have been changed, but I'll just say that they only went halfway with the story. They hooked me, but after that they just didn't explore those concepts well enough. They might as well have just not had a story at all if they were going to underutilize it in the actual game.
  11. Redstar

    Mod to enhance atmosphere and scariness?

    Other than what's been said, I've seen some mods that add new behaviors. Nothing too exciting; just Imps being able to throw barrels and Knights of Hell tossing other monsters at you.
  12. Redstar

    what would you not want to see in DOOM4?

    I would have preferred it not being explored at all as well, but if they really felt that they *had* to than any other element would have been preferable. I decided upon Arsenic because of the NASA discovery earlier this year and that one episode of the X-Files. Both creatures reside in lakes of sulfur/a volcano which would be fitting for a Hellspawn.
  13. Redstar

    Interview with Doom II Artist Brom

    Haha! I asked just what stood out to me personally and what I had seen most commented on by others. I can easily do a follow-up if you guys want to suggest some more questions. I originally posted this topic under News Submissions, but it was moved.
  14. Redstar

    Interview with Doom II Artist Brom

    I appreciate the positive response! I work for a few websites doing interviews like this (mostly over the phone or in person, though) and thought it'd be fun to give one of my favorite games a shot. I would like to interview the Classic Doom and Doom3 artists at some point as well since I've always loved the art direction for the franchise. I'm very curious to see any concept designs for the many iconic monsters.
  15. I recently conducted a brief E-mail interview with Doom II cover artist Brom that I felt some of you might be interested in reading. It's a very general interview that covers how he got the job, how he approached the piece and what he's doing now. He did look around for any of the early sketches he did, but unfortunately can't find them right now. Feel free to let me know what you all think! How did you come into doing the artwork for DOOM II? ID called me out of the blue. My schedule was completely full and I started to turn them down when they mentioned that it was a sequel to DOOM. Being a big fan I did without sleep in order to squeeze it in. Were you familiar with the original DOOM at that time? If not, did you take the time to play/research it or did you just stick with DOOM II? I was/am a big fan of DOOM! So I was very familiar with the franchise. What direction, if any, were you given in designing the piece? Did Id Software want to see specific elements or bar the use of others? That was back in the day before over paid marketing teams were involved in the process, so the project went very smoothly. ID was great, they sent over a handful of elements and let me pick what I liked, pretty much just let me do my thing. Were you given any official artwork or sculpts to use for reference for the characters featured in the piece? Did you use the in-game graphics for additional or alternative reference? They sent a few concept drawings and screen shots. Game elements were pretty low rez back in those days, which I found enjoyable as it gave me plenty of room for interpretation. Were you set on the theme/concept eventually seen or did you initially experiment with other situations and demons? Why were these early concepts dropped? I did a few rough sketches all around the same set up. They picked one and I went right into finished art from there. Creating game covers was a much simpler process back then. Unlike later depictions, the Cyberdemon doesn't seem too large compared to the "Doomguy." Is this just a matter of perspective or personal taste? Did Id Software provide any information on demon height comparisons? I tried to keep things as close to game play as I could, but also, I am sure I was concerned about getting both figures to fit comfortably on the cover. Many people have commented on the unusual buzzcut worn by the "Doomguy." Where did that design come from? Hmm, not sure if I came up with that on my own or if it was in some of the concept art. But, given the chance, I am more than willing to take full credit for it. What was your intention with the project? Did you feel at the time that you had met them? How do you feel about the piece now, looking back? My intention was to capture the excitement of DOOM game play. Not sure if I did or not, as that is a high bar, but for me it was very exciting to work on one of my favorite game franchise. Looking back, I'm just thrilled to have been part of such a great game. What was Id Software's expectations with the project and their reaction to your final piece? They paid me, so I'm gonna take that as a thumbs up. Were you approached to do artwork for any other DOOM games, such as Final Doom or the recent DOOM 3, or other Id Software titles? Schedules have not lined up, but I hope to have the opportunity to work with ID again in the future. bromart.com