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  1. Another 22nd of October. There are 3 birthdays today (at least), mine, NoneeLlama's and purist's b-day. However, mine is a bit different.

    Because today I have become 20 years old. Gosh, two whole decades. Internet almost didn't even exist when I was born! So long ago, and even just a small piace of a human's life.

    Also, for now, the number of the years even officially start with number 2 - partially, this is the final end of my childhood. A bit disturbing to be honest.

    Anyway, I should explain some serious things now, since this number is so important...but I don't want to do it somehow. I'm damn lazy.

    One day I may regret that I didn't explain my inmost feelings, but in fact, it's not even that important. A part of me can be found even here. And a lot of smaller pieces around the world. Either on the internet, or in my real life, I have an impact (even though sometimes I didn't agree with it...damn lack of self-confidence), and I've explained my most important feelings and opinions several times before.

    I've even had an interesting, semi-agressive discussion with Antroid because of that. :D

    Anyway, I'm still not a whole human; I mean, I have several missing pieces. It can be reasoned with the past 20 years exactly; but I don't want to blame anyone: neither myself, nor my parents, nor anyone. The only I can do (and the only that makes sense) is to hope, and wait. Not for the miracles, but for the future. I think I can find those missing pieces through the flow of time.

    And if not...well, I don't know, what's then.

    I will decide about it later.

    With 20 years of craziness, idiotism, enthusiasm, hope and brainstorming,
    Zoltán "Katamori" Schmidt

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    2. Springy


      Happy Birthday sunshine! Stop hanging about Doomworld and get hammered already!

    3. purist


      Thanks for remembering my birthday and I hope you had a good one yourself. Enjoy your 20s pal - it's your prime. As a now 32 year old I can say with experience to enjoy your disposable income, free time, lack of aches and pains and mild hangovers while you can!

      Also, I found work and maturity much easier than school and childhood. People are less immature and while there will always be pricks I've found they thin out and become easier to ignore as you get older. So don't worry about that. Apply some confidence - it's not as hard as you imagine.

    4. Katamori


      Thank you guys!

      Eris, firstly I thought that you mean the "Katamori" name which is not even origined from me :P actually, Zoltan neither, but that's a bit different. :D

      Springy, my friends were busy so I did it a bit earlier, on Saturday :P

      purist, sadly, I know a lot of immature (or at least simply idiot) people even around this age. Being stupid is ageless.