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  1. Katamori

    What are you playing now?

    Write here the WADs, which you are playing or you played recently. Also, your progress if you want.
  2. Katamori

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Post a photo about yourself, if you would like to show you face to the community! Don't post any pictures about Doom monstres or anything, IMO it's not funny after 562 chases... Here's me: http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/222065_117574558321616_100002072174642_146272_6554854_n.jpg EDIT: holy cr*p this pic is so old...
  3. Katamori

    Doom Center - Do you know that?

    In short, it's a ZDoom-based sandbox style level. You don't have to fight if you don't want, but you might do a lot of other things: eating burger, playing console games, driving a car, killing hellspawns with a bowling ball, etc. I saw videos on Youtube but there are only Hungarian videos. My friend, who called himself "Reptile", made 2 review videos about Doom center. The language is Hungarian so I think most of the people won't understand any speakings in the videos, but if you don't know the WAD, you can see there:
  4. I want to spend some time with Doom mods using the Christmas texture replacements but could not find a comprehensive list of mods that use no replacement or extra textures. The problem is, seeing "un-wintered" textures among the stock ones (with the exception of subtle ones; e.g. the extra ad at the end of Going Down) breaks the immersion for me and often breaks visuality. Is there a complete list of these? Or if there's no such list, can you recommand me some cooler stuff? The ones I know about: 10 Sectors 64kb Challange Community Chest 1/2/3 maybe? Doom 2 In Name Only Doom 2 The Way ID Did Going Down Hadephobia Hellbound Invasion II Kama Sutra Khorus' Speedy Shit Mars War The Rebirth Zone 300 Zones of Fear Countdown to Extinction almost qualifies but the use of waterfall textures broke the immersion for me. Also Somewhere in Time almost qualifies but it has less than 20 levels.
  5. holy shit, indeed! I have to see that with Christmas replacements. Thanks!
  6. Katamori

    Doom Streams

    Playthrough of NDCP starts within an hour! The caveat: it's in Hungarian...but I may start in English in the future! https://twitch.tv/katamorihun
  7. Katamori

    Opinions on Social Media.

    Oh no, don't get me wrong, I'm not proving it. I'm way too busy for shadowboxing with strangers on the Internet. It was just a rant about bullshit people who refuse straight facts. The world works just right away on the principles on rationalization as this is what brings us forward and what makes progress - even if *cultural* progress is largely different. Your examples are mere collateral damage upon it, but yes, I admit, the examples themselves are valid. It's also okay to dislike social media, sometimes even I dislike honestly, just leave out this pseudo-majestic justification I was ranting about. Real life interactions and faces, oh come on...again, I can and will accept your *opinion*, we have most likely different tastes, but I honestly think people way, way overestimate the importance of personal interactions. Yeah, maybe it's necessary in some small amount, but that small amount is just perfectly satisfied even today. The rest is, again, superficial bullshit. I'm honestly convinced that times are changing and if you're more focused on the essence of communication, instead of these stupid nuances, your relationship with others, especially with anxious people, can significantly improve. It's not a popular view but I just think people are not honest with themselves and thus are in denial about these things. Oh, and by the way, industrialized society has already successfully alienated people from each other anyways, social media is just accommodating to it. As for Instagram, it's perfectly fine-tuned for image sharing (NOT hosting, admittedly, as it's super restrictive about things) and I can understand the reasoning. Why would you want people to dislike your stuff anyway? This world isn't about constructive criticism anymore, didn't you know? (and now THIS is the thing we may argue whether it's good or not because it's subjective with GOOD pro and contra arguments) But this is the beauty of the internet, you can find your platform for almost everything. It's just that social media, in it's most crystallized form, is not suitable for literally everything. And this is fine.
  8. 100 million is definitely a justifiable magnitude. Not much more, honestly, maybe not even the most played game or franchise ever, but with almost three decade and the shitton of ports, especially with the exposure given by joke ports, and various wads and mods...no way it hasn't exceeded 100 million by 2020.
  9. Katamori

    Opinions on Social Media.

    Yes. And why on bloody Earth would you ever want it any other way? Don't you have any other things to do in life? Work, family, hobbies, stuff to do around the house, etc.? I suppose you have. In which case you'd prefer keeping things simple and streamlined so that it doesn't take your time away from more important things. Now of course you might be a weirdo or some old bumfuck who still insists that letters or phone calls are better. But the majority is already far from that. As a consequence, I'm 100% sure social media made the world a better place. No matter how much in decline it is nowadays (because it is, and we should solve it somehow), the net benefit still outcomes the harm. And not gonna lie, nobody can convince me otherwise. (end of rant, I'm just full of this mentality of people never getting the point)
  10. I also wanted to highlight in a separate, much shorter post that Doom modding and the insane diversity of maps gave me literally some of the best scenery and imagery I've ever seen in any form of art, let alone video games.


    They invoked so many different feelings, inspirations, they supplemented my stories, my everlasting daydreaming, and even if just merely helped me feel an unusual sense of warmth-infused nostalgia (even for ages I've never witnessed personally) it was already worth it.

    Oh, and Doom made me into oldschool metal, which yielded me two relationships and many of the best friends of my entire lifetime. It's insane to think about it.

  11. JOINED

    August 17, 2010



    November 12, 2019


    So not only did I miss almost a year of content, but also my 10th anniversary of joining the forums. Great.

    I mean, I don't even know what to say about it, I'm still in shock that I was even brought up because of the Uplink project in the DW Megawad Club!

    Anyways, just wanted to tell that I'm still alive.


    And that this decade was a journey. Oh boy, what a journey! I wasn't even *that* active in the second half, and I mean, Doom modding itself was not a *directly* life-changing experience, but...


    ...but oh boy it DID cause a lot of changes in my life! From drawing maps on paper in high school, up to planning cyberspace maps in the empty hours of commuting to uni at the end of it...the immense sensory impulse I've gathered during the years really boosted a lot on my creativity.

    And it still would if my life wasn't alternating between miraculous living and the deepest corners of Hell periodically during the time. A decade later, it really made me appreciate the older members of the forum I met earlier on. I have no idea how would I have kept up with modding alongside work duty and other everyday tasks, *especially* in an age before the widesperad use of the internet.

    So, yeah, I mean, I'm not a man of words anymore but I'm glad I'm the part of this community, no matter how marginalized.

    1. Chip


      glad to have you back!

    2. Noiser


      A bit late but I'm glad to see you back! Despite not being active on the same period you was, I remember having a lot of fun with Somewhere in Time. Great classic\vanilla wad!

  12. Let's assume I wanna make a game based on the engine of ZDoom (and therefore, partially based on original Doom). Rumours said I can't monetize such games, but exactly why? I heard something about licenses, what's the problem with them?
  13. Katamori

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    Say what you will but I'm somewhat proud of it. Except: * I'm not an anarchist, but lean towards small government. Apparently I hurt some people's interests * the emphasis isn't on "them paying me", but "them restricting me" in the process. I honestly think that the lack of idealism killed most of our progress in many aspects of our lives, and people like your co-worker are particularly responsible for this.
  14. Katamori

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    The problem is that, at least as I can see, said regulations are overgrowing. As time goes on, they are less for protecting each other, and more for serving the interests of whoever makes them. This is my core principle and while often not true, I have already suffered because of it, on numerous occasions. More understandable this way, then. Consider, however, keeping at the "web bubble" example that websites as a technology didn't die out. The bubble was an "evolutionary step", and it's clear that the cryptocurrency world is yet to face such a step, which means we're at the beginning. I can understand what you mean from an engineering standpoint but then again, there are numerous attempts. You may think they won't work, but in *my* view, it may be worthy to follow some of these implementations to see if they will fail or not. Also ironically enough, IOTA doesn't even use blockchain. This is why it works on IoT, though I'm also not a fan of the idea.
  15. Katamori

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    Lol that went really long. Sorry, cut it as much as I could. "You can't trust these sites" - I agree, to an extent. "Tax havens" - I don't care. Also I'm from Eastern Europe, anyway. "Bittrex issues" - it has only been temporary as far as I know. I've been using it for months with little to no issues, so I'm quite satisfied with it. Yes, I know it wasn't super kind, but in the end, it's still personal responsibility about your finance. I should have worded it with less disrespect, I admit, but saying that it doesn't happen with "normal investments" is just not true. World is full of scammers - yeah, maybe the cryptocurrency era is more exposed to it, and you may think it's a huge issue, but whether you take this risk or not is, then again, personal responsibility. Also I haven't spent a single real-life penny on cryptocurrencies, yet I'm sitting on ~$600 right now, so it's really hard for me to sympathize with victims of scams and stuff. Sorry. But it's not a reason to "stay far". As I've written above, I'm not really a fan of the concept of regulation, authority, and stuff like that. My genuine opinion is that if the price of unregulated market is lifting prices due to scams, then it's a "necessary bad" which we should accept. Of course, it limits further spread of cryptocurrencies, but I'm damn sure that the more R&D is put into the topic, the sooner someone can make a cryptocurrency that can be stable AND mildly- or even unregulated. Well, if you need a precise example, I got my first Bitcoin fragments by trading Steem on Bittrex. I found out about Steem on a completely unrelated subreddit (/r/ipfs if you're interested), when someone was talking about a completely unrealted topic (the implementation of a decentralized video service). Actually, I don't even particularly like Bitcoin, I'm a fan of cryptocurrencies in general. It's up to you to decide if you trust them. I do, because some alternates are extremely superior to Bitcoin, it's just that they aren't so well-known. Also I really don't like reading news because I know everyone's lying for their own favor, so I'm not touched by propaganda. Then again, it's all about personal responsibility. Yeah well, I agree, but as I see it, it's the "good kind of religion" if you will. The huge majority will lose a lot, I agree. But the "surviving few" is going to have a decent place in the cryptocommunity after an actual market correction. Because I'm 100% sure market correction WILL happen. Heck, I'd even argue, that with BTC stagnating around 13-15k, we are at a market correction phase. Blockchain mania is indeed bizarre soemtimes. I highlight, however, sometimes. You argue that mainstream adoption is overhyped and I agree, it's sometimes really cringy even for me, but among the stupid implementations, there is plenty of applications that are the most amazing I've ever seen. Decentraland, for a distributed VR world, Steem for a decentralized social media platform, LBRY for a Youtube alternative, Storj for decentralized cloud storage, Iota for Internet-of-Things money transfer, and maybe my favorite is Gladius, for an actually reliable DDoS protection. In general, the principle is that in the current political and socio-cultural climate, many people are mistrustful about middleman and/or centralized services. Maybe you're not like them, and I can accept it, but it doesn't mean you have to judge the entire market with such a sharp tone. There's many to come in this field. You underestimate those algorithms. Numbers don't lie. 1) There are attempts to make it less polluting. 2) India, China and the US are still the most polluting countries in the world, yet your biggest problem is the pollution caused by Bitcoin? I'd argue this approach is also immoral. 3) Then again, I consider it a price for securing our assets without middleman that can be corrupted, compromised, or liquidated. It's just me, but if I have to choose between a green but centralized, or a polluted but decentralized world, I go for the latter. Maybe it's a lunatic approach, I admit, but thank it for those who exploited people's trust in them.
  16. Katamori

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    Oh, then we actually agree, mostly. These are the rules everyone should know, in any case of investment. 1 is sometimes valid. I'd argue there are sites you can trust (e.g. Bittrex) but in general, a local wallett is much wiser. 2 is less valid, however. The only requirement to avoid it is to not be an incompetent prick who gets fooled by literally anyone. Even bugs are avoidable this way: do your research on the wallett you're using. 3 is also a matter of incompetence. [read the article you linked some weeks ago and even there i thought the same] 4 is valid, yeah, sadly that happens all the time. But then again, it's not unique to cryptocurrencies. 5 is also valid, but also a matter of doing your research. I know cryptocurrencies that don't have crazy transaction fees because are better designed than Bitcoin. 6 is definitely valid, it'd be futile to argue. That is problematic, but I'd assume someone going as far as investing would do it for a principle, too. Pure greed is a no-no in this market. I noticed you used this "community argument" several times, but truth be told, the community of anything should be the least important factor when evaluating. You can use Bitcoin without joining the community, as I did. I also don't care if Bitcoin is associated with black market activity, I mean sure, it ruins the public image, which is a huge issue, but the fact itself is something that doesn't bother me. With a knife, you can make dinner for someone, or stab someone to death.
  17. dobu's The Given, that'd be intense. ...if they can run that.
  18. Katamori

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    Oh yeah, that video was amazing. But it's not necessarily the mistake of Bitcoin. It's about dumb people, and I would not have had any reasons to rant if it was the main focus of criticism, but it wasn't. But it's a no.1. principle for any kind of investment. I didn't spend a single real-life cent on cryptocurrencies, I started with Steem. Also, if someone acts like a lunatic, you can tell that he's an idiot in your views, and stuff, but immediately declaring them being wrong, especially without hard evidences (some bubble-like situations aren't evidence IMHO) is not really an acceptable way of arguing. Ok, I admit it's true. Bitcoin is a pseudo-currency, because works rather like an asset, and as such, can't replace fiat currency - yet. I'm not ruling out, however, that it can achieve said purpose. Because after all, fiat money's value is also speculative. It's just that people rarely doubt in the power of an entire country's economy. Proof of Work/Stake/etc is what "backs" the currency. It's an algorithmic currency, where by design it's guaranteed that stuff like counterfeiting is impossible, AND you don't need banks and other, potentially malevolent legal entities to enforce it. THIS is the value behind cryptocurrencies. It's a new paradigm. Even if not efficient, but decentralized, secure and trustless. And you can be sure it's going to take over if financial entities around the world continue their exploitation of the average Joe. Sorry if I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I have to admit, I'm a bit biased because I'm extremely anti-authoritarian, and I support everything that can screw up any sort of authority. Hell no, I wasn't talking about mining, that is not viable usually. I meant that, as far as I experienced, someone living in a third world country can make significant amount of money through participating in cryptocurrency projects (like Steem or LBRY), or even through trading. It's an easily accessible asset and might be more efficient than any sort of job they can find in their immediate physical surrounding.
  19. Katamori

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    No, it isn't. By "security", I meant guarantee your wallet is immutable, permanent, etc., without a middleman. It's in the principles, not in stability - but it's just a matter of time. EDIT: also truth be told, reading the first page of this thread was a huge disappointment. Some of the comments were straight disgusting, with literally no understanding on the topic, and I'm honestly sad that some of the most established members of the community can pull up such disrespectul bullshits. People should understand the principle behind cryptocurrencies, it's not a fantasy dream "like singularity or transhumanism", it's a paradigm shift that's friggin' happening right now. AND ADDITIONALLY, makes people rich - people who would have little to no way otherwise. Idunno, I support stuff that makes people's lives happier or easier, because, uh, I know what it means TO BE POOR. </rant>, sorry, but had to do it.
  20. Katamori

    The Given - A large, monsterless, puzzle map (on /idgames)

    Hope it's not necrodump but it was surprisingly hard to find again. Search engines don't see the thread. Whatever... I'm speechless. Only you can put out such an insane stuff, but I'm also happy that you've made what I rarely dared even to attempt: a map without monsters. Turned out I suck at puzzles, which is kinda worrying because it may imply my ability to solve problems is way more limited than I expected, but still, your puzzles are nice. The visuals are gorgeous, as well as the music. Overall it's an experience I've been waiting for since ages, so thanks for doing it! However long you've worked on it, was worth.
  21. Nice work as usual. Some maps were too slaughter-ish and tough for my since-casual taste but the feels are the same. Speaking of feels: holy shit @Jimmy, the final scene on the final map was touching. Read the news on your Facebook, but still...not sure if it's even possible at this point, but merry Christmas and happy holdiays. And of course, not only for Jim but for the others, too.
  22. Honestly I'm a bit out of the loop regarding Doom community projects, so this whole Pigeon Speedmapping thing was new for me, but playing through the maps of this set were a nice Christmas experience. The general problem you helped to solve is that I've played through all major, noteworthy (AND Boom-compatible) mapsets several times. H2H-Xmas, Frozen Time, NORDHELL (heck I actually made an Xmas map based on its texture set), 32-in-24-Hamburglar-stole-Xmas, both Whitemare, and for a while, I couldn't find anything else. But this one was definitely cool.Thanks for doing it, and merry Christmas!
  23. Katamori

    What are you playing now?

    Meh, I also wonder on replaying H2H-Xmas. It's just that I've been playing it since 2009, I'm not sure if I get bored.
  24. Katamori

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    The problem is that there are very few better ways (if there's any at all) for a proof that is hard to produce, but easy to verify. And AFAIK, other proof methods have terrible, often unaccounted flaws. Consider wasted energy as a price for security.
  25. So, welcome back to all of those who remember me! It was hard for me to get used to the new design of the site back in March, so I decided to take a break but now I feel it's time to "return". Obviously, I lack the capacity to go through half a years of posts and comments, so I'd like to hear your opinions: which were the releases through spring, summer and the current part of autumn that were either big, fun, or both? What did I miss during this time?