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  1. antares

    Official id Game Shirts

    Back when Quake came out, they had ads with this promo photo. Does anyone know if those sweaters were ever for sale, or did they just produce some for the photo op?
  2. antares

    Prboom+ linux startup

    Well, how did you install it? Did you get a .deb from somewhere, or did you compile it yourself?
  3. antares

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Like this?
  4. antares

    Doom for Kids

    It's not Doom, but I guess the obvious choice for non-combat FPS is Portal. Also, World of Padman has the sorts of weapons you mentioned (bubble gum gun, water cannon, etc.). Its cartoon-ish style should be appealing as well, I think.
  5. antares

    Eureka: a Linux map editor

    That sounds like an error from the dynamic linker. You're probably missing one of the required libraries that Jamie listed.
  6. antares

    Favorite Doom 1 maps

    E1M3 E1M6 (what's there to hate?) E1M7 E2M2 E4M3 E4M6
  7. antares

    Wadspy only 32 bit??

    ftp://ftp.gamers.org/pub/idgames/incoming/. Ty hasn't moved it to newstuff yet, so it's not accessible at the moment. Here's another download link instead: http://www.sendspace.com/file/erbllb
  8. antares

    Wadspy only 32 bit??

    I just uploaded a 64bit compatible version to /incoming, including a 32bit Windows executable.
  9. antares

    Wadspy only 32 bit??

    That's the problem on Windows, yes. But it didn't run on 64bit Linux either. I asked a friend to try to compile it with VisualStudio for C++, maybe that works. Otherwise I'll upload the source only. http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=11925 It's a little tool that tries to guesstimate a level's difficulty.
  10. antares

    Wadspy only 32 bit??

    Hi. I'm the guy who did wadspy ages ago. Yes, it is indeed 32bit only (64 bit systems weren't much of an issue back in 2000). I'll fix it up and upload a new version soon-ish. However, I don't use Windows anymore and so cannot produce a Windows executable. Is there someone that I can send the fixed version to so that I can upload a package that runs out-of-the-box? Thanks!
  11. "Doom Comic: The Game"
  12. antares

    Doom 3 Gets Lost, Finds a BFG

    And this will be the first generally available release of Doom I and II in Germany since forever.
  13. antares

    DTWID: Project is done, check the release thread

    Another way to fix this would be have more than just one Spider Mastermind on E3M8. I can't imagine being caught in the crossfire of three of 'em to be fun. OTOH, players would expect the Cybie to appear on E2M8 and the Spider on E3M8. Reversing them would throw at least some of them for a loop. Heh, given that thought, how about a Cyberdemon AND a Spider Mastermind on E3M8?
  14. antares

    Doom Wiki

    That's awesome! A sincere Thank You to everyone involved!
  15. I'd like to refine the OP's question (ie. hijack the thread ;-) to ask which the recommended map editor for a Linux environment is. AFAIk the only options are yadex, Slade2 and Doombuilder 1 via wine, correct? Or did anyone get DB2 running via wine yet?