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  1. fuckin masterpiece
  2. figured i needed to continue this map, albeit slow and sprity way
  3. some dude and some half realized i barely have anything new from while
  4. cant decide whenever nsfw or not as usual this maggot is probably relevant to revival of certain map, also bird
  5. man new artificial brain is so great
  6. that oceano gap had to be filled, atleast with the most obvious this band from hong kong mangles and reshapes funeral doom as what its being categorized as such often pretty much lol this used to be ehh metalcore band but they flipped shit completely over to shoegaze with really cool results
  7. not a sketch but a scrag, but anyway. smacked together in zbrushcore
  8. making something actually work in doom, god do i already friggin miss the entity systems of half-life
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0d9DpxwNVc&t=0m8s edit: after like billion tries to get this work the forum has clearly decided that this specific song shall never be fucking embedded properly lol
  10. as original title random spheres "album" cover which i figured needed to be posted somewhere
  11. that friggin 90 songs in one row is amazing meanwhile more sequencer based goop
  12. cant recall if i ever posted in this bout UNI but heres stuff anyway something still yet barebones as in lacking necessary sprites
  13. really gonna hate myself in the morning or something lol, also bugged video lenght
  14. gosh do i love that pinky, and i do now wish those huge horns were more iconic than the ever cheesy mouth lol