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  1. Absolutely gorgeous, love this. Could you (or anybody else who has it) upload the WAD somewhere else that isn't Mediafire? That website keeps getting worse with every update, and it literally won't let me download it now.
  2. The playoffs are now on, and the first match is happening tonight! BST and SBR proved themselves a cut above the rest and hopped straight to the semi-finals, while BQ, TDC, BSS and REG clawed their way into the quarter-finals. The Zandronum forums thread has been updated with all details. You may catch the livestream of all matches (except my own) at https://www.twitch.tv/zakkensoul. I'll use my Twitch channel to host whichever channel will be streaming my matches.
  3. Zakken

    QuakeCon 2019

    Congratulations to JKist3 and DevastatioN for taking the 2v2 TDM tourney tonight! I think next time, they should definitely up the fraglimit and pick bigger maps than SSL2...
  4. They're actually quite receptive of the game. The fact that Doom 2016 exists and was a huge success certainly helped establish the franchise as relevant and reputable, which extends to classic Doom. The game's reputation as one of the greatest, most popular modding platforms out there also increases the likelihood that they familiarise themselves with the game in advance, which makes it easier to discuss the game with them.
  5. Zakken

    QuakeCon 2019

    Does anybody know if the Doom tournaments will be livestreamed? If so, then where?
  6. Apologies for the late update. Sign-ups have been closed, and the regular season is already underway. A separate thread with all relevant information will be created sometime in the future. For now, you can see all the info over at https://zandronum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=9676 or at the ZCA Discord!
  7. Zakken

    Your Top 5 Doom II maps

    Wouldn't be as interesting if I just listed my top 5, so I'll try to give my own reasons as to why for each, in the order of level progression: Dead Simple When Ultimate Doom and Doom II maps decide to focus on a set piece, they always pull it off with iconic flair. The tense music playing as you're thrown into an arena to fight half a dozen Mancubi you have no previous experience with, learning the hard way that they fire several fireballs in quick succession, barely scraping by against them ONLY for more walls to open right afterwards and reveal a bunch of ANOTHER new type of monsters that also like to spam projectiles at you makes for a map that absolutely kept me at the edge of my seat on my first playthrough, but still gives me plenty of excitement today. The Pit Many Doom II maps apply large, non-linear designs with mixed results, but The Pit executes it best out of all of them. It may not be a particularly visually interesting map, but the gameplay is challenging and unpredictable, and every room has its own unique structure and game plan that accentuates the level's adventurous feeling. Barrels O' Fun A power move by Sandy Petersen to create a most-unthinkable gimmick map for the hell episode of all places! It's always great to see map designs that break convention and/or think outside the box every now and then, and this was a much-needed addition to an episode that has plenty of otherwise forgettable maps. The Spider arena and the last few rooms are also enjoyable and hard to play through, tying together one of the silliest, most creative and of course, fun commercial maps of Doom. The Chasm Doom II maps are designed with a gameplay-first philosophy, and given its somewhat short development cycle, not a lot of care was put towards the visual aspect of levels (if the city episode didn't make that self-evident by now). And yet, out of nowhere comes The Chasm, a brilliant example of how grand and gorgeous the Doom engine could get in 1994, dwarfing almost any other Doom II level in terms of artistic vision. Its gameplay is just about decent, and the tight rope walking that takes up the second half of the level is absolutely a pain in the butt, but for what it may lack in gameplay depth, it breaks new ground in looks! The Spirit World I personally consider Ultimate Doom's hell episode to be much more memorable than that of Doom II's, my biggest reason being that Doom 1's Hell has a much more striking and oppressive atmosphere. While Doom 2 certainly has its share of super tough Hell levels (The Abandoned Mines, Monster Condo, the aforementioned Barrels O' Fun), none of them really have that same haunting feeling brought by levels such as Slough of Despair and Mt. Erebus, for example. I appreciate The Spirit World for its tough monster encounters that surround you at all times, its design of large, intimidating arenas and the music being the cherry on top of this level that I can truly call hellish. Honourable mentions: Suburbs, The Courtyard, The Citadel, The Living End
  8. Mystproj is one of my favourite BTSX E2 tracks, and my mind is completely blown by this arrangement. Superb! Seeing this makes me wish there would be arrangements of the entire BTSX soundtrack made like this. Might be a little too ambitious though. :P
  9. Zakken

    QuakeCon 2019

    It appears we'll be having not just one, but three different classic Doom tourneys. Should be fun to watch! So glad we're having another notable LAN tournament since QCon 2013.
  10. We are entering the FINAL week of DML Summer 2019 sign-ups. We currently boast 27 sign-ups, so if we're to have another 8-team season like last time, we will need some more people willing to join up! Check this out while you still can.
  11. I have to make a genuine effort to be more active in Doomworld. It's honestly crazy how active this place is compared to some other Doom places I frequent, and I hope to make a better name for myself in here than just "that one Sunder/BTSX fanboy who plays competitive CTF"...


    So yeah, how are you guys doing today?

  12. Zakken

    lulzworthy drama bs

    That's a disingenuous take for three reasons: 1. the perpetrator was promptly warned after the event and hasn't done any such thing since; 2. the victim has since rejoined the server and is cool with us now; 3. the so-called "sexual cat" talk, while still weird as all hell, was evidently an one-off tongue-in-cheek conversation, and if anything serious was actually going on, Discord and YouTube staff would've been immediately notified of the fact. The involved parties were still warned to drop the subject anyway though, which they did. It is quite easy to single out one instance of harassment in a server and call an entire community out on being an inhospitable place, while also completely ignoring the staff's reactions to cases like these. So trivial, in fact, that I could have a field day doing the same thing you just did when it comes to other servers actually listed in the OP, but I have better uses of my time than taking potshots of cheeky slander at communities I don't like. We're committed to keeping our server free of harassment and objectionable content just as much as, if not more than other high-profile Doom Discord servers, and your post is a flimsy attempt at proving the contrary. But of course, if you find any honest feedback to give, we're listening!
  13. Zakken

    Multiplayer Discord Channels

    This may come across as a self-promotion of sorts, but Zandronum Competition Alliance has been around for almost a year, and it has since hosted a healthy amount of successful tournaments, as well as essentially becoming the new home of Zandronum private CTF, although we are slowly but surely expanding to a few other gamemodes as well.
  14. Zakken

    Doom: The Golden Souls 3 - Demo 1 OUT!

    YES. YES.
  15. Greetings once again. The second season of Doom Masters League has started its proceedings, and sign-ups are now open! I am more than delighted to see all of you participate and enjoy some more top-quality CTF. The previous DML season was highly successful, featuring 8 teams and some of the best playoffs seen in Doom CTF history, and the only way to go from here is up! Highlights - Draft-based league: captains are selected to draft players auction-style! Each team is comprised of 4 players total, no more, no less. - Cream-of-the-crop captains: the captain pool is always comprised of the strongest, most prominent players of the community with a well-established history, to ensure that all teams are as thirsty for victory as can be. - High diversity of players: given the DML's dynamic size that shapes itself around the total amount of sign-ups, a huge percentage of players is guaranteed to be drafted into teams! Top players, mid-level players and rookies are all welcome in the league, and many have already made their mark in the previous season! - Curated maplist: the maplist to be used in DML was voted on by several key members of the community to get the most enjoyment out of players. - Regular season: everyone competes in a single group for points. The top-ranked teams by the end of the now shorter 5-week season make the decisive playoffs! - Multiple maps per week: each round is played on a different map; 3 maps in the regular season and 4 maps in the playoffs, with each team getting 2 homefields! E.g. round 1 = Map01, round 2 = Map02, round 3 = Map03... Time table Sign-ups start: Tuesday, June 11th Sign-ups end: Sunday, June 30th @ 11:59:59 PM EST Draft: To be determined between July 1st and July 7th Regular season period: July 8th to August 11th Playoffs period: August 12th to September 1st Further information Zandronum Competition Alliance Discord (home of DML and other exciting tournaments!) Zandronum forums thread You may use this thread to sign up for DML Summer 2019, and to ask any questions about the league, to which I'd be happy to help clear any confusion there might be. Sign-up form: Name: Zakken Country: Brazil Position: D, Mid, O Captain: Yes/No Preferred contact: ZCA Discord Regular availability: Evenings Currently signed-up players: 100% Newb Acc Ace Armour Asriel Carpathia Cartel Dastan Deno DoomJoshuaBoy Dranzer Dsparil Edd Galactus Goblin Hugo Infer Jwarrier killer007 Langrenus Legion Lupo Mondo Nautilus Nest Razor RoSKing SkullRush Slaerd Tai TDRR thebestkiller TheFatWilly Water Wos (Sharp) Zakken