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  1. Zakken

    Skulltag Was Amazing

    The best part of the "Skulltag era", in my opinion, is how prevalent the Invasion gamemode was. Servers were always packed, the Delta and Armageddon mappacks were relatively new releases, everyone spent hours playing through all maps, and the maps themselves were (mostly) really enjoyable and iconic. It's really sad how pretty much all of the good Invasion mappers dipped and there haven't been notable releases in many years since. :(
  2. You've done this numerous times throughout this thread, so let me break this down to you: smugly pointing out the anger in those who have called you out on your nonsense does not count as a counter-argument, so why do you keep doing it? You played a stupid game, and you won a stupid prize. Telling us "okay, but you didn't have to be this mad at me, gosh darn it!" is a thinly-veiled attempt at shifting the blame towards us when the responsibility of this debacle falls solely on you, which you desperately keep trying to tip-toe your way around with a "more calm and collected than you" demeanour and following up your non-apologies with "but at least I did this and that!!" Yeah, the better lot of 0 people who would have questioned this run if you hadn't bothered calling this seemingly random speedrun a cheat. Thanks for making it obvious that you were looking out for nobody in particular and did something with very real chances of hurting an innocent speedrunner's reputation with reckless abandon because you're too self-important not to entertain the forums with your "gut feelings."
  3. I'd like to throw in my two cents and state that I have known Ancalagon since 2010 or so, when he went by a different alias (that I won't disclose) back in the Skulltag days, and he's been kind of THE survival god for the past 6 years or so. He is seen playing survival somewhere almost everyday. When FNF threw in a 10-lives Armageddon event, he was the only player to consistently beat all levels without getting knocked out of the game. When Jace Hall came in and organised a $10,000 Chillax challenge where you had to survive a 10k monsters map with Hard Doom, you won't believe who won! With that aside, what incentive would he even have to cheat? Not many people would even take notice of PWAD speedruns in general (if we're talking sheer numbers), so what bragging rights and notoriety would one get that would "justify" making a TAS of Alien Vendetta of all things and presenting it as not? The simple facts are that there is no motive, and Anc's history and legacy fully contextualises the skills displayed in the speedrun. Your accusation is childish and stupidly paranoid, and your half-assed apology coupled with played-out rationalisations such as "b-but I brought validity concerns to light (that are barely worth humouring in a community of this size, I should add), so my petty accusation wasn't a complete waste of everyone's time!" makes this even more annoying to read. You should've just admitted you fucked up big-time and left, but instead you embarrass yourself further by pretending you're some sort of speedrun surveillance martyr, like you didn't just call a well-known, respected veteran of the community a cheater on the basis of non-evidence that you were probably aware was bullcrap to begin with (otherwise you would've posted your findings in the first post instead of baiting everyone to rightfully force you into it). It is sad that Ancalagon had to bother defending against... whatever this is, in the first place. But I certainly expected someone who's been around here for almost two decades to have better self-awareness than this.
  4. Welcome to the first MDF European Progressive Duel tournament of this series, which will be an one-day event taking place this Saturday, on the 18th! More details on time, date and ruleset below. Source port: Zandronum 3.0 Server: [TSPG] Britsteel (United Kingdom) WADs: progduel2.pk3 zandrospree2rc2.pk3 ctfcap2d.pk3 Time and date: Saturday, August 18th @ 7:00 PM GMT Sign up by entering the MDF Discord server and posting your sign-up information in the #august-18th-signups channel under the Progduel Pickup Tournaments category! Friendly reminder that signing up alone does not guarantee your entry in the event, as you must be available by the start of the tournament to enter the bracket.
  5. Very late update, but in case you haven't checked the Discord announcement, the tournament's start time has been changed to 6:00 PM EDT. Do plan accordingly!
  6. Welcome to the first MDF North-American Progressive Duel tournament of this series, which will be an one-day event taking place this Saturday, on the 4th! More details below. Source port: Zandronum 3.0 Server: [TSPG] Painkiller (Quebec, Canada) WADs: progduel2.pk3 zandrospree2rc2.pk3 ctfcap2d.pk3 Time and date: Saturday, August 4th @ 6:00 PM EDT Sign up by entering the MDF Discord server and posting your sign-up information in the #august-4th-signups channel under the Progduel Pickup Tournaments category! Friendly reminder that signing up alone does not guarantee your entry in the event, as you must be available by the start of the tournament to enter the bracket.
  7. It is very unfortunate, and both sides of this debacle certainly could've handled it MUCH better, but it is what it is. The WDL staff vanished without a trace, so it's safe to assume that the website is gone for good, along with lots of invaluable information that's gone down the drain as well. The community sorely needs people who are better at preserving their shit...
  8. Zakken

    The "old doom friends who disappeared" thread

    DoomShadow/MoonStalkeR, PUN1SH3R, Vector, Aabra from old A3 Wario, Kongming, TheCitrusKiwi from EL Cyber, Cimmerian, Gosimer, NzY, Metalhead from PRO Roman6a and RO_Kitty from AV Fluffles, SwordGrunt, Spider, Joseph_Hicks from the overall Zandro community Shakal, Sabertooth, Collision from old R Mantis-X, Nosturi, Reckless, LordBritish, MassVC, Killforce, Roscoe, ThatsJustPrime, Gyrossman, mikehail, Goatface from IDL
  9. Friendly reminder that signups will end in the 6th, which is in just a few days from now! Veterans and newcomers alike are more than welcome to get involved, of course.
  10. The signups for the 9th season of the World Doom League are now open! To those unfamiliar with it, the WDL is a 3vs3 Capture the Flag league hosted on Odamex. It boasts a rich history of 3 years and a half of eight successful seasons that provided no shortage of quality games and attendance from not just many established top players, but also many other newer players who rose to prominence thanks to the league's productive and helpful environment. Last season had seen record-breaking numbers with a whooping 49 entrants, and marked the first time a championship was awarded to a non top 2 seeded team! Aside from having arguably the highest level of CTF competition currently, it doesn't carry its own weight without all of the work done by some of the best administration and companionship there is in Doom competition. For more details on the proceedings of the league, and where to find us, read this. To any of you interested in signing up, please post your signup information in this this thread. Hope to see you there! Also, if you have any questions regarding the WDL, feel free to post here so that I (or other WDL regulars) can answer them!
  11. Zakken

    Cacowards 2017 discussion (24 years)

    Wow, I knew it! That "the chaingun!!!!!" pickup message from lilith.pk3 wasn't a mere coincidence after all lmao I, for one, greatly look forward to your next projects. Keep in mind that those supporting your work vastly outweigh those who try to undermine it.
  12. Zakken

    Cacowards 2017 discussion (24 years)

    Well, you certainly could have tried to articulate your arguments in a way that isn't blatantly disrespectful to the projects, their respective authors AND the writers for this year's awards, but that's just too much bloody work for someone riding a high horse like you, ain't it? Also, did you even play lilith at all, or are you just being mighty unreasonable about its reasonable port requirements again instead of having anything of substance to criticise about it?
  13. Zakken

    Cacowards 2017 discussion (24 years)

    Congratulations to all of the winners! I'm pleased to always have my expectations blown out of the water to check out the year's award-winning wads every year, most of them for the first time (since I'm not very in the loop with every good release that comes out), and this year was no different. Many thanks to those who continue to challenge the limits of what can be done in this 24-years old game, and of course, those who embrace those limits and standards and keep on building great content to keep the more traditional side of the Doom spirit alive as well.
  14. Signups are ending in just a few days. We've got 40+ participating players, but more are always welcome! We could most likely make another 8-team season happen if just a few more active players would sign up. c:
  15. Zakken


    The latest version of WDL2014 is wdl2014d.wad: http://www.doomshack.org/wads/wdl2014d.wad The latest version of WDL2017 is wdl2017.wad: http://files.funcrusher.net/wads/wdl2017.7z