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  1. Zakken

    What demon annoys you the most?

    Revenants, no question. Their homing rockets are always tricky to dodge (even though they have the most basic tracking ever), and it is very painful when you try to bait them into punching you and they decide to blow your face off with another rocket instead...
  2. Zakken

    Does anyone unironically use I'm Too Young To Die

    I used to play not just Doom, but every videogame I would come across on the easiest skill level all the time, maybe because I was lazy and just wanted to beat all games with as little effort involved as possible. It wasn't until around 2013 where I stopped being a goober and started actually picking skill levels in games that were appropriate for me. Since then, I've always played Doom on UV, sometimes harder if I'm playing a mod that adds extra skill levels. I do this even for wads that are way too hard for me to beat, because I love torturing myself.
  3. Zakken

    Anyone got any tips for getting better at Doom?

    You may also want to surf the Doom Wiki and read the technical details of weapons and monsters, so that you learn more about how they work and get better at predicting their behaviour. The wiki also contains lots of useful information on Doom maps as well as many popular custom mappacks, if there's any specific map you're stuck on. :)
  4. Zakken

    The thread that belongs to oblivion

    Not really, although I've always had to live with the lingering concern that I could always do more for the community I'm a part of, and I often have to consciously strike a balance between overworking myself and lazing around, to make sure that I maintain a constant stream of productivity without having to say hello to the usual burnout symptoms. Above all else, I think being able to meet and connect with other people with a shared interest is the most worthwhile aspect of any community, so as long as you're enjoying yourself and finding friends around here, you're already validating your entire involvement with those around you here. I believe content creation should come from a place of artistic passion and amibition, and while that's definitely one such means to accomplish this social goal, you should never approach it with the idea that you won't be appreciated or recognised unless you create something. No such thing as meritoracy!
  5. I get tired of the traditional Doom aesthetic very quickly. This is an oversimplification of what constitutes "Doom aesthetic", but whenever I see a WAD that's predominantly brown, green and grey in most places, for example, I'm usually immediately turned away from it. Understandably, a great majority of the community are big fans of every aspect of Doom's level design, and from the mappers' perspective, it's easier to work on themes they have a lot of reference material to study from and popular custom textures that fit those themes than tackling aesthetics that haven't been tried a lot or that are difficult to pull off in the engine itself, but with all due respect, it's difficult not to see most well-known WADs as derivative works of each other as a result of typical Doom techbase/hell designs being explored so many times over. Conversely, I'm admittedly much more easily impressed by WADs that don't quite look like Doom, be them standard vanilla-compatible maps or full-blown GZDoom mods. For example, most of Hellcore 2.0 still blows my mind to this day with its urban settings, Epic 2's Egyptian architecture is incredible, and even Back to Saturn X E1's techbase style has a distinct pallette and artistic approach that I have a very soft spot for. Doom: The Golden Souls is one of my favourite GZDoom mods and its level design could not be more far removed from what Doom usually looks like, opting for Mario-esque bright and colourful styles and painstakingly ensuring that each level can easily be told apart from the others. With all that said, I am very happy to see a growing trend of well-crafted WADs making the rounds that look strikingly different or just plain strange over the past few years! Please keep embracing weirdness and unexplored design trends, dear mappers!!
  6. Zakken

    The 2020 Cacowards

    Congratulations to all of the winners and runner-ups! Very impressed by this year's picks. On the multiplayer side of things, I'd like to make a personal shout-out to Jumpmaze X as arguably one of the overall highest-quality releases of this year. Jumpmaze is a platforming-centred mapset for Doom originally released 11 years ago, and often served as one of the most played WADs online during that era (alongside Ghouls vs Humans and All Out War 2). To this day, it still sees activity with a fairly strong speedrunning community supporting it, and many Jumpmaze fan projects were made by other mappers since then (such as Jumpix and Advanced Jumpmaze), but for JM's original creator to come back and organise a brand-new mapset that, in my opinion, succeeded in becoming the most polished and fully-realised compilation seen thus far, as well as breathing new life into the scene cannot be understated -- it's a big milestone for a long-running mod that's fondly remembered even by those who don't actively play it anymore. Very excited for what 2021 will bring!
  7. Zakken

    Your opinion on Twitter?

    As is the case with any social media, if you're good enough at curating the kind of content you want to see, it can be usually a pleasant experience. If you're asking about what kind of people are prevalent in that platform though, yeah... they're scary, to say the least. lmao
  8. Sign-ups are onto its last few days! We've got a little over 50 sign-ups, but more are always welcome.
  9. The Doom Masters League is onto its fourth season! Sign-ups are open now, to Zandronum's greatest CTF league. For the first time in DML history, we are now featuring a money prize pool, with an open donation box for anybody who wishes to contribute to it (more details in Highlights below)! The B Division is also making a return as the proving grounds for up-and-coming players. Refer to this thread for signing up. Alternatively, you can also sign up in the respective #sign-ups channel of the ZCA Discord! Both options are equally valid. The full ruleset can be found below. Highlights - Draft-based league: captains are selected to draft players auction-style! Each team is comprised of 4 players total, no more, no less; - Curated maplist: the maplist to be used in DML was voted on by several key members of the community to get the most enjoyment out of players; - Money prize pool: Cash winnings will be handed out to the top-placing teams! The prize pool currently stands at 400 USD, and additional contributions can be generously made by anyone, anonymously here: https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8qoah8TtHD - Regular season: everyone competes in a single swiss-system group for points. The top-ranked teams by the end of the 5-week season make the decisive playoffs; - Multiple maps per week: each round is played on a different map; 2 maps in the regular season and 4 maps in the playoffs, with each team getting 2 homefields; - All skill levels welcome: Top players and established veterans alike take part in the main league, while rookies and new players make themselves known in the B Division league, potentially moving up to the A Division in the process! Time table: Sign-ups start: Monday, June 29th Sign-ups end: Wednesday, July 29th @ 11:59 PM EDT Draft: To be determined between July 30th and August 2nd Regular season: August 3rd to September 6th (if 10+ teams) Playoffs: September 7th to September 27th Sign-up template: Name: Water Country: Canada Position: D, Mid, O Preferred contact: ZCA Discord Regular availability: Evenings Signed-up players:
  10. Weekly multiplayer events are alive and at large, but one small issue I came across is that they tend to drown out all of the topics regarding other types of events, making it less trivial to find new bigger announcements/events when there are so many topics dedicated to weekly events floating around. I would suggest either of the following: Create a sub-category dedicated exclusively to one-day and weekly events. ZDS, TNS, USQC and similar events would go here, and everything else would stay on the main category, filtering topics in this forum in a more organised way. Encourage managers of ZDS, TNS, USQC and others to create singular megathreads for their respective events (as seen here, for example). This would mean ZDS has only one topic, TNS has only one topic and so on, and new announcements would be made as replies to these topics. This would keep these topics active and better centralise attention in the form of views and posts without drowning out other topics, and users would be able to use the Follow function on specific events they're interested in over the current all-or-nothing approach. Thanks for your time!
  11. Zakken

    Quarantine edition of screenshot games for Doom

    In order: E1M7 E1M2 E1M3 E1M7 again
  12. Zakken

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    One year of radio silence is enough for you to lose hope? [laughs in Deus Vult II]
  13. Apologies for the very late post on this. The third season of Doom Masters League, the winter 2020 season, has opened its sign-ups a couple of weeks ago! The past couple of seasons were very successful, with players of many skill levels and regions getting their chances to shine. As 2020 starts anew, so must the DML! Highlights - Draft-based league: captains are selected to draft players auction-style! Each team is comprised of 4 players total, no more, no less. - Cream-of-the-crop captains: the captain pool is always comprised of the strongest, most prominent players of the community with a well-established history, to ensure that all teams are as thirsty for victory as can be. - High diversity of players: given the DML's dynamic size that shapes itself around the total amount of sign-ups, a huge percentage of players is guaranteed to be drafted into teams! Top players, mid-level players and rookies are all welcome in the league, and many have already made their mark in the previous season! - Curated maplist: the maplist to be used in DML was voted on by several key members of the community to get the most enjoyment out of players; - Regular season: everyone competes in a single swiss-system group for points (was previously a round-robing group). The top-ranked teams by the end of the 4-week season (previously 5 weeks) make the decisive playoffs; - Multiple maps per week: each round is played on a different map; 2 maps in the regular season (previously 3) and 4 maps in the playoffs, with each team getting 2 homefields; - The extinction of ties: ties are no longer a possible outcome! Please read the DML ruleset for more details. Time table Sign-ups start: Sunday, December 15th, 2019 Sign-ups end: Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 @ 11:59:59 PM EST Draft: To be determined between January 6th and January 12th Regular season: January 13th to February 9th Playoffs: February 10th to March 1st Further information Zandronum Competition Alliance Discord (home of DML and other exciting tournaments!) Zandronum forums thread You may use this thread to sign up for DML Winter 2020, and to ask any questions about the league, to which I'd be happy to help clear any confusion there might be. Sign-up form: Name: Zakken Country: Brazil Position: D, Mid, O Preferred contact: ZCA Discord Regular availability: Evenings Currently signed-up players: 100% Newb AgiSkell Aliens Asriel Carpathia Cartel Caution Cryomancer Dastan Deno DevastatioN Dragon dranzer Dsparil EpicTyphlosion frostyflakes Goblin Hugo HumanBones Ichi Jwarrier Langrenus Legion Lil'Ruff lorecast162 Lupo Merk Moonum Razor Samurai SkullRush Slaerd Souler StarCraft Tai Tallset TDF TheCitrusKiwi TigerFist Water Zakken
  14. Zakken

    The 2019 Cacowards

    Congratulations to all the winners! Particularly happy (but by no means surprised) about Eviternity and Lost Civilization winning awards! Also, thank you for the mention in the competitive news section! Although I'd be remiss not to point out that my tournaments and leagues have been organised under the helm of the Zandronum Competition Alliance (ZCA) brand since the start of the year, and while I'm responsible for most of the managing work, I am assisted by a talented and dependable team of staff members and moderators to keep the ZCA community afloat, and they deserve recognition as well. ZCA events aren't fully independent projects! 2019 was a packed year for Doom competition without a doubt. 2020's looking very promising.
  15. Absolutely gorgeous, love this. Could you (or anybody else who has it) upload the WAD somewhere else that isn't Mediafire? That website keeps getting worse with every update, and it literally won't let me download it now.