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  1. My first status update, yay. Might as well introduce myself!


    Hello, I'm Zakken. I've been in the community since 2009, and had a focus on its CTF competition since 2011. I participated in many clans, but I've settled with the Incredible clan for a good while now. I've got a pretty decent record in scrims and tournaments, namely the last International Doom League season which featured a prize pool. I played a lot in pretty much every current multiplayer port.


    Nowadays, even though I play the usual competitive stuff occasionally, I spend most of the time playing GZDoom, either trying new mods or doing some runs on Doom RL Arsenal with DoomRPG. In fact, just last night I completed Doom: The Golden Souls, which is a GZDoom mod that follows a Super Mario-like gameplay design, and it was honestly excellent! Can't wait to play the sequel when it comes out.


    Anywho, what's up?

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    2. R1ck


      Uhm.. Hi. 

    3. Doomkid


      COME FFA MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Zakken


      Honestly wasn't expecting this many replies!! I appreciate all of the greetings! I hope to establish myself and enjoy my stay here.


      @Doomkid FFA is probably my least favourite gamemode, compared to TDM and CTF, but I might consider it. I'm on the usual IRC channels if you wanna hit me up!