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  1. I honestly still find it difficult to fathom that DemonSphere is no longer with us. He was a legendary player and a good-hearted person and friend. Truly gone far, far too soon.


    May you find peace wherever you are now, my friend...

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    2. Zakken


      He was a beast at this game, no joke. I think he might've been a contender for the #1 duel player these days. He also came close to winning the WDL twice in a row over the past couple of seasons, and I was particularly excited about the idea of maybe playing for his team if he picked me. My heart's genuinely shattered to know that is never going to happen though...


      Fucking hell, why did this have to happen?

    3. Alfonzo


      DS was an inspiration for me when I first started taking an interest in duels a few years ago. He was such a class act, always willing to take the time to play with us less-skilled players and chill over voice chat (never mind that he wiped the floor with us!). A very kind and patient man.


      Doomworld may not be so familiar with what he meant to the competitive scene and the people in it, but it is not a tragedy that's unfamiliar to us. Doom has a very storied history, now, and the passing of people who mean so much to so many is, regrettably, something we may have to come to terms with as we move forward. May we find solidarity in such times.


      Thank you, DemonSphere. GGs.

    4. tokyopunchout


      I had just met him IRL this past QuakeCon, but played with him in countless MP games for the past year... Broke my heart today when I heard the news...


      My heart goes out to his friends & family. He will be missed.