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  1. unknownna

    AutoDoom monthly releases

    Outstanding work, printz! Haha, I always wanted to play with bots like these way back, they are really cool and fun to play with. Sure beats the DECORATE bots I made way back. I gave it a quick test and noticed some things with it where the bots would get stuck on certain areas. Here are the issues I noticed so far: * In AV MAP02, bots get confused when trying to grab the red key. Bots need to learn to "jump up" to a higher floor. Soon after this, it crashed. * In Doom E1M9, in the secret area at the exit with many platforms with items on them, it would be nice if bots could pick them up. Maybe the bots need to become aware of player physics in terms of movement momentum and "jump" distance between differing heights. This would understandably probably be very difficult to get to work though. I had made example wads of the above issues, but then I looked around and found this https://autodoom.net/2017/03/21/teaching-the-bot-to-jump/ , so I assume the bots still simply haven't been programmed to jump at all yet. * If another player or bot is in the way, the bot will not try to move around it and thus effectively get stuck, especially if 2 bots bump into one another. * In Doom E1M8, the bot acted weird when attacking the barons, it would not try to move around walls to find the barons if they were out of sight. It seemed to hump a wall behind the stairs trying to reach the baron, though I didn't seem to reproduce it again. * In AV MAP03, the bots tended to get confused at switches that lowered unimportant unreachable floors, sometimes going back to activate them over and over again. They would also rapidly press the switches very fast. Eventually the bots moved on. * It can sometimes get very laggy at times. Presumably the AI is working hard? AV MAP04 at yellow key area. The bots seem to jump down to a pit and use a lift there repeatedly for no reason. It then crashed after a while of doing this. I made an example wad (autod_av04.7z MAP01 in example) of the area where the bots glitched to reproduce it. Sometimes the bots manage to move successfully in the example. * In Doom E3M4 (House of Pain), at the end before exiting it repeatedly returns to an area near map start to walk over linedefs to trigger crushers, that in turn stop when moving over another another linedef. And whenever it triggers the linedef to lower the crushers, it lags. * The bots might need to be a bit more careful with the rocket launcher, they don't seem to be aware of splash damage. Maybe they could switch to other weapons if too close to enemies or walls. * It seemed to repeatedly use a lift inside a pit in E4M1. Thankfully it moved on after a while. And here are some minor suggestions and ideas for the future if possible: * It would be nice if friendly fire could be turned off. * It would be cool if you could take over a bot's movement when coop spying it to help it. * Maybe when bots get stuck and they see a player nearby, they could try to follow it. If the player is out of sight again and a few seconds pass, they could maybe start to roam around looking for new paths/items/enemies/secrets or something. * A command to tell individual or all bots to find you from afar, follow you and stay close to you. * A command to tell individual or all bots to camp at a sector. Anyway, best of luck to you. This is very impressive, looking forward to seeing new developments in the future.
  2. PSXDOOM_UPDATE_15.PK3 (also includes the fixes from PSXDOOM_UPDATE_14.PK3) Included Byblo's PSXBulletPuff fix. Furthermore, the PSXBulletPuff_SargAttack doesn't use bright frames anymore. An ammo value is now displayed on the HUD when using the fist or chainsaw.
  3. unknownna

    Zandronum 1.0 Released

    After nearly 2 years of development, Zandronum 1.0 has finally been released. For those of you who don't know, Zandronum is the continuation of Skulltag. Here's what Torr Samaho, the creator of Zandronum, had to say on the Zandronum forums: This is a major milestone for various reasons. First and foremost, it is the first public version of Zandronum and thus ends the awkward situation where most of the servers are still running Skulltag 98d even though Skulltag has been officially declared dead by its creator and the community migrated to Zandronum. The development of this release started almost two years ago under the name 98e. What was originally intended to be a small bug fix release grew into much, much bigger proportions. The two most striking differences changing our development model are the opening of the source and the creation of a Skulltag fork named Zandronum. The long development time allowed us to make truckloads of changes to the engine. There are too many new things and fixes to highlight all of them, so let me just list some very remarkable ones:3D floors in competitive modes and non-sloped 3D floors in the software rendererconsiderably improved client side prediction (try some bridge things)numerous new ACS commands (ResetMap anyone?) and the GAMEMODE lump that allows the reconfiguration of hard coded gamemodes (e.g. Coop with teams, LMS with spawned map things)an almost unlimited number of big and small fixes for things that have been plaguing Skulltag for ages (for instance the weapon synchronization is completely redesigned, putting an end to many of the problems inherent to the old system)64 player supportreduced monster bandwidth usageauto return system for the Terminator sphere and the Hellstone, making Terminator and Possession finally playable on all maps"unblock players" flag to allow hordes of players play cramped maps with few player startsmuch improved Hexen supportflexible forward skipping in client demosmuch better poly object handling onlineexternalization of Skulltag's resources (existing Skulltag mods are still fully supported, but need to be loaded with compatibility wads to supply the Skulltag assets) So head over to http://zandronum.com/downloads/ and check it out!
  4. unknownna

    Zandronum 1.0 Released

    After nearly 2 years of development, Zandronum 1.0 has finally been released. For those of you who don't know, Zandronum is the continuation of Skulltag. Here's what Torr Samaho, the creator of Zandronum, had to say on the Zandronum forums: So head over to http://zandronum.com/downloads/ and check it out!
  5. PSXDOOM_UPDATE_14.PK3 (also includes the fixes from PSXDOOM_UPDATE_13.PK3) Fixed: The PSXBulletPuff wasn't translucent. It now uses additive translucency with an alpha value of 0.5. Fixed: The PSXSpectre didn't use additive translucency. It now uses additive translucency with an alpha value of 0.25. Fixed: The PSXSpiderMastermind used a wrong frame in its missile state. Fixed: The PSXSpiderMastermind played duplicate attack sounds. The PSXNightmareSpectre now inherits its properties from PSXDemon. Improved the CHGGB0/CHGFB0 sprite offsets. Edited the MISGA0 sprite and offset due to precision errors in the OpenGL renderer. Removed the limit of gib sounds (SNDINFO). The barrel and crush sounds are still limited since we don't have an output gain control like Doom64Ex has. Alright, I'm going to trust you on this one. Speaking of which, I think the invisibility (BlurSphere) effect is supposed to use additive translucency as well, but it seems that GZDoom 1.6.0 doesn't support additive translucency for Powerup.Mode. You can see in this YouTube video at 0:04 that the weapons used bright frames, so I'd say that we should keep them. You can see in this YouTube video at 0:21 that the teleport fog was translucent. BTW: Did monsters forget about the player after infighting if the player woke them up before infighting?
  6. PSXDOOM_UPDATE_13.PK3 (also includes the fixes from PSXDOOM_UPDATE_12.PK3) Fixed: The PSXTeleportFog wasn't translucent. It now uses additive translucency with an alpha value of 0.99. Fixed: One of the PSXChaingun flash frames didn't use A_Light2. Fixed: The translucent windows in MAP09 were too translucent.I wonder whether or not the PSXBulletPuff actor is supposed to use additive translucency.
  7. PSXDOOM_UPDATE_12.PK3 (also includes the fixes from PSXDOOM_UPDATE_11.PK3) Fixed: I accidentally set a wrong damage formula for the PSXShotgunGuy actor when I created the PSX sound behavior. Fixed: The PSXArachnotron could play its see sound twice if it entered its pain state after defeating a monster. Fixed: The crusher sounds in MAP76 were too slow. Emulated the PSX/Doom64 sound behavior by allowing multiple sounds to be played for monsters/players/weapons. Removed all the limits of most sounds (SNDINFO). Lowered the volume of the following sounds: PSXPistol, PSXChaingun, PSXPlasmaBall, PSXZombieMan, PSXChaingunGuy, all monster pain sounds PSXHellKnight and PSXBaronOfHell now use the damage formula of the Jaguar version since a trace of the formula could be seen in Doom64 (minimum damage: 11). I set the speed values through ACS in PSXDOOM_UPDATE_12.PK3. I had to re-tag one of the sectors in order to use 2 separate speed values. I agree that we shouldn't edit the map geometry. OK, good. No problem. Take care. Since Lafoxxx and you both wish to use the new sound behavior, we should use it in the main TC.
  8. I checked out Elbryan42's YouTube video and can tell you that the PSX TC is too slow to begin with, so we shouldn't lower the crusher speed, but raise it instead. You can hear the first crusher speed at 4:08. The second one kicks in at 4:31. In PSXDOOM_SNDTEST4.PK3, I raised the crusher speed by 6 and raised one of the ceilings by 4. If this isn't right, I'll let somebody else take care of this issue. And you still didn't answer my question: Do you think that we should include the new sound behavior in the main TC? It's important to know.
  9. Do you think that we should include the new sound behavior in the main TC? I think you're right. Do they appear too frequently when you attack monsters with the chaingun in the TC compared to the PSX version? If not, I think we should just let it be. Alright, try PSXDOOM_SNDTEST3.PK3. Here, the crusher speed is lowered by 1 instead of 2.
  10. Test it with GZDoom 1.6.0. Please test PSXDOOM_SNDTEST2.PK3 with GZDoom 1.6.0. I lowered the crusher speed by 2. Let me know if it's still too fast, or if it became too slow.
  11. PSXDOOM_SNDTEST.PK3 I tried to emulate the PSX/Doom64 sound behavior. It seems that actors are allowed to play multiple sounds, so I used A_PlaySound with CHAN_AUTO to play most of the monster/weapon sounds. I also removed the limits of all the monster/weapon/projectile sounds. I had to lower the volume of some sounds since they became too loud. Can somebody (Lafoxxx, Mattfrie1, Francis247uk, BaronOfStuff, ScottGray) test this PK3 and let me know whether or not it's working properly? It certainly feels a lot different now. I didn't look into this, but I don't think we need any dmflags values. The maps already have some compatflags and stuff enabled in them through ZMAPINFO. I'd say that we should just set a basic un-filtered setting, i.e., gl_texture_filter 0, and then let the users control the rest. As you can see in nirv's bug video, the PSX renderer had a special lantern-like lighting that made everything look brighter. We have to set gl_light_ambient to 0 in order to make the ACS lighting effects work properly. However, if people sincerely wish to play with a high gl_light_ambient value, we should keep it. It's your call. BTW: Remember to include Lafoxxx's movebob value (0.125) when you decide to update the TC.
  12. PSXDOOM_UPDATE_11.PK3 (also includes the fixes from PSXDOOM_UPDATE_10.PK3) Included lafoxxx's statusbar patch. Emulated the PSX/Doom64 infighting behavior. Monsters should play their see sounds after defeating other monsters. It's not perfect, but it works sufficiently well (based on the Doom64Ex behavior). GZDoom 1.6.0 doesn't display TNT1 A 0 frames properly in the cast sequences, so I used the corresponding monster frames instead. As long as people are able to identify which version they're using, I'm fine with whatever you decide to call it. Remember to include the version number in Readme.txt. Will you rename PSXDOOM.PK3 to PSXDOOM20b10.PK3, or something like that, as well? Why is gl_light_ambient set to 150 and vid_brightness to -0.01 for those who use PSXDOOM.CFG? I never use these values myself, but I must say that it looks very washed out and you lose most of the lighting effects. For instance, the lighting in MAP05 will not fade properly. GL_TEXTURE_FILTER "1" GL_TEXTURE_FILTER_ANISOTROPIC "16" CL_ROCKETTRAILS "0" DMFLAGS "5570560" DMFLAGS "131072"Double DMFLAGS values. Perhaps one of them is supposed to be DMFLAGS2. Now that the PSXRocket actor has the ROCKETTRAIL flag removed, we don't need the "cl_rockettrails 0" setting in the CFG. We should include the following in the CFG: PULLIN "PSXSSG.PK3" r_drawfuzz "0" r_drawtrans "1"
  13. unknownna

    PSXdoom remake map45 bug, what goes?

    It should be fixed in the latest version.
  14. PSXDOOM_UPDATE_10.PK3 (also includes the fixes from PSXDOOM_UPDATE_09.PK3) Fixed: The PSXPistol flash state timing was too slow. Fixed: The PSXShotgun flash state timing was too slow. Improved the PSXSuperShotgun flash state timing. Improved the PSXPistol HUD sprite offsets. Do you know if any of the PSX maps use the GRNROCK texture? It seems that the PSX texture is named ROK03. BTW: ScottGray, for how long has the TC been named beta 1? Did you update the version number at all?
  15. It seems that fenderc01 manually created the slow fade effects through ACS, so we'd have to manually edit every map. I'm not personally going to do that in the foreseeable future. Try to set vid_aspect to 3. Thanks. Here's another one: PSXDOOM_UPDATE_09.PK3 Fixed: The PSXDoomImp in PSXCAST used a wrong sound. It should be "imp/melee". Fixed: The PSXChaingunGuy see state timing was too fast. Fixed: The PSXHellKnight/PSXBaronOfHell missile/melee state timing was too fast. Fixed: The PSXPainElemental see state timing was too fast. Fixed: The PSXPainElemental missile state timing was too fast. Fixed: The PSXRevenant see state timing was too fast (this one is very slow in the PSX version). Fixed: The PSXFatso death state timing was too slow (it seems to be faster than the PC version). Fixed: The death state timings of the following projectile-actors were too fast: PSXDoomImpBall, PSXCacodemonBall, PSXBaronBall, PSXRevenantTracer, PSXFatShot, PSXRocket Fixed: The PSXPlasmaBall spawn state timing was too fast (this one seems to be very slow as well in the PSX version). Fixed: There were no spectres or nightmare spectres in MAP18 (Pandemonium). Locations based on Elbryan42's YouTube video. Fixed: There were no spectres or nightmare spectres in MAP19 (House of Pain). Locations based on Elbryan42's YouTube video. Fixed: The PSXNightmareSpectre didn't have a proper obituary message. Furthermore, the string (LANGUAGE) is now named "OB_NMSPECTREHIT". Fixed: The Gibs actor wasn't scaled down. Improved the PSXPlasmaRifle flash state timing. Improved the PSXDoomImp missile/melee state timing. Improved the PSXCyberdemon missile state timing. Improved the PSXExplosiveBarrel state timing again. Fixed a typo in the PSXRevenant spawn state name. PSXDoomPlayer no longer replaces DoomPlayer since it's not needed. PSXFist no longer replaces Fist since it's not needed. Crush sounds are now separate from gib sounds (SNDINFO). Furthermore, they are now limited to 2. Included ZDoom's fullscreen HUD (SBARINFO), but with BIGFONT instead of HUDFONT_DOOM. Furthermore, the keys now use the PSX icons. Renamed every GL* actor to PSX*. The LOCKDEFS lump and the inventory reset maps (RESETEP*.WAD) have been updated with the new names.BTW: ScottGray, remember to update Readme.txt. The credits section has to be updated with Mattfrie1's list. There are some typos in there as well. Those who wish to use the Final Doom SSG shouldn't use psxshotgun.wad anymore. Use this one instead: PSXSSG.PK3