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  1. Da Werecat. TWO ISSUES. STILL THERE. Implies he reported these two issues before.
  2. You didn't report that E1M5 issue before. How could you even say you reported it before when you haven't? Get your chickens straight.
  3. I found the original outline .txt file I had to explain this set. Apparently I set out to create a small set of levels that most people could relate to when mapping. Starting out with the amusingly terrible first map and ending with one that looked standardized and like a real first release with a lot of experience behind it.
  4. Yep, very bold. Useless scraps that became nothing. Forgot to mention that Pluntonia is the wad of choice, not standard doom 2.
  5. Here is a 3 level set of terrible wads that I made when I tried to get arid of mapper's block about... 3-4ish years ago. They're terrible, and are of no representation of what I'm doing now. You've all been warned. EvoOM1.7z
  6. For E1M5... The bullets passing through the wall didn't happen in my testing of the map. Damaging sectors can be fixed, the secret losing it's walls will retain it being a secret, Dark room will remain a secret. I wouldn't really call any of the E1M5 "bugs" bugs aside from the damaging sectors.
  7. Hello, I am looking for Doombuilder 2 config files that allow for Heretic in ZDoom/UDMF format. I know they exist, there was a post by Gez that shared the config files, but the mirror for the download is down. Anyone have it to spare so I can get my hands on it?
  8. I have an idea hashed up already for Hump 2.. or something. Hexen might be difficult for the reason above but if two people were focused on just hubs I'd think it would be okay.
  9. Config files were fine, everything looked fine in the display settings. Plus I was feeling a bit masochistic earlier so I didn't bother to actually fix it. I did get the issue fixed. Redownloaded the source port fixed it, but didn't delete the config file. I'll just figure it was part of the victim list for BSOD and drive corruption. I'll just go through it again for fun with the textures..
  10. Yay, it's done! I had a lot of fun with this project, and I look forward for more! This upcoming march the forum name will match the Discord name.
  11. Computer went through BSOD hell for a bit, had to recover my Doom drive... and my main pwads got corrupted... I -really- hope this doesn't qualify as a illegal comp, but hey... extra credit for doing this mostly blind without any textures being drawn? Endpoint: Map 2, died in a corner by a Hell Knight. Endgame: Map 3... I have no idea what the hell happened..
  12. Ah, the glorious memories... this'll be a blast to go through. IIRC, there's no map-stuck areas.
  13. This gives me an idea...
  14. Barrels... Map 4
  15. Just a small Heretic map. Sort of accidently saved the DB2 screenshot as a bmp in the process.