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  1. I got in fine by using the door.
  2. Oh man, I love this set. Finally an ironman map where I'm 90% familiar with it, going to set aside some time and record everything. Will do the usual youtube recording, and have everything be one shot. Dreading E2M7, I know that might be an actual stopping point for me. Not sure which Category I'm in.. 3..4..? Going for speed rather than 100%, so might skip over the secret exits.
  3. Decided to enlist my acs stomping ground map into this. Granted it's chock full of newbie scripts and some more advanced scripts. I'll have it done well before the deadline, and there's a few horrific parts. Highlight at the moment is that chaingunners spawn archviles on death and vise versa.
  4. No idea where I should post this, but considering it's related to Doom '16 here seems the better choice. If by the convoluted lore of the Doomslayer and if taken literally the dimension hopping and all fan-made levels are canon... Does that also mean that Impse is also canon?
  5. Strife? Sure, sign me up to test this out. I love me some Strife.
  6. If I could sprite it, I would do it.
  7. Just re-learning ACS..
  8. Played through SNOTR, I want more of that.


    Was fun!

    1. YukiRaven


      Glad you liked it!  The map I'm working on now is basically me playing with those themes more experimentally, so you can expect more SoTNR-ish stuff soon ^_^

  9. I got a bit out of hand, and it's no longer Boom format, and there's scripting involved now.
  10. Just stumbled across this, I am going to throw my hat into the ring and work on a rework of an old map of mine and give it some touch ups. Which looks like the attached image currently. As it's my own map I'll expand on it and make it flow better than it does at the moment.
  11. Da Werecat. TWO ISSUES. STILL THERE. Implies he reported these two issues before.
  12. You didn't report that E1M5 issue before. How could you even say you reported it before when you haven't? Get your chickens straight.
  13. I found the original outline .txt file I had to explain this set. Apparently I set out to create a small set of levels that most people could relate to when mapping. Starting out with the amusingly terrible first map and ending with one that looked standardized and like a real first release with a lot of experience behind it.
  14. Yep, very bold. Useless scraps that became nothing. Forgot to mention that Pluntonia is the wad of choice, not standard doom 2.