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  1. berd

    Hope life has been treating you well, buddy! -Joey

  2. Jjp

    Doomworld Mega Project 2021 (18 maps)

    Name: R.N.G. IWAD: Doom 2 Music: varies due to scripting, but all from Doom 2 (no new music added) Compatibility: GZDoom Tested with: GZDoom 4.7.1 Difficulty settings: yes Co-op: untested but probably works Build time: a few dozen hours spread out over a month I couldn't think of any ideas that I really liked during the year, so here's a really, really stupid idea instead. If the title doesn't give enough of a hint about how the map works, the level "design", if one can even call it that, certainly will. The map is a long grind, so if you skip over it after a few minutes, I won't mind at all.
  3. Jjp

    Doomworld Mega Project 2020 (Y2K edition)

    Name: Malevolent Exhibition (Screenshot) Here's a heavily scripted map that is rather long and will take at least half an hour to complete. To be honest, this map might have been more fun to make than it is to actually play, but oh well. Anyway, jumping is obviously required, but freelook and crouching are not required at all, although those actions are not disabled. Difficulty settings are implemented. UV is probably unfair without foreknowledge, though, so HMP might be the best choice for a first playthrough. There's a lot of resources included in this wad. All non-stock textures come from cc4-tex, and all DECORATE actors come from Realm667, although many of them are modified in some way. A lot of music was taken from the Doom iwad. See the CREDITS text lump inside the wad for more details. Download: dmp2020_jjp.zip
  4. Name: Doomed District Compatibility: Boom Music: "Caught in the Shadows" by Jimmy Build time: 2 months Difficulty settings: Yes Tested with: PrBoom+ Download: dmp2018_jjp.zip Comments: A rather large city map that uses all six keys. HMP or HNTR is strongly recommended for a first playthrough. The demo itself is over three and a half hours long, and it shows most of the map on UV, although it isn't a UV-Max since I decided to exit rather than risk dying to the last encounter. It is also abysmal. Feel free to fast forward through it. I even forgot where one of the secrets is located, and I was trying to remember where it was towards the end but gave up. I also didn't start recording it until today, when I finished squeezing everything I wanted to include in the map. It's actually my first time beating the map on UV too. Why did I leave it until the last minute... There are a few minor bugs, including a stuck thing or two and some block sound lines that I should remove, but oh well.
  5. Jjp

    Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

    Author: Jjp Map name: Six Tricks Compatibility: Boom Playtesting: PrBoom-Plus -complevel 9, GZDoom 3.2.3 with Boom compatflags Allow jumping and/or crouching: No Skill settings: Yes Build time: About 10 days Tools used: SLADE Resources used: none Music track: D_SHAWN from Doom II Bugs: The map depends on shootable switches for progression, so if the player runs out of bullets and shells in certain parts of the map, they will be stuck. Comments: A Boom-compatible map with six gimmicky set pieces that can be done in any order. Download: dmp2017_jjp.zip (run with cc4falls.wad)
  6. Jjp

    Doomworld Mega Project 2016 (v2 is on /idgames)

    Here's my submission to the project, which is a small map with a silly idea in it: The Swarm It's for Boom-compatible ports (tested in PrBoom+ cl9), and difficulty settings are implemented. Music is from TNT: Evilution's map16.
  7. Jjp

    Doomworld Mega Project 2015 - Now on /idgames

    I decided to make a map for this because why not, and here's the result after several days: Spite (Screenshot) It's for limit-removing ports. I tested it in PrBoom+ with -complevel 2 as well as ZDoom, but let me know if there are still bugs. Difficulty settings are implemented. I drew inspiration from Doom II's map24 (The Chasm), so those that hate that map might hate this one even more. I tried to make sure that there are no inescapable pits, though.
  8. I just reached the credits on UV, and I enjoyed this for the most part. Haven't gotten 100% completion yet, which is something I want to aim for :) (Edit: found a bug that might make that impossible right now; see below.) There's some bugs: * The blue skulltokens on Level 6 ("Abandonment") don't seem to give any extra time. * On Level 16 ("Maltreatment"), there's a HOM on the side of the slope near (2549, -1290, -76). * The scripting doesn't seem to acknowledge that the player completed or got 100% tokens on the final boss map; there's still a red X next to its portal afterwards. This makes getting 100% completion impossible without cheating. And some things that can be improved, in my opinion: * Most of the maps with bottomless pits teleport the player, but in Level 3 ("Clifftop Base") and Level 20 ("Strength"), the player is killed upon falling off the map instead. It might be best to be consistent and teleport the player in those maps since losing time is enough punishment already. * Regarding a bonus level: