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  1. Madgunner

    Aaron "DemonSphere" Emge has passed

    God, I head the news a couple of days ago and I was so unbelievably sad. I've known Demonsphere for almost a decade now and he was truly one of my best friends within the doom community. I hadn't seen him in the private IRC channel where he and another one of my friends idle and I wondered where he went, I only learned a few days later that the had died. Doom truly isn't going to be the same without him. I've lost a great friend and the doom community has lost a legend. I haven't really been active within the community the past couple of years and only recently got back into it a few months ago, but I am so glad that I was able to play a few games with him before he passed. I'll never forget the last CTF game i played against him and his team, it was so fun and my team gave them a run for their money :), my only regret is that I didn't get a demo of it. If only I knew it would be the last CTF game I would ever play with him. I would like to open a memorial youtube channel with demos from his POV so his legacy can live on. I have some old CTF demos of him from a couple years prior that I'll definitely upload and I'll have to check to see if I have any of his old ZDL and ZDDL duel demos. If anyone has any demos that they'd like me to add to the channel, feel free to send them to me. R.I.P. Aaron, I'm going to truly miss you so much man. @Ralphis If it's not too much trouble could you please leave the memorial fund up for a few more days? I already donated some money, but I'd like to donate some more money as soon as I get paid next week. Thanks!
  2. Madgunner

    ZDaemon turns 109 today

    Dew, it's really not worth arguing this much with some of these people. You'd have more luck arguing your case with a brick wall. No point in even trying.
  3. Madgunner

    ZDaemon turns 109 today

    Oh the irony that the creator of GZDoom is calling another port buggy. What's even funnier is the fact that he hasn't even played it ... ever. Haha, what an "unexpected" response from Graf Zahl. Could these "bugs" possibly be doom2.exe behavior such as wallrunning, silent bfg, os blockmap behavior etc., you know like the stuff that makes Doom well Doom and that 90% of the player base doesn't want fixed? Here's how I'd rank them: 1) ZDaemon 1.09 2) Skulltag 3) ZDaemon 1.08 (old unlagged method)
  4. Madgunner

    Zdaemon: Busted yet again!

    Oh shit, well I better delete it then... LMAO, do you honestly think I'm that gullible? I highly doubt this claim you just made, but in any case, have him contact me and I'll gladly remove it; until then, it's staying in. Btw, I figure you should also know that I'm the original author of D5M7, I made it when I was four years old using my Fisher-Price computer.
  5. Madgunner

    Zdaemon: Busted yet again!

    Btw admins, why isn't this dumbass banned yet? All of his pointless threads are clearly intended on doing little more than bashing Zdaemon.
  6. Madgunner

    Zdaemon: Busted yet again!

    Until you can prove to me that you are an author of one of the maps included in ZDDL, I refuse to remove anything. If it truly bothers you that much, then sue me in civil court.
  7. Madgunner

    Zdaemon: Busted yet again!

    Hello, this is the author of the aforementioned zddl.wad. Your claim that I have willfully violated the "copyright" of map authors is complete bs. For one, almost all of the maps included are pre 1998 and the authors have been absent from the doom community for more than a decade now. How the hell am I supposed to get in contact with them to ask if they care if I use there map in a compilation wad? Am I supposed to hire some private investigator to track them down? If you have some idea, please let me know, I'd love to hear it. And also, why the fuck do you give a shit anyways? I wasn't aware that you made any of these maps in the first place. Are you the copyright police or something? I would gladly remove a map from ZDDL if the original author contacted me and complained about it, however I refuse to do so because some dumbass who's intent is to ruin the fun for everyone says I should. (Btw I actually have had a few other e-lawyers try and bust my balls over ZDDL, you aren't the first.) Another point to bring up is that no one, and I mean no one is being hurt financially by ZDDL or any other compilation wad that you mentioned. As far as I know no one has ever been paid or collected royalties for a doom map that they have made other than TNT.wad and PLUTONIA.wad, it's not like I'm depriving the judas author of money or something like that. And as pointed out by Dew, compilation maps are nothing new. They have been popular since the beginning. If you're going to attack me for having an "illegal" compilation, then you better see it so that all the dwango wads are removed too. You can't simply pick and choose which ones are illegal and which ones aren't. One last point I'll make, if anything compilation wads benefit the original map authors. If it wasn't for dwango5, ssmap01.wad would have become completely obscure. Thanks to Aikman, that map has become legandary within the doom community, even the original authors acknowledge this: http://d5m1.com/ . I will acknowledge one thing though, the zddl.txt file that has the list of the original wads is missing from some if not all of the downloads. I am not sure what exactly happened to it as I included it with the wad when I first made it, but I promise that it will be included with the next revision of the wad. tl;dr version: Please shut the fuck up and go and shoot yourself. kthxbai
  8. Madgunner

    Why isn't Zdoom GPL?

    As others have already pointed out, it's blatantly obvious that the OP is here to do nothing more than bash ZDaemon. Notice how he specifically singles out ZDaemon as a "closed source enthusiast port" despite the fact that it's not the only port to have its source closed. And perhaps the reason why ZDoom hasn't gone GPL is because Randy realizes that a lot of his port's popularity is due to the fact that all the multiplayer ports use it. I suspect making his port GPL and refusing to allow ZDaemon and Skulltag to use any of his code would end up hurting ZDoom more in the long one. So sorry to disappoint you, but if ZDoom was to go GPL it wouldn't apply retroactively, meaning that ZDaemon and Skulltag wouldn't have to remove shit. Looks like that won't destroy the port you despise so much after all.
  9. Madgunner

    Most overrated and most underrated doom port?

    Overrated - Zdoom Underrated - Eternity
  10. Madgunner

    Multiple Floors

    1. No 2. Yes 3. Set the 3d floor's flags to not be impassable.
  11. Madgunner

    gzdoom lock-ups

    Actually no, I have no desire to help you any more. I reported many bugs and errors years ago and you continuously ignored them, insisted I was doing something wrong, or just plain snapped at me, and as you've demonstrated by this thread you haven't changed at all. I'm more than willing to help people out, however I refuse to help someone out who has such a terrible attitude. Looking back at all of this, I shouldn't have even given you the suggestions I posted on this forum. Anyways I'm not going to post on this thread again. I'll just let the "OpenGL programming god" Graf handle the issue with the original poster. Yet more proof that you don't listen to people's advice and suggestions. He was even kind enough to give you examples yet you still did nothing and raged.
  12. Madgunner

    gzdoom lock-ups

    You are correct and I should have been a little more clearer. The application itself cannot cause a BSOD, however if an application uses OpenGL or DirectX incorrectly it can cause the drivers to crash resulting in a BSOD. Some drivers may provide protection against this (most likely the case with most Nvidia drivers), but not all of them do. Looks like I'm not the only person who recognizes issues with your code. Too bad you let your ego get the best of you and almost never listen to anyone's suggestions. You're right, I don't have concrete proof. I'd have to go through your entire code and run numerous tests to get this, which I do not feel like doing due to numerous prior experiences I've had with you. However there are many likely culprits. For example, I've seen a couple of places where you call certain OpenGL extensions without first checking if the graphics card supports it. This definitely will cause issues and could be the reason for the BSODs on certain graphics cards. By the way, OP I suggest trying to run these mods in Vavoom. I haven't ever used it before, but it claims to be 100% compatible with GZDoom maps and perhaps it's more optimized than GZDoom. Edit: Here's another hint for you. Quit using OpenGL's ancient immediate mode, it's no longer 1996, get with the times. That mode was deprecated a long ass time ago by vertex arrays (1997 I believe.) which has since been replaced with vertex buffer objects. Vertex buffer objects are WAY faster than immediate mode and only coding noobs still use OpenGL's ancient immediate mode for their applications in the 21st century.
  13. Madgunner

    gzdoom lock-ups

    Ah yes, I stand corrected. Completely forgot about that :). However according to the OP this isn't the issue as the mods in question work for other people without issue. Graf using your logic, if UT2K4 is far less demanding for the graphics driver than GZDoom, then what does that say about your port's optimization? Gee I wonder why? I quit filling out bug reports for GZDoom many years ago after having them all dismissed and having to deal with your condescending attitude, and I'm sure I'm not the only one to do this. Ok Graf continue to deny everything and blame it on the drivers, this is what you almost always do whenever someone points out something wrong with GZDoom. The fact of the matter is that GZDoom has issues running with a wide variety of graphics cards. In fact not too long ago it didn't run with virtually any ATI cards at all. This should clearly say that there is something wrong with GZDoom and not with the graphics card itself. By the way as a little hint for you, perhaps you should release dynamically allocated arrays correctly by using delete[] rather than delete.
  14. Madgunner

    gzdoom lock-ups

    I can say with certainty that it isn't the mod. If the mod had programming errors it would either produce weird behaivor or simply crash GZDoom; it wouldn't cause the program to lock up. The most likely culprit is buggy programming in GZDoom as it has issues with a wide variety of graphics cards. You can try updating your driver, but I highly doubt it'll make a difference as its highly unlikely to be problem unless you get freezes and crashes with other Open GL applications.
  15. Madgunner

    gzdoom lock-ups

    Yes I did file many errors however they were all dismissed by Graf and he continually insisted that I was doing something wrong. (He did the exact same thing with the bug reports that I filed, only with a more condescending attitude.) But yeah this happened many years ago, and I eventually quit trying to help improve GZDoom as I got tired of the aforementioned condescending attitude. And yes you are right about Intel drivers sucking and being poorly optimized, however this would not result in the program locking up during specific places in mods every single time. The fact of the matter is that GZDoom is notorious for having kernel panics and other errors with a wide variety of graphics cards, and instead of trying to investigate and fix the problem, Graf simply dismisses the issues and blames it on the graphics card or the drivers as exemplified in this very thread.