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  1. hey everyone! just in time for Bandcamp Friday, i released a liquid dnb remix of a song that i first released six years ago! consider giving it a listen if you like that sort of thing, and maybe drop a dollar this Bandcamp Friday if you want to! get the album here! Youtube stream coming later today!
  2. i guess the doom 2016 section here will get a different description now.
  3. Varis Alpha

    Most Excruciating Gaming Accomplishments?

    getting all of the platinum relics in the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy was really hard to do. a good portion of them aren't too bad to get, but then you hit some levels that are just completely soul destroying to finish. specifically, Stormy Ascent is absolute hell to do, requiring nearly perfect memorisation to finish, taking 3 real life minutes to finish, and having a bullshit RNG part at the end requiring bouncing on three birds to cross a gap that is very hard to predict how to get across safely, and you can't take your time and have to blindly jump and hope you leaped at the right time, or else do the entire thing over again. it currently holds the record of "angriest i've ever been at a video game" and i don't recommend doing this unless you're very determined to see it through or incredibly stubborn (like me). edit: i forgot to mention that Stormy Ascent alone took me 3 actual hours to complete. 3 hours of painstaking memorisation and patience-testing until i finally did it.
  4. Varis Alpha

    Freedoom ost good or bad

    i really ought to update my track that's in this project at some point. i made map29's track a very long time ago and it could do with some restructuring and improvements.
  5. Varis Alpha

    Classic Doom community is the most wholesome community ever

    out of the various forums i've been a part of, the doom ones has not only proven to be the most long-lasting, but also the most encouraging to newcomers and free of the bullshit that large forums tend to congregate. one forum i met some of my best and most long-lasting friends at, and when it grew bigger, it generally took a turn for the worse and become less appealing to be around. we then started to drift off towards our own created forums (with blackjack and hookers! :P), which also we drifted off from as it eventually shut down, turning into a Discord group which, also, got taken down, mostly just leaving us with our friendship ties that we had made (and another, signficantly less active Discord group). another forum was just a giant mess the second that i entered it, full of hostile people that were going at different sub-communities within the community. i trust it is no different now than when i left it. this forum meanwhile, and the zdoom forums, has had its fair share of bad apples and drama throughout the years, but it's never dwelled on those things, always striving to remove those apples, and curb drama, offensive content and low-effort posting. you get the sensation that these places grew up with the members, getting more mature and hospitable in general. i can't think of a single reason that i'd want to leave this community behind, the only thing holding me back being my interest in other games for the time being, but i always seem to find myself gravitating back towards here with regular intervals.
  6. Excalibur from Eternal Doom. i still don't know how to beat all of it without looking up the walkthrough on the Doom Wiki. i can sort of fumble through the later Bob Evans and Jim Flynn maps, but not this one. map29 from CC1 too. it stopped me dead in my tracks the first time i got to it.
  7. title screen, intermission and map12 replacements are all from Jimmy.
  8. Varis Alpha

    Alien Vendetta MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    i'm fairly certain that some of my tracks submitted to these music packs already have been reused in various WADs by this point haha. as i mentioned in my MIDI files thread, as long as i'm credited for it, my MIDIs can be freely used in your mods. i'd only make an exception for that when i finish my MIDI soundtrack album, but that's because the music is made specifically to be put under that album, and the style of the music would be wildly different and not fit on regular Doom levels, due to theming of the music and them being designed to loop, something that MIDI music for Doom doesn't tend to do.
  9. Varis Alpha

    fellow doomers, any mobile games you like?

    i finished the Doom 2 RPG on mobile some years ago. for what it was, it was a pretty decent timesink at a low cost. nothing groundbreaking at all, but a good fit for handheld devices. that it got eventually delisted was kind of a shame, i never played the Wolfenstein RPG when it was out either but i probably would have enjoyed it too. i've even played the original Doom RPG that was released on old brickphones, which worked surprisingly well given the extremely small screen resolution and clunky buttons used for controls. i used to play Plants vs Zombies 2 a couple years ago. i beat the game twice, participated in some of the events it had, and played a lot when they added level up mechanics to all the plants. i do not recommend it, its difficulty curve is very haphazardly designed, and the grinding for increasing your plants levels is very tedious. compared to the first game it's worse in nearly every aspect gameplay wise, and i find it kind of a shame that the series peaked so early only to then sink so low. when it first released, i played a lot of Pokemon Café Mix on my Switch. yeah, it's also on mobile, but i decided to play it on Switch instead. the gameplay loop was pretty solid, and the visual design was very appealing, though the latter stages they added kind of overstayed their welcome and i ended up putting the game down because of it. i would still recommend that you play it, but you can't anymore, since recently they revamped the game into Pokemon Café Remix, which makes it so that your stamina drains even if you successfully clear a level (and you only have 5 hearts, and it takes half an hour to recharge.) in the original version, it only drained if you failed or quit a level, meaning that you could potentially clear dozens of levels before your stamina drained all the way. this grinds the pace of the game to a screeching halt, and it's not worth playing anymore because of that.
  10. Varis Alpha

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    it's slowly getting there. not too many tracks left to make now.
  11. Daybreaker's Oath. it, alongside the other Revolution tracks i made (as well as the original map04 track, Westopolis) are on my Bandcamp album Doomed To Score.
  12. Wereknight were contacted at the same time as everyone else was, but they either didn't want to or couldn't license their music. Jimmy would probably know more about it, he was the figurehead for this addon and the one who contacted all the musicians in the first place.
  13. yeah it was in the works for a while. i'm guessing that the large amount of musicians in the MIDI Pack might've had something to do with it; we all had to fill out forms to license our music for the addon. a few musicians were absent too, which probably didn't help, and would probably be why some of the tracks were replaced entirely (with the exception of map04 - as pointed out, that was a remix i made of a theme from Shadow The Hedgehog. i quickly realised that this wouldn't be able to be used in the addon, and i sent in a original replacement i had at hand).