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  1. i'm at it again with the ideas suddenly striking. would like to claim map22's slot this time.
  2. for the record, all of my MIDIs i've made for this project were made with the vanilla limitations in mind. the exception might be Journey's End, since that one hit exactly 96kb, and i'm not sure what the vanilla engine would do with that. at any rate, i've finished my map17 slot. i agree with your OP that the original track was very unfitting for the map it was on, so i went in an entirely different direction with my track to better suit the map it's assigned to, making it much more ominous and foreboding. Oblivion Eclipse (5:20)
  3. got a nice thing going over here, so i'm claiming the map17 slot for it.
  4. technically speaking, my map13 track is the longest adaptation of an existing track, being about 10 times as long as the original track. :P it might be more of a remix of the original than my other ones, but since there's so little to that one, i think it was fine to keep this one simple. i was thinking about adding a passage to the map30 slot, but i think i'll wait until there's more tracks finished, and more interest in making the map30 track. with different people using different MIDI editors, it might be a bit of work getting the whole thing to work properly, though there's a couple of things to keep in mind regarding vanilla limitations, since it internally uses the MUS format: - max amount of instrument channels is 9 (8 instruments, one drum channel) - max size limit is about 96kb i believe, the internal MUS limit being 64kb, which is what i think 96kb just about hits - max polyphony limit i think is 24 voices - the whole track should probably hit at least 8 or 9 minutes. that should be enough wiggle room to not surpass any of the limits i'm not sure how one would best organize a collaborative effort like this, but i would definitely like to add a passage to it when work begins on it.
  5. finished my map13 slot. Put Your Dance Where I Can See It (1:14)
  6. heya, it's Viscra here. i just decided it was time to change my username on here, as i've been slowly doing so elsewhere this year. if it's not too much trouble, i'd like my credits for this project to be attributed to my new username. now for the news. i have finished my map29 submission. i'm really happy with how it turned out, so i hope it'll fit the slot well. Journey's End (8:55) i've also made some updates to my previous submissions. nothing major, just a few tweaks here and there. track length is the same as before for them. https://www.dropbox.com/s/umei92ebisyqd55/In Her Cold Dead Embrace.mid?dl=1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/intbnl2dt6toyqr/Warriors From Another Past.mid?dl=1
  7. Varis Alpha

    How much coke do you drink a day?

    i used to drink far too much cola and other sugary beverages for a while. then, not too long ago this year, i got a kidney stone. not a very large one, but still incredibly painful. had to go to the ER to find out why my insides felt like they were splitting open, couldn't eat anything the whole day, and threw up everything i had ingested during the night. thankfully, the thing left my system shortly afterwards due to its small size, but as a result of this scenario, i started drinking much more sparkling water over soda. don't drink 3 liters a day, try to get used to the taste of sparkling water. the carbonation is part of why i liked sodas so much, so switching to it worked out relatively well. there should be lots of different flavored waters that you'd like the taste of if you look in stores.
  8. the Heretic influence is very much intentional! i always felt that Schilder's style of composition for Heretic and Hexen fit very well with the medieval castle theming that most of Eternal Doom has, so i wanted to bring a little bit of that flavor over. if i may, i would like to claim map29 as well. i got an idea in mind for that slot that i think would work very well.
  9. finished my map09 and map19 slots. top one is for map09, bottom one for map19. In Her Cold Dead Embrace (05:33) Warriors From Another Past (5:51)
  10. what the hell, i'll claim map19 as well. it and map09 are among some of my favorites of the mapset, and had music whose atmosphere i enjoyed quite a lot, so i'll try my best to honor that atmosphere in my tracks, while being much more meatier in terms of content as well.
  11. i'm on board with this project, Eternal Doom really deserves a new soundtrack. i'll claim map09 and map13 for now.
  12. Varis Alpha

    TNT MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    i just finished my cover of the much-lauded Blood Jungle for this project. i'm also working on a cover of the untitled text screen track as well.
  13. Varis Alpha

    E1M5's Suspense: A Question for MIDI Composers

    Dark Halls is the track that immediately springs to mind when i think of music in Doom. hearing it makes me think of playing the shareware way back as a kid, running around E1M3 trying to make sense of all the secrets hidden within. i was pretty giddy when i heard it appear in Eternal.
  14. Varis Alpha

    What would you describe as a bad boss?

    Space Mama from Rayman 1 is a pain and a huge difficulty spike from previous bosses, and even later ones. her attack patterns are very hard to read the first time you encounter her, and even when you know how to deal with her, having only 3 hitpoints to whittle down her 12 hitpoints is very hard to do without losing tons of lives, especially with it being unclear when exactly you can damage her. the penultimate and final boss are nothing compared to her, she sucks. the stage leading up to her fight is fairly tricky too, meaning you might not even reach her with full powerups (which gets taken away after you die anyway, so their usage is only good if you know exactly what's coming up ahead), which could've given you a bit more of a fighting chance.
  15. Varis Alpha

    Mid-level saves: Yay or nay?

    i often save in the middle of levels in Doom and other games, but because i've played a lot more Doom than other games, i try to space out the saves a lot and not rely on it too much. GZDoom has a timer for the current level you're in, and every 5 minutes, i count that as a checkpoint that gives me another save. i can use it when 5 minutes tick down, or save it for later, and as such accumulate more saves for when i need it. i find it makes me take the game a bit more seriously and egg me to do better. sometimes i save regardless of progress if i need to do something else also. if i don't feel like limiting myself to such a degree, or i'm playing something that's clearly a bit above my skill level, i loosen up on the rules a bit and save more often, because sometimes i just don't feel up to pushing myself when i'm clearly not enjoying it. i'm not sure if doing it this way has made me better at playing the game, but it feels better doing it this way, still having mid-saves as a safety net, but treating it more as a checkpoint system that i slowly build up during the course of a level.