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  1. i actually really like Schilder's Hexen compositions and wouldn't trade it for anything. i might even prefer it a bit more over Heretic's music.
  2. i did not know about this, thanks for the correction.
  3. even so, hitting a target point-blank is guaranteed to at least exceed 3000 HP's worth of damage, since you can OHKO a Spiderdemon at this range with success always, which happens to have 3000 HP. so it's still higher than the other gun's theoretical max damage anyway.
  4. it will show up in the entirety of the US, with the middle of it experiencing a total eclipse. the rest of the world won't get quite the same experience it seems.,_2017
  5. it apparently won't show up over here at all, or if it does it's only going to be a partial eclipse, so i guess not.
  6. i've been thinking of putting up my Revilution songs to my Bandcamp.


    it's actually quite a substantial amount of music, 14 with the bonus tracks, which is more than enough for an album size. it is my early work though, and some of the songs are kind of crap (Crazy Castle Killer specifically, and avec vouz is a bit hard to listen to), so i'm wondering if i should curate some of the tracks, or release them as is...


    i also don't have any cover-art, other than cropping the title-screen into a square resolution. but i guess that'll do.

    1. GarrettChan


      Yes, please do. Really enjoy the tracks in TNTR.

    2. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      heh, Crazy Castle Killer and Avec vous are actually like my personal favourites of your tracks in TNTR :P

    3. Viscra Maelstrom

      Viscra Maelstrom

      how can you like them? CCK has some ear-gratingly high-pitch melodies, and avec vous has blaringly high gunshot percussion. :p

    4. Devalaous


      I enjoyed all your tracks, would like to see them get a release like that

    5. Viscra Maelstrom

      Viscra Maelstrom

      i guess i'll have to look into it, then. just gotta normalize all the tracks first, since some of the volume levels are different. i also enlarged and cropped the titlescreen to use as cover-art.!AgyICiFu15hmznR7PjTaWcAfOAff

  7. LGR mentions in the video that the full game will cost 20 dollars when it's released.
  8. after quite a bit of hiatus, i've now finally edited Rising Colossus here. a new squarewave melody has been added into the middle part of the song, and i edited the outro a bit. i think these changes made it better, i hope. Colossus (Finished).mid?dl=0
  9. and fit it in where? i don't have the space for a large TV in there! :P
  10. i've collected lots of random junk that have been sort of like phases. one thing i did was collect several kinds of soda bottles with unique labels on them, but i got rid of them because they took up space, only saving a limited edition pepsi max bottle. what i do collect now, and have been for several years now, is music. not really digital files (though i do have those as well), but music CDs, and some vinyls and tapes when i'm able to find any good ones. it's grown to such a state that i barely have anymore room to put them in here. so as to not litter this place with photos, i'm just going to mention that what i have in this picture is only a fraction of the CDs i own, and it doesn't even show the vinyls and tapes i have!
  11. as others have mentioned here already, MIDIs of music from other sources in Doom wads were recreated by others in MIDI sequencers. MIDI isn't a type of sound or genre per se, simply a set of generalized instructions introduced so that different pieces of sound hardware and software can easily communicate. specifically, MIDI files uses General MIDI, which has a list of instrument information that is identical across several devices, so e.g. a guitar and piano instrument in a track will always use the correct instruments playing it back. MP3 audio itself is a digital audio codec, which can contain whatever it is that was encoded into the file. it doesn't use instructions like MIDI, since the music in an MP3 file is already "done" and ready to be played back. since it is not restricted to a set number of instruments and just a few drumtracks, it's inherently a lot more complex in design than the relative simplicity of a MIDI file. MP3 to MIDI converters are therefor not really that useful, since it doesn't recognize what is what in an audio file, making everything come out as a big mess. the only way to make it into a proper MIDI file, therefor, is to listen to the original file, and recreate it to the best of your ability. this takes time and resources, trying to find what MIDI instruments best mimics the original song, but sometimes it can be easier depending on what you're listening to. i've made a few covers of songs to MIDI in the past, one in particular i'm fond of is this one, which is based on this song. for MIDI conversions of most well-known songs, sites like VGMusic exists, which are usually of pretty good quality, although without editing them, they can sound weird in-game, because they often tend to have some silence in the beginning of the track, fade out at the end, or just have plain errors looping in-game.
  12. HDoom is popular? i don't remember seeing any articles about it. :V the reason people like stupid Doom mods more than the good ones is because the internet likes dumb/funny things, like cat videos and memes. if it were just a megawad with 32 new levels, textures and music, it wouldn't be as funny to watch.
  13. it's certainly iconic for sure. did it persist to Quake 3?
  14. Trent Reznor's grunts inspires athleticism and acrobatism in countless of Quake players hearts.
  15. i don't think people not being able to see their shameful titles was due to "reasons unknown." pretty sure that'd be deliberate.