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  1. @Jimmy, did you see the update i made to Rising Colossus on this page, perchance? it's still listed as in progress on the list.
  2. i would if i had the money for it/knowledge about how more demanding it is versus Doom 4.
  3. the distortion in the song is probably the fault of whatever MIDI playback the uploader used. it definitely doesn't sound distorted to me at all.
  4. the regular Fallen Angels i didn't have a problem with as a Paladin, since i could just run up to their face and smack them dead. the Lords, however, have a extremely powerful hitscan laser attack that's very hard to avoid, on top of having more health. i think the Fallen Angel Lords were the only enemy in the game i actually consistently wiped out to, both because they deflected my attacks back at then, and their lasers tore a hole into me. the Medusas seemed to be reliably painstunned with the Vorpal Blade though. by the way, i get the feeling that playing Hexen 2 as the Paladin is the absolute worst way to experience the game. have fun killing all the Imps on the first hub without a ranged weapon!
  5. those Fallen Angel Lords and Medusas in the last hubs were pretty annoying to deal with because of how powerful they were. they're definitely the challenge of the hubs, because i could easily figure out all the puzzles in the last hubs on my own. i just thew all my power-items at them when possible (ovinomancer seals, tomes of power etc.) i kinda wish the engine had a map of some sort, because it probably would have helped me getting lost in the previous hubs. that's probably what made me a bit frustrated in the first hubs, where you have to pay attention to cracked walls and hidden switches.
  6. and i just finished Hexen 2 over here. it was... okay. it really feels like a much more unfinished product than the first Hexen does, what with the combat being very flaccid, half the bestiary being just reskins of existing monsters, and there being a lot less music than Hexen did (i believe it had a full soundtrack, as well as menu music, intermission music, and several songs that are exclusive to the end credits!) some of the puzzles are cool, most of them being in Not-Egypt, but that place also has the worst puzzle in the game, so it's kind of souring. the last few bossfights are kind of tough too, but can be pretty easily shutdown with the right items. overall it was alright, but i'd rather play the original Hexen over this.
  7. i got past that part of Hexen 2 today. that was really annoying, though thankfully not a gamebreaker since you can google for the answer nowadays, but man.
  8. i have no idea if this is ZDoom specific or not, but if you press N on your keyboard for example, then New Game will automatically be highlighted on the menu. same goes for the other options: S for Save Game, L for Load game, Q for Quit Game and O for Options.
  9. played the first episode of Dusk. it feels surprisingly good to control and play, and the game looks much better in person than it does from seeing footage of it. i think it could go places if it had some modding support, perhaps, but it's a pretty solid game so far. after that, i managed to get Hexen 2 running on my computer... fairly well, actually! all you have to do is replace the Steam files with the open-source port files from Hammer of Thyrion, and it runs pretty damn well, much better than the base Steam files do. the physics are incredibly janky though, i'm not sure if that's a thing that always were there or not, and non-transparent liquids like lava have a very bizarre HOM effect going on. but other than that, it works. no gamebreaking bugs or crashes. and the game itself is... interesting, probably not as good as the first Hexen.
  10. not really. the old one explicitly mentions that the reason he made the Patreon is to be able to live off of Doom modding as if it were his job. now, it says the Patreon's goal is to maintain his Youtube channel, where he showcases and documents the mods he makes; there's no mention of what game the mods are for, and it doesn't say that the Patreon is for making Doom mods, even though it still obviously is made for that purpose. it's made purposefully vaguer for reasons only Bethesda could answer.
  11. enemies sharing sound-effects i find is a bit archaic. it's a bit tiresome to hear the same discernible demonic grunts when enemies are active or get shot at, and there's just some baffling choices that just sounds out of place (why does the mancubi have the same active grunt as zombies do, but all of their other sounds are more monstrous? why do the revenant make the same pain grunt as zombies, as well?) thankfully ZDoom and SNDINFO makes giving enemies distinct sounds incredibly easy, but the limitations feel a bit more noticable in old TCs and graphic mods back then.
  12. Lego has a collectible side to it that's very sought out. I've heard of adults gathering around to buy every set of lego they can get their hands on at several stores, literally emptying aisles as they go. You can't do that with Minecraft or Roblox.
  13. slaughtermaps isn't exactly my cup of tea at all, but i've played a few of them and enjoyed the quite a bit. Speed of Doom has a pretty decent curve from hard but fairly normal gameplay, to massive macro slaughtering grounds, and Scythe 2 just always felt right to me, even though the slaughter bit crops up unexpectedly. ultimately, maps of that mold isn't my preference, but a few of them can be fun to play, and most of the ones i've seen always have gorgeous setpieces and design. i just prefer having gorgeous setpieces and design with a more atmospheric and slower pace myself.
  14. not sure what you're talking about, i can access the page with the figurine just fine.
  15. one word: Chaingunners.