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  1. saw Slayer perform in Stockholm today. absolutely brutal performance, had a blast! and yes, they did play South of Heaven (no Crooked Cross though).

    1. Glaice


      Blah, Crooked Cross would've been great tho.

    2. R1ck


      I can see your satisfaction through your avatar. 

    3. Doomkid


      I was lucky enough to see Slayer back in 2008 with the full lineup. Absolutely loved it, glad you had a good time!

  2. actually, if we're comparing "just" Doom 1 and Duke 3D against each other, then Duke 3D is easily a comparable game and arguably better, because the monster variety in Doom 1 is still really low, and Duke 3D's meager enemy count doesn't feel off in comparison. not to mention Duke 3D has more guns, and the level-design is definitely way better, as well as the textures and music IMO. compared to Classic Doom as a whole though, yeah, Duke 3D falls by a bit. now the enemy variety seems malnourished in comparison, and the gunplay doesn't get as fun due to how much ammo even lowly Pigcops can take before falling. it really feels like Duke 3D was designed with using explosive and special weapons a lot, which gives it an archaic "arcade" design in its loadout, whereas Doom's loadout all felt like it had a purpose. and while the level-design is better, it probably set a high bar on what to expect from custom maps, whereas Doom's already having a couple of now-classic Megawads, like Memento Mori and Icarus, which have a bit more replay value then the base levels. that and it's easier to just make Doom levels (though maybe not as much back then), though the level-design definitely left a legacy, because a lot of Doom maps have been doing similar levels now. and the textures are better and more realistic than Doom, but that just confines what you can use them with, whereas a lot of Doom textures can have multi-purpose usages due to the abstract nature of the game. and the music and sound... well, i actually prefer Duke 3D's soundtrack as a whole, but a lot of people might think Doom's music is just better and more recognizable. but the sound-quality is somehow even worse than Doom's low sample-rate. that always annoyed me, because i feel it could've been just a bit higher, and it definitely gives the feeling that Duke 3D has aged more than Doom. plus, i don't think many of the sounds are that good anyway. why does the RPG sound so tinny, both when it fires, and when the rocket explodes? it's more useful than Doom's rocket launcher, but it doesn't feel as satisfying!
  3. Have you played Extreme Weapons Mod?
  4. i was going to download the soundtrack, but it seems like your site is down right now?
  5. It'll probably be Wargroove for me when it comes out. Looks to be absolutely incredible.
  6. The Talosian Incident 2 would be absolutely baller. Equinox 2 would also be great. Happy Time Circus 3, because 2 was incredibly atmospheric. ALT 2, more Russian goodness. maybe it would be good all the way this time. And last, even though it would probably never feel as classic as the first ones, Memento Mori 3.
  7. ^that's definitely not all of them though, only the most popular examples. i remember a terrorcore song that samples one of the PSX Doom songs, possibly Lamentation, but i don't remember what artist or what the song was. another example i remember is this one. skip to around 0:20 to hear the shotgun firing and cocking sound being sampled.
  8. but the multiplayer was outsourced to a different company. i'm pretty sure the entire reason they did this was so id wouldn't have to spend time developing it.
  9. i don't think it's the MUS format that screws things up specifically. more than likely, something in these ancient MIDI editors injects something into the exported MIDI that modern MIDI playback doesn't like. what exactly it is i have no idea, but usually, it causes one of the instruments in the file to have the wrong volume settings, making it either excessively loud, or incredibly quiet. re-exporting the MIDI file in these cases seems to fix it, but that can cause its own share of issues, too, since FL Studio and other modern DAWs aren't designed the same way the old MIDI editors do, which often results in file-bloat (or outright screwed up playback from other means, but i have never experienced this myself.) i would not recommend going back to XP either way. remember that ransomware shit that took out what must've been hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of computers? on XP, you have absolutely no way to protect yourself against that anymore, or any future security exploits, because Microsoft dropped support for XP a while back now. it's not worth going back to for the sake of more fool-proof MIDI playback, unless you have your computer disconnected from the internet at all times.
  10. hmm, i have the same issue with that MIDI file you supplied, actually. playing it back normally just gives me the drums, opening it up in FL Studio makes it play like it should though. as far as i know, there's nothing you can do about it. some MIDI files are just anomalies that doesn't work properly with the Microsoft synth for some reason. the best way to circumvent it is to use a soundfont for those few tracks that do get messed up. i don't get why it still doesn't work when you use a soundfont though, usually it should play those MIDIs just fine that the Microsoft synth can't play properly (after all, it worked fine with FL Studio). only very occasionally do soundfonts not work properly at all. maybe if you import the MIDI into a MIDI editor, and then export it into a new MIDI file, it should work just fine?
  11. there's no "standard" instruments in MIDI, at least not the way you seem to mean it. there are instructions for a standardized set of instruments, but how the "standard" sounds like variues. i assume you're talking about the sound of the Microsoft synth, since that's the standard of Windows systems. what MIDIs have missing instruments? what are you using to playback the MIDIs? i have noticed that the Microsoft synth screws up some MIDI files, for reasons i can't quite fathom (STRAIN Map 03, for instance).
  12. yeah, wasn't Sakamoto let go of getting involved in the Metroid franchise, at least with as such an important job as he had with Other M, precisely because of how poor the reaction to the game and Samus's character was?
  13. i for one welcome another solid singleplayer experience, as opposed to diluting the scene with more redundant multiplayer being shoe-horned in.
  14. there were no supernatural elements in TNO, so it's unlikely it'll be in this sequel. although, the nature of the technological prowess they have is a bit far-fetched. Old Blood did have supernatural elements in it and it was part of that game's plot, but that one got stopped after B.J. took care of the final boss.
  15. jokes on you, Post Hell doesn't exist anymore!