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  1. Viscra Maelstrom

    Doomed To Score - 50 Track MIDI Album

    so, while working on my close-to-finished hardcore album, i got an idea to round up a selection of MIDI tracks i've made over the past 6 years, and compile the best ones into an album. the result ended up in a 50 track album, consisting of nearly 3 hours of music. i'm fairly happy with the selection that's on offer, as it shows a wide variety of musical themes and moods. you can download and stream the album on my Bandcamp. as a bonus, MIDI files for all the tracks are included if you download it!
  2. Viscra Maelstrom

    Who else isn't an adult here besides me?

    i'm over 20 but really i'm just a confused child still
  3. Viscra Maelstrom

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    my only qualm with the music is that i personally didn't have the creative output to contribute more to the project. though thankfully, Fisk and CoTeCiO did a phenomenal job scoring this project, and helped give this project a really strong sense of identity. Bobby's tracks are also utilized really well here, as their ambient nature really fits the project.
  4. Viscra Maelstrom

    REKKR - V1.13

    is there any logic to the puzzles found in E2M8? i understood that the switches had to be flipped in a specific order for most of the puzzles in order to receive a couple rewards, but i couldn't wrap my head around what i was supposed to do. i don't really want any of the answers spoiled, but some hints on what i should do to figure them out.
  5. Viscra Maelstrom

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    i'm a bit out of the loop here, but i got to the end of the mapset, and the roll-call at the end mentions that there are Nightmare Cacodemons around that i never encountered. were they scrapped? overall, i think this turned out really solid, and is a nice blend of classic Doom 2 aesthetics with some additions that makes it feel like a potentially lost IWAD sequel. while there were some points that felt a bit sour (that puzzle with the nukage that everyone has complained about so far, and me personally would've preferred a more ambient soundtrack overall), i think the package as a whole came together nicely, and some of the extra Zdoom additions helped elevate the experience, like the animated skies for instance (at least i assume those were ZDoom additions, looking at the MAPINFO). the final battle was pretty cool and caught me off guard with one of its attacks in particular, too. i don't have much else to add, i really enjoyed this. :)
  6. Viscra Maelstrom

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    how are you supposed to get the yellow skull in map10? the window of reaction needed to solve the switch puzzle is far too small for me to manage, even with attempting rocket jumps.
  7. Viscra Maelstrom

    REKKR - V1.13

    for quite a while. i recall Urban Brawl being one of the first, if not the first, to be its own IWAD for ZDoom, and that's a decade ago. there was also Neverhood which is even older, though it might've just come with its own executable.
  8. Viscra Maelstrom

    Any bad games/mods you want to put in defense?

    i have to admit, i don't... hate Shadow the Hedgehog. it is not a good game by any means, with the story being a perfect example of edgy cringe that's meant to appeal to teenagers, but doesn't make a lot of sense with what it sets out to do, the controls being really slippery, which isn't accommodating Shadow's high speeds very well, and the mission-based gameplay being flawed as well. but i can't hate the game, because it can still be fun to play. the gun-based gameplay makes the enemies having health bars make a lot more sense than the mess that was in Sonic Heroes, some of the unlockable guns are kind of fun to play around with, and the music isn't terrible. really, it's not an absolute disaster of a game, as it's fairly playable to me, and when people say it's a worse game than Sonic 06, i just kind of shrug my head off, as that game is far more of a technical disaster than Shadow is, and the story is just as bad for different reasons. i suppose people are just nostalgic for crappy Sonic games. :P
  9. Viscra Maelstrom

    What would you like to see in the Collector's Edition?

    +1 on the helmet. though a statue of one of the demons coming back seems more plausible.
  10. i just increased the volume as the new notification sound played and it scared the shit out of me.

  11. Viscra Maelstrom

    Soundtrack to be released on CD and vinyl

    the blood red vinyls aren't available anymore. they were exclusively part of the vinyl + CD bundle, and that offer closed the 2nd May. you can still buy the 4x vinyl package, but the vinyls will be the standard black instead of red.
  12. Viscra Maelstrom

    Requiem Reimagined (Soundtrack) Released

    so i've been going through this album at least once all the way through now, and i really dig the new takes on these classic Requiem tracks. i was always a fan of the musical talent in the community that were present back then, and the tracks of the likes of the Memento Mori series, Requiem, Icarus etc. always struck an impression with me. so seeing these tracks being redone by the same people that made them back then, some 20 years later, just brings that extra flair of authenticity and dedication to their craft here, and it's fun to compare the difference to the MIDI originals versus what's being shown here. i really like how you guys went above and beyond with remaking some of these tracks. in particular, i think i prefer the versions of Breath of Sin, Mystic's Glance, and particularly Helix here, because they're both so radically different from the MIDI originals, whilst still recognizable enough to not lose track of their original identity, and favorites of mine such as Rage, Lordly Might, and Breach of Madness also were wonderfully re-imagined here as well. i even like the little playful stab at the end in the bonus track, heh. it feels inspiring to know that MIDI is just as valuable a format to get one's feet wet in creating music as more conventional methods. while not strictly a Doom project, i still feel that this is deserving enough for a mention in the annual Cacowards at the end of the year in some form or another. very solid stuff, you guys! 🙂
  13. Viscra Maelstrom

    Requiem Reimagined (Soundtrack) Released

    would the majority of the songs in this reimagining work in gameplay, though? a lot of the songs seems to have more defined endings to them now, which would make them awkward for being played on repeat ingame, unless they were specifically edited to loop properly. in either case, this is great news! i'll be giving these tracks a listen as soon as i'm able to.
  14. Viscra Maelstrom

    Worst Ending in a videogame?

    all the more reason not to hang a cliffhanger on your obviously unfinished product. :P
  15. Viscra Maelstrom

    What's rare in your music collection?

    last year at a record fair, i managed to get a original pressing of Kraftwerk's Computerwelt on vinyl. the sleeve is in great condition, and so was the disc. unfortunately, i noticed when i came home that it was supposed to come with a thick cardboard inner sleeve, which my copy was missing. a shame, but otherwise the vinyl was in fantastic condition, and i'll make sure next time to be a bit more thorough when buying something from that record fair.