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  1. definitely my biggest pet peeve with certain mods (Speed of Doom map02 comes to mind for one); what's the point of putting a soulsphere in a secret as a reward, only to spawn a fuck you group of revenants, mancubi, arch-viles etc. to immediately drain all the health you just acquired? illogical or obtuse progression in levels is something i run into a lot. maybe i'm just shit at navigating, but i find myself, more often than not, doing something like springing a trap of monsters that were obviously guarding something like a key card, but it's not made clear they were guarding that (why spring the monsters before i grab the item that i need?) or, more commonly, flipping a switch with next to no indication as to what it was supposed to do, making you run around in circles until you finally find out it opened that door over there, or lowered this platform in the middle of fuck knows where. and lastly, trigger lines activating lifts or doors that has no indication that they even did anything at all. Eternal Doom has this, the Herian series has this in spades, and Armadosia is littered with the fucking things too. if it weren't for ZDoom being able to handily show trigger lines in the automap, it would've been extremely obnoxious to figure out where they are, what they do, and how to reach them.
  2. that's exactly what i was referring to. both they and the Enforcers requires explosive or special weapons to be taken care of quickly, which can make encounters with several of them drag a bit. fortunately, Duke 3D's arsenal is more or less made for crowd control, so that's not too big an issue, but it's still a design decision i feel Doom got right that other games didn't.
  3. Ths music in the Hexen series were always great to me. I definitely prefer the longer, more ambient pieces to the shorter and more repetitive pieces you hear in Heretic. Not to say that Heretic’s music is bad, but i feel Hexen 1 and 2 had the better soundtracks overall.
  4. i'm still fairly peeved i had no idea the Megaton Edition had those official expansion packs in it... which i learnt about after it was too late to get it again. Duke Nukem 3D as a game is pretty damn good though. the difficulty is a bit lopsided IMO with the Pig Cops and Enforcers being not only dangerous hitscanners, but also extremely durable. however, i think the game knows about this, and compensates with the huge abundance of explosive and special weapons to take them down easily, which, if you know to utilize those against them, makes the game more fun to play. having the portable medkit helps, too.
  5. Hexen's puzzles aren't really puzzles as much as they are fetch-quests of various kinds, yeah. i guess back then it wasn't feasible to make really brain-taxing puzzles, or Raven was more interested in making an FPS (a lot of the death animations are absurdly gory after all, moreso compared to Doom). i don't think it's a detriment to the game overall, though, although it did make me get stuck in the game several times, due to tiny keys and switches being very easy to miss, and progression not being the most obvious (what prompts you to go back to the little shrine-thing in Shadow Wood to get to the portal to the Caves of Circe, for example? i don't think any of the switches that "solves the puzzle" in the Shadow Wood has anything to do with it, but hitting some unrelated switch/getting a key, or getting back to the main hub via some portal that triggers it).
  6. Firestorm has limited range? i was under the impression it had infinite range, probably due to the fact it's an almost-hitscan attack.
  7. Centaurs are bearable for the reason that they can't really do much else other than get in your way. Slaughtars, on the other hand, their projectiles are pretty annoying to deal with. it doesn't help the fact that Raven re-uses the dumb part from Heretic where they're completely indistinguishable from their melee counterparts. i mean, why? if you can have brown and green Chaos Serpents, give the Slaughtar some flashier armor or something. i never found availability of mana to be a issue in the base-game, though. and it definitely beats being able to precisely nail down Chaos Serpents from practically any distance over the Fighter's slow hammer projectiles that take a while to reach their mark, and the Mage's arcs needing to be precisely thrown, as the effectiveness of its attacks vary depending on ceiling height. i also recall that Afrits would die to the Firestorm in one hit just as well, too. i dunno. compared to the alternatives, i find the Firestorm to be incredible effective for long-range attacks.
  8. there's also the issue that the game itself is, for some reason, extremely slippery, making it very hard to be precise as you slide all around the level. i thought that i did something wrong when playing the game, but apparently, it's supposed to be like this. i will say that the puzzles in Thysis are at least more brain-taxing and more like actual puzzles, compared to anything you do in the first Hexen, which is just a variation of putting a key inside a lock. then again, Thysis has the constellation puzzle, and the infamous broken tile puzzle...
  9. you wanna talk about sucky map-design, look no further than the second half of Hexen 2. where'd the rest of the game go? i'm steamrolling through everything and have more kraters of might than i know what to do with.
  10. oh, did i remember to pitch in a vote for Final Doomer yet? it's almost time for the Cacowards, but the newly released update is pretty sweet, boasting uniquely themed weapon-sets for BTSX, JPCP, and AA, all of which fit the mapsets they were designed for really well, i think.
  11. i was under the impression that the Cleric had the best weapons out of all the class overall, though. the Serpent Staff is probably one of the best ranged weapons in the game, using a very small amount of mana per shot, and has an absurdly powerful lifedrain in close combat. the Firestorm is the closest thing you'll get to a hitscan weapon in the game that isn't the Mage's Sapphire Wand, and it wastes enemies in two or three shots. and that's not even talking about the Wraithverge, which is by far the most powerful ultimate weapon out of them all. sure, the Mace of Contrition is by far the worst starting weapon out of the classes, being about half the strength of the Fighter's gauntlets (always loved how his starting weapon is just punching the shit out of giant monsters), and doesn't have the range of the Mage's wand, but that's a small price to pay for having the most powerful and versatile weapons in the game.
  12. oh man, that one level though. i distinctly remember it as the only level in the game where you can make the level entirely unwinnable by moving a block into the wrong spot, blocking the path to progression with no way of circumventing it. if you could restart the level from scratch, it wouldn't be a problem, but the only way to save progress is manually, and younger me didn't save properly then, so had to replay the entire game over again. ugh. there's also the fact that the game gets a massive difficulty spike as early as the second level in, with witches and skeletons having hitscan attacks that can wipe you out easily. what makes it worse is that you don't get a better weapon until the level after it, which is a pain because the witches in particular don't die right away, and their attacks can deal as much as 50% of your health at point-blank range. guess what the game liked to put in front of ladders? that's not even counting the massive amount of skeletons in the graveyard, which you have to deal with flimsy projectiles that gets weaker the longer distance it travels. i also never coud beat the shareware, because the final level was incredibly cryptic to figure out. i wanted to revisit the full game at some point, but i heard it didn't get much better in the other episodes, so... fun shareware version and all, and it does get a bit better with subsequent levels, mostly because you get better weapons from the 3rd level in, but it had some things that griped me. the music was pretty good, though.
  13. since the description said the mod was designed to be able to be played with gameplay mods in question, i decided to give it a go with DoomRL Arsenal, in tandem with vanilla playthrough. sad to say, but this mod does have more than a few caveats with DRLA. one thing i noticed right off the bat is that when you enter an episode, your weapon carry limit gets increased by 1 for the introductory cutscene, and one when you enter the first actual map, but you don't actually get more weapons. so your carrying limit gets bugged out and has to be lowered through console commands. i'm guessing this has to do with the fact you start out with no weapons in the cutscene episode map, as well as the hub world, but with DRLA you do. so you get one extra of your starting weapon, e.g. the Renegade's Shotgun, but you don't get more weapons, it just fills up your weapon inventory. once that is taken care of, you can play the maps just fine, but once you exit the episode, since it resets your inventory, it takes away all your weapons, armors and modpacks, and likewise bugs out the inventory counter. so that means you can't carry over any of your stuff throughout episodes. this probably kills any enjoyment you could hope to experience playing DRLA with this, since the big draw of it is to continually expand your inventory, and getting it wiped every 5 maps... well, i guess this is a mapset you just can't enjoy playing with DRLA. now on to something else that might be a bug encountered with other gameplay mods; in the Dark Souls map, playing with DRLA, grabbing the Megasphere does not trigger the script that spawns in all the monsters and gets rid of all the dark souls, because DRLA replaces the Megasphere with its own variant. this might be an issue with other mods that replaces the Megasphere with something else. in summary, this is a really fun and neat mapset to play through in vanilla. just... DRLA fans might be disappointed.
  14. SnapMap hardly brought much longevity into the game, tbqh. especially considering that the guns behave radically different from their singleplayer counter-parts, which makes the experience incredibly disjointed for me. it's a fun distraction if anything.
  15. there's been several threads in Doom General regarding various other ports of Doom, though, most recently i can think of was a GBA Doom vs SNES Doom thread. if those discussions go there, i don't see why Doom 64 can't, too (in fact, i'm pretty sure it has already, thinking back to Aubrey's post about the redux version of the Doom 64 OST); the stipulation here is that talk about Doom 64 EX, the source-port and mods for it, specifically, would get its own home here as its own subforum, whilst general Doom 64 talk (recreation mods, the game itself, points of interest, like that article about the game before it was released...) would go into Doom General. which i think is a fair assessment of the situation.