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  1. pretty much the entire soundtrack to The Darkening E2. i see people complaining about how the music in BTSX is not-Doom music and "fruity" and whatnot, but have they ever listened to some of the tracks in that mod? i can't find any videos of just the music, but you can kind of hear the music in these videos.
  2. i hated the music in Daedalus, so i replaced it all with music from the Metroid Prime series. 1000x times improvement, even though it was a pain to loop the Tension theme from Prime 3 properly.

    1. Devalaous


      I need to remember to play Daedulus one day

    2. Viscra Maelstrom

      Viscra Maelstrom

      it took me the longest time to actually finish it. i think the music may have contributed to that fact, because it's really uninteresting and it's the same tracks for the entire game. it also doesn't feel as much of a well-realized idea than the Eternal Doom IV demo was, it's a pretty boring looking world, with very rudimentary and ugly effects, and it has some major stopping points that'll make you scratch your head, and feel like the game's just pulling you by the nose. also, the ending blows.


      the new music helps with the enjoyment of the mod, though. it feels much more gloomy and moodier now.

    3. Devalaous


      "Daedalus music pack project" anyone? Nah, dont take me seriously


      Thanks for reminding me of it though, ive had the wad for so many years, but constantly forget it exists. I'll put in my queue for the next wad I play, after TVR and TV1998

    4. Viscra Maelstrom

      Viscra Maelstrom

      I dont care enough to make music for Daedalus :P Fragport on the other hand...

  3. this is the real reason the demons invaded Mars and subsequently Earth; the music was just too damn good to resist.
  4. isn't the announcer in Doom 4 MP just VEGA's voice? i can see why it would lack the punch the announcer usually has, but it makes sense in the context of the game.
  5. oh believe me, if i got unlazy enough to start making some Doom maps, i'd insert all sorts of energetic/uplifting music that i have made over the years into it. Doom is actually a theme i constantly have in my head when making MIDI music, because that's where i know it from, and Doom is sort of a weird anamoly where you can put almost any kind of music into it, and it'll work, unlike Heretic and Hexen, which i feel need more specifically tailored music for. would you suggest something else to make the change in the first song less jarring? i've always had a bit of a thing where i tend to change the mood of a song rather drastically, not really knowing how to bridge the gap better. i feel Chalcanthite isn't very Doom-y, since i wasn't in a very Doom-y mood when making that song (it was part of an art-trade, and the description of my friend's character wasn't really lending itself to a Doom-y approach, so to speak). it has a bit too much push and stop that i feel would work poorly in singleplayer. for deathmatch purposes, maybe, if the level was bright and colorful enough. thanks for the feedback! :)
  6. Doom-cute architecture, sectors being used to create realistic objects like chairs, tables, silverware, kitchen appliances and of course, crappers of all kinds. technically they exist a bit here and there in Evilution, but it wasn't used in the official Doom and Doom 2 IWADs, AFAIK. it feels like kind of a tradition wherein even advanced sourceport mods uses cute little chairs and toilets made out of sectors, rather than more believable sprite-work.
  7. as soon as i change my avatar, i get something else that's similar-looking to change to, heh.
  8. Your music is still some of my favourite midi stuff, right up there with Eris' tracks. Thought I'd drop by and say this :v

    1. Viscra Maelstrom

      Viscra Maelstrom

      oh jeez, all this love. makes me wish i weren't in an artist's block right now. :v

  9. nice. maybe this'll give me the kick to finally play Turok, since i bought it on Steam and all. :P
  10. hey thanks! :) i suspect it's the gargantuan size of my MIDI files that have put people off. that, or the thread title gave the wrong impression of what music it was i had made as gifts (Luriel's Theme is exceptionally Doom-y, only Chalcanthite is a bit too upbeat for the game).
  11. the new forum software stretched my old pixel avatar ugly, so i changed it to another picture of my character that didn't stretch ugly.
  12. hmm. layout is a bit too chunky and condensed right now for my tastes, but it seems promising.
  13. oh look, there we are. forum software screwed with my tiny pixel avatar, heh, so whatever, changing it.

  14. Unreal is extremely frustrating to play. i remember liking it back in the day, but it hasn't aged very gracefully (except the music, it is excellent). Half Life i haven't played in a while, but at least it was a smidgen more gratifying to shoot things in it.
  15. all those old NIN MIDIs i've listened to are kind of laughably bad and does a horribly job at representing the source material. stuff like Metallica MIDIs were usually of much more competent quality, though.