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  1. Viscra Maelstrom

    What would you like to see in the Collector's Edition?

    +1 on the helmet. though a statue of one of the demons coming back seems more plausible.
  2. i just increased the volume as the new notification sound played and it scared the shit out of me.

  3. Viscra Maelstrom

    Soundtrack to be released on CD and vinyl

    the blood red vinyls aren't available anymore. they were exclusively part of the vinyl + CD bundle, and that offer closed the 2nd May. you can still buy the 4x vinyl package, but the vinyls will be the standard black instead of red.
  4. Viscra Maelstrom

    Requiem Reimagined (Soundtrack) Released

    so i've been going through this album at least once all the way through now, and i really dig the new takes on these classic Requiem tracks. i was always a fan of the musical talent in the community that were present back then, and the tracks of the likes of the Memento Mori series, Requiem, Icarus etc. always struck an impression with me. so seeing these tracks being redone by the same people that made them back then, some 20 years later, just brings that extra flair of authenticity and dedication to their craft here, and it's fun to compare the difference to the MIDI originals versus what's being shown here. i really like how you guys went above and beyond with remaking some of these tracks. in particular, i think i prefer the versions of Breath of Sin, Mystic's Glance, and particularly Helix here, because they're both so radically different from the MIDI originals, whilst still recognizable enough to not lose track of their original identity, and favorites of mine such as Rage, Lordly Might, and Breach of Madness also were wonderfully re-imagined here as well. i even like the little playful stab at the end in the bonus track, heh. it feels inspiring to know that MIDI is just as valuable a format to get one's feet wet in creating music as more conventional methods. while not strictly a Doom project, i still feel that this is deserving enough for a mention in the annual Cacowards at the end of the year in some form or another. very solid stuff, you guys! 🙂
  5. Viscra Maelstrom

    Requiem Reimagined (Soundtrack) Released

    would the majority of the songs in this reimagining work in gameplay, though? a lot of the songs seems to have more defined endings to them now, which would make them awkward for being played on repeat ingame, unless they were specifically edited to loop properly. in either case, this is great news! i'll be giving these tracks a listen as soon as i'm able to.
  6. Viscra Maelstrom

    Worst Ending in a videogame?

    all the more reason not to hang a cliffhanger on your obviously unfinished product. :P
  7. Viscra Maelstrom

    What's rare in your music collection?

    last year at a record fair, i managed to get a original pressing of Kraftwerk's Computerwelt on vinyl. the sleeve is in great condition, and so was the disc. unfortunately, i noticed when i came home that it was supposed to come with a thick cardboard inner sleeve, which my copy was missing. a shame, but otherwise the vinyl was in fantastic condition, and i'll make sure next time to be a bit more thorough when buying something from that record fair.
  8. Viscra Maelstrom

    Gaming Heads Doomguy Collectibles to be available Wednesday

    i wouldn't be surprised if it'll get released later as a limited edition thing alongside other versions later down the line.
  9. Viscra Maelstrom

    Gaming Heads Doomguy Collectibles to be available Wednesday

    maybe they're swamped with orders? i feel like these Doomguy collectibles has been very high on peoples wishlists. i'll take a chance and wait a while before ordering one myself.
  10. Viscra Maelstrom

    Gaming Heads Doomguy Collectibles to be available Wednesday

    how long would these figures be in stock? i'm a bit short on money right now, so i probably won't be able to get one right away.
  11. Viscra Maelstrom

    Ion Maiden, a new Build Engine game coming out in 2018!

    i haven't played the game yet and will be unable to for a pretty long time, but the song that was posted here i feel would fit the feel of this game perfectly. Duke 3D's music is eerie and ambient for the most part, and from what i hear these levels are really long. so a tracker song like that one i feel would work much better for a giant city-styled level than a loud and grating metal tune. i'll have to check this game out when i am able to.
  12. Viscra Maelstrom

    id software Doom retail version anniversary re-release

    vinyls doesn't have better sound quality than CDs do, per se (in fact, it's a very easily degradable format, because everytime it's played, the needle wears down the grooves), but it is an analog medium as opposed to CD being a digital medium, which means that the master tracks that goes on the records are different and, most importantly, cannot exceed a certain level of volume. CDs and pretty much any digital medium released by record companies nowadays have very loud masters, because a CD and media player doesn't care how loud the tracks are, they can play the files just fine. vinyls, however, cannot, so the masters on the records can be seen as objectively better than what you'd get on iTunes, because they aren't extremely loud and clipping. there's also the "feel" of vinyl records. tiny CDs in their plastic cases just aren't as exciting as huge, beautifully printed vinyl covers are, and it definitely looks more impressive to have a shelf filled with vinyls than it is with CDs, even though vinyls are much more brittle things than CDs are, as the covers can very easily get damaged, as well as the discs themselves, by improperly storing them. tl;dr vinyls doesn't sound "better" than CDs, but the analog medium means that it gets better masters than CDs and digital distribution does, and thus sounds better than other forms of distribution because of it.
  13. Viscra Maelstrom

    Which iwad midi is the loudest/quietest?

    TNT is a huge offender for loud as fuck tracks. they've already been mentioned before, but map02's track and Into The Beast's Belly especially are pretty ear-grating to listen to, and then there's situations with PWADs using corrupted versions of MIDIs like Death's Bells being shown in this thread. it doesn't happen for me if i just play the IWAD itself, but one of the maps in 1 Monster uses that track, which really kills the mood because of all the chaingunners being everywhere. a lot of Doom 1 and 2's music is really, really quiet too. just listen to a track like Dark Halls or Countdown to Death, then listen to original stuff from PWADs with custom music, like the Memento Mori series, Requiem, Icarus, STRAIN etc. and the difference is usually staggering.
  14. Viscra Maelstrom

    Rebirth MIDI Pack project (ALPHA w/ 20* tracks RELEASED)

    hate to be a bother about this again, but it seems that my map06 is omitted from the alpha release. i posted the more or less finished version on the beginning of this page, but it never got reviewed if it was okay to be in, or if i had to change stuff about it. really nice alpha so far though! excellent work from everyone involved. :)
  15. Viscra Maelstrom

    Wads with the most inappropriate midi for a shooter/any game?

    Roger Ritenour always had... questionable decisions regarding music in his wads, but the absolute pinnacle for me has to go to Pleiades. the levels you go through has these little text crawl stories attached to them that, coupled with the level-design, the looming darkness, black starry skies and ambient sound effects, is obviously trying to be an eerie and atmospheric little space horror story. so why the fuck does it have all of these terrible, terrible MIDI renditions of classic/baroque music that completely kills any semblance of mood and atmosphere that they were trying to accomplish? i didn't mind too much in Earth, because that one had a much brighter Earth setting and the music choices i actually found kind of endearing, and Phobos is a remake of the first 4 levels of Doom's E1 levels, so them using E1 tracks makes sense, and having Mars, The Bringer of War as the E1 theme actually makes sense in the context of everything else in the mod. but Pleiades? no excuse, honestly, the music choices are trash (sans for the tracks used in the revamped versions of his Phobos levels), and it kills any atmosphere that the mod was trying to build up. thank god for Jimmy's Jukebox, so i can use some much more fitting and brooding pieces to make Pleiades an actually interesting and suspenseful experience. it's infinitely better than what was provided in the mod, that's for damn sure.