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  1. i've been thinking of putting up my Revilution songs to my Bandcamp.


    it's actually quite a substantial amount of music, 14 with the bonus tracks, which is more than enough for an album size. it is my early work though, and some of the songs are kind of crap (Crazy Castle Killer specifically, and avec vouz is a bit hard to listen to), so i'm wondering if i should curate some of the tracks, or release them as is...


    i also don't have any cover-art, other than cropping the title-screen into a square resolution. but i guess that'll do.

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    2. Viscra Maelstrom

      Viscra Maelstrom

      how can you like them? CCK has some ear-gratingly high-pitch melodies, and avec vous has blaringly high gunshot percussion. :p

    3. Devalaous


      I enjoyed all your tracks, would like to see them get a release like that

    4. Viscra Maelstrom

      Viscra Maelstrom

      i guess i'll have to look into it, then. just gotta normalize all the tracks first, since some of the volume levels are different. i also enlarged and cropped the titlescreen to use as cover-art. https://1drv.ms/i/s!AgyICiFu15hmznR7PjTaWcAfOAff