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  1. dontbotherwithmyname

    ROTT TC Demo Released - UPDATED

    Excalibat! how i missed you!
  2. dontbotherwithmyname

    DOOM renaissance themed mod

    i had this idea years ago, but i just thought "nah... its sounds retarded" but now with you just showing these ideas it sound great, you should totally make it
  3. dontbotherwithmyname

    US Army brings XM25 to Afghanistan (against all common sense)

    atleast it looks cool
  4. dontbotherwithmyname

    It sounds like the mancubus says something whenn it attacks...

    i always thought that he said "ocupado!"
  5. dontbotherwithmyname

    Another Doom WAD idea: playing without fight

    i guess its fine for one level only, there are some good fps games with "exploration only" levels
  6. dontbotherwithmyname

    baron of hell high definition, still working...

    doesn't skulltag/gzdoom reproduce this effect?
  7. dontbotherwithmyname

    Turd Eating Cat animation

    where you got the inspiration for this animation? drugs? personal experience?
  8. dontbotherwithmyname

    Is anyone else into Speculative Fiction? (setting help)

    if its in a cyberspace are those coders some sort of programming tool?
  9. dontbotherwithmyname

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    Hope its not going to be like invisible war. invisible war sucked so bad that i consider the nameless mod deus ex 2 instead
  10. dontbotherwithmyname

    why cybernatic demon??

    i thought Romero's head was satan's brain (or Romero is actually satan)
  11. dontbotherwithmyname

    Who's your favorite Doom Monster?

    Barrel, its the most challenging enemy ever
  12. dontbotherwithmyname

    Something Awesome I might actually be able to use for my profession

    other: drug dealer
  13. dontbotherwithmyname

    Razer Onza

    http://www.capsgetpeeled.com/blog/archives/atari-10in1.jpg the classics are always sexier
  14. dontbotherwithmyname

    How big is your Doom folder?

    7,5 gb in my pendrive
  15. dontbotherwithmyname

    why cybernatic demon??

    i think that ,in the case of the arachnotrons and spider master mind, they use cybernetics because they have no natural form of defense (eg. tooth,claws,fire balls etc...) and they have to use the hands for locomotion