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  1. gothgirlxx96

    why are my allies killing eachother???

  2. gothgirlxx96

    why are my allies killing eachother???

    Thank you for reply I already also had +DONTHARMSPECIES, I forgot to show that, their they're both listed cause I found that one in recent wads " NOINFIGHTSPECIES" doesn't turn purple in slade but I'll see what it does.
  3. gothgirlxx96

    why are my allies killing eachother???

    I'm really confused as to why they keep killing eachother & then shooting at me. I've looked Carefully at many other example wads & read wikis & tutorials what am I missing ?
  4. -species "heroe" - -COUNTKILL +DONTHURTSHOOTER +DONTHURTSPECIES +FRIENDLY States { Spawn: TNT1 A 0 A_ChangeFlag(Friendly,1) HERO A 4 A_MarineLook Above is part of my example code. Actor is examplehero1 : scriptedmarine 32762 These friendly allies function perfectly well if placed in doom builder However I am trying to set a randomspawner so that they occasionally spawn in place of zombiemans or shotgunguys. Sometimes they're fine but randomly they start killing each other & me & I have no idea why I have tripled checked all code & studied other doom allies wads like Isabelle cooperative GFL dolls advanced ally etc
  5. gothgirlxx96

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Hi, I'm looking for a wad that had a cutscene where Doomguy can be seen walking down a wide bridge in a city that was in flames After that you enter a tech base with tons of computers textures and coffee mugs laying around with scientist corpses.
  6. gothgirlxx96

    Why is the Zombieman's hair green?

    All zimbies be bald, poss laid dead for a week before getting back up, Grass grew in dead dirt head
  7. gothgirlxx96

    React to the Username above you

    Landlines for squirrels
  8. gothgirlxx96

    old games modded still better

    Can't wait till they release the source code for Doom Eternal so then we can finally churn out 90's style graphics sounds replacements in the glorious new engine!! 3D VR Terry traps in 4K! Ed eddn eddy play with the BFG ! Mr Friendly 2021! Simpsons Doom Eternal ! Grezzo 9000!!!! & tons of amazing porn !! 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏
  9. gothgirlxx96

    What did you guys get for christmas?

    downloaded a bunch of new doom wads (New to me lol ) S'all I wanted 👻👌🤘👋👁👀👁👀👁
  10. gothgirlxx96

    React to the Username above you

    Hemocyanin, caco soup
  11. gothgirlxx96

    doom3 return from hell

    kinda reminds me a little of that dick kickem wad Not quite as entertaining but keep trying & 😎
  12. gothgirlxx96

    Karen Doom 2020

    the female demon sprites were made a long time ago by a guy named spacelion88. The mod is called "Hell Hath No Fury" I met spacelion88 in real life briefly when we happened to attend Goddard college in Vermont. He showed me his artwork & gave me some hi-res versions of the female demon sprites which I also used in another joke - ish mod called silent doom hill spacelion88 (ghostlion88 on moddb) gave me permission to use them sprites & really anyone else to. It's in the readme file. They were intended to be for a female dominated universe, though, not so much for like a sirens type wad with a male doomguy killing female demons, but for female heroines in an alternate gender role reversal universe where violent monster women fight amongst each other,
  13. gothgirlxx96

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Cutscene with Doomguy walking across a bridge in a futuristic dark city that was in flames Then enter computer complex with hardcore death metal playing, very detailed tech area with lots of little slopes. I think it was recent like 2018. That 1st map after the cutscene with the bridge in the burning city was VERY similar to the 1st map in "Lucifer Rising" It's weird cause I downloaded Lucifer Rising @ the same time & had em both in same USB drive but now I have no idea where other wad is . Sorry if this is simple Please help ! Thanks
  14. gothgirlxx96

    Karen Doom 2020

    This is the moddb link. Only difference 4 now is that there are some more ogg music files for some cool electronic / glitch hop royalty free industrial techno tracks moddb link 2nd video clip this is a clip of the Karen who trespassed upon private property in Brisbane, Australia. more links & references in readme file
  15. gothgirlxx96

    Karen Doom 2020