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  1. Marnetmar

    Doom 2 lost levels? Or unused maps?

    Oh fuck me, I forgot about this dishonest, cringeworthy abomination. I don't know what I was thinking here, I was 14 and for some reason wanted undeserved attention. I don't know what to say, I feel horrible about this.
  2. Marnetmar

    (SPOILERS) doomguy origin speculations (SPOILERS)

    And that's three more posters added to my ignore list, all in one thread.
  3. Marnetmar

    Post-Millennials: Why do you play with Doom?

    It never occurred to me that people born in 2000 are in their mid-teens until just now. Fuck, time flies.
  4. Marnetmar

    Arl's improvements.

    Do you plan on using the alpha shotgun for this?
  5. Marnetmar

    what is the plutonia theme?

  6. To remind loved ones that death is, in the grand scheme of things, one of many inevitabilities of our existence. This life, for all we know, is the only one we have, so we ought to make the most of it.
  7. Marnetmar

    Alpha Shotgun Mod?

    I strongly doubt it. If that was the case you'd get a cease and desist order instead. Plus, id/bethesda/zenimax has literally nothing that they can gain or lose from this.
  8. Marnetmar

    Alpha Shotgun Mod?

    Nobody's going to cause any problems. The guy who PMed you was probably just one of those types who always seeks to put themselves on a moral pedestal.
  9. https://twitter.com/romero/status/713351925878669313
  10. Marnetmar

    DOOM - Fight Like Hell Cinematic Trailer

    This is actually strangely fitting.
  11. Marnetmar

    DOOM - Affine Texture Mapping Edition

  12. Marnetmar

    DOOM - Affine Texture Mapping Edition

    I don't feel so good.
  13. Marnetmar

    DAY OF DOOM(TM) MARCH 29TH!!!!!!

    I'm not so concerned with them appealing to causal gamers as I am that the youtubers they decided to choose for this had to be some of the most annoying/least entertaining ones out there. iJustine? SSSniperWolf? Really? I'll even take Pewdiepie over those two.
  14. Marnetmar

    Is mapping for Doom 3 dead?

    I'd argue it was never alive to begin with. The tools are simply too inaccessible for anyone to be willing to put their time into using. Consider that Phobos, an 8 level episode for Doom 3, has been in development for as much time as Black Mesa.