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  1. I know their last three albums were utter horseshit, but this actually sounds half decent. Seriously, it actually sounds really good. Not totally over-cheesed like their last albums, but just cheesy enough to be compared to homemade mac n' cheese, and the cheese seems to be more comparable to an expensive block of cheddar from the deli rather than the EZ-Cheez with bacon bits that comes out of an aerosol can.

    Plus from the five songs I've heard so far, the use of the phrase "SO FAR AWAAAAAAAAAY" seems to have been reduced by 158 percent. That's always a plus.

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    2. Phobus


      Coopersville said:

      Too mainstream

      Hipster fag :P

      I've not heard this album, but I do like Dragonforce a bit (I've heard 3 songs by them!) - I remember seeing them live (supporting Trivium and Machine Head), which was fun. Mostly because the not-so-good-guitarist (the white one) was absolutely wrecked and the crowd responded well to a few guys hammering away as fast as they could on their instruments for 20-30 minutes.

    3. printz


      Someone should make a Dragonforce themed slaughter megawad for Heretic! Yeah!

    4. Shaikoten