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  1. Every one of the corrupt soulless fucks at DCFS/CPS needs to be thrown in prison. You have not done me any good. You have not done anything to help me, only given me the brief illusion of it. You do NOT know what's best for the child, you can NOT read my mind, and you are NOT interested in the welfare of foster children, only your Ciavarella-esque paychecks.

    Fuck you.

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    2. Blastfrog


      Mind explaining what the hell even happened?

      My mom works as a teacher in an inner-city school, and she sees clear abuse from time to time (eg. hand shaped bruises on kid's faces). She reports it to CSB, but they never do a thorough investigation, and blow it off.

      There was once a news story that broke out about them where CSB was told that a mother with her toddler moved into a meth-house. They simply showed up at the house to ask if there was any meth, and were told by the resident meth-heads that there wasn't any, CSB didn't even bother to come inside. They never investigated after that, and the child turned up dead from meth overdose somehow a few weeks later.

    3. Maes


      Sodaholic said:

      the child turned up dead from meth overdose somehow a few weeks later.

      Hey, it was its own meth! It should have learned to synthesize it better.

    4. Coopersville


      My ex-girlfriend's family used to have this neighbour who was a total cokehead. She (the neighbour) got a new boyfriend, under the conditions that he kept her provided with coke and that he act as a father figure for her four-year-old bastard son. CPS got called on them a few times, but nothing seemed to come of it. Eventually the son went on to rape my ex's three-year-old brother, a fun game he was taught by the new boyfriend. After contemplating a couple of homicides, my ex and her family eventually calmed down and informed CPS again. Still nothing.

      The neighbour also had a sixteen-year-old daughter (rumoured to be a coke whore as well). She had some of the biggest/best tits I've ever seen in person. It's one of my greater life regrets not tapping that, despite her coming on to me several times, but the baggage it would have brought on wasn't even worth that.