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  1. I have been awarded my FAFSA money but have yet to receive the remainder that hasn't been used for classes because I'm a ward of the state which requires a bunch of extra paperwork for no apparent reason, and the job market here is nill. As a result I have been paying for food, textbooks and housing out of my pocket and savings account, which has gone from around $1200 to $30. I'm currently living on ~$100 which must go to my apartment manager in the coming days while my free trial for an $80 online textbook runs out on the first of September.

    This is bad. This is really, really bad. What do?

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    2. Marnetmar


      I'm not going shoplifting, calm down.

    3. Cupboard


      Surely you can be someone's Shirley, the bottom smiley-face, and make sure the other one wears a condom

    4. Marnetmar


      What if I told you everyone who ever loved you was wrong?