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  1. I know nobody will really care, but I thought I'd share this just because it brings back some really good memories :)

    Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/85021129/1.WAD

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    2. Clonehunter


      I don't remember my first attempted wad, but my very first released one was one where I managed to confuse everyone by starting in a detailed marble room that then inexplicably turned into techbase. Pretty awful. I spent two years trying to make the level perfect, including rebuilding several areas and removing the DECORATE monster additions. I even tried adding an area, but I think I lost the files in a computer crash.

      I haven't mapped again since a different project I was making, which I mentioned somewhere on this site and have screenshots of on Steam, rather mysteriously vanished from the folder I contained it in without any clear reason. Interestingly, the modified color palette and several other related files I had still lay where I last left them. Why the map disappeared I don't know.

      For a first map, Marn, it looks okay from the screenshots. Some wide open areas that look good, though everything seems to lack detail. Layout looks fun, and offers lots of movement. I'll try this once finals are done.

    3. frithiof


      My first wad sucks.

    4. User Name

      User Name

      Looks fun, downloading now!

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