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  1. This isn't really meant to be some sort of grandoise announcement that the one-and-only Marnetmar is leaving, I'm making this thread moreso because:

    1. Free maps!
    2. For people who end up wondering “Hey, I wonder where that guy who shitposted and never finished his projects went”.

    I'll be taking a bit of a hiatus. I've decided that in my 6 years on Doomworld I haven't contributed much, if anything, that has been worthwhile. In addition, I've got things going on in my life at the moment and DW probably isn't the most healthy of things for me to be doing. I'll probably lurk from time to time, but people probably won't be hearing much from me for a while.

    I don't want to leave on too much of a somber note, however, so here's a few map scraps. Few of them resemble anything playable, but I figured that it'd be a better idea to put them up for others to take a look at and make use of in their own projects if they wanted:


    I used to have a lot more than this, but lots of stuff has been deleted in escapades of folder deletions. Oh well.


    1. 40oz
    2. HavoX


      You'll be back. They always come back.