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  1. Ravick

    Mindfuck.wad (et al.) release by Ac1DGoD

    Gosh! I'll have to rename my mod! lol
  2. Ravick

    About cyan in sprites

    Oh, didn't know. Thanks.
  3. Ravick

    About cyan in sprites

    By the way... How do I load lots of entries in Slade3 at once? I mean, not from other wad/pk3, but from hardisk.
  4. Ravick

    About cyan in sprites

    Hum... I'm pretty sure that the cyan is right. It's probably the PNG format that is messing it :( Ok, gonna use Slade3 instead :p :) Also, It looks better in Doom's palette, doesn't it? o.รต
  5. Ravick

    About cyan in sprites

    Hi, I know that most people use Slade3 today (just saying it to avoid "use slade instead" :), but I use XWE when I want to load lots of sprites with cyan color as transparency, because it does convert cyan to transparent automatically. Or, it did. It isn't doing it anymore. Maybe I have messed up with the configs, I dont know. I don't remember changing anything. What could be wrong/how may I fix it? Thanks in advanced.
  6. Ravick

    Tell Me Your Dream Weapon for Doom

    That red small weapon-aliens from Half Life.
  7. Ravick

    absolute least favorite maps in doom or doom 2?

    Well, the only I dislike is The Chasm. Boring and nonsense, IMO.
  8. Ravick

    Mapping is an art! Agree or disagree?

    I agree. Creating maps/mods is to make something to be criticized, to amaze, generate various emotions, catharsis, fun, good taste; It is an Art, indeed.
  9. Ravick

    Things That WAD Designers Do That Irritate You

    Some things I dislike: * Lots of monsters in a large area that don't really offer difficulty. * Maps that mixes atmospheres: I mean, high-tech bases mixed with medieval temples. * Maps without "feeling", no atmosphere at all. * The same dumb old stock monsters (except for old-school maps, of course), or new monsters that are as stupid as the old ones. * Very long and hard hunts for a key or a switch. Same are so long that you forget the door that you are trying to open. * For new-school maps, weak weapons for to strong monsters. It's just boring to shoot 15-20 times a hell-nobles like monster and then find mor 10 in the next arena. * Have to jump to avoid falling at a deathly floor. ('hate it) * No surprises at all; Even for old-school maps: something creative to break the sameness is good!
  10. Hi, Some time ago I've downloaded an old wad in what the imp is replaced by a monster that is like a white spider, but without eyes, and with a large mouth with large teeth. Just like a white 'oyster ' whit a scary mouth with spider-like legs. But I can't remember the wad's name. So I decided to ask in Doom forums, hoping that someone could know it. Does anyone remember seeing something like that? I think I downloaded from idgames, not sure.
  11. Ravick

    Open Outdoor Areas

    Maybe this level may help: http://wadhost.fathax.com/files/MAP03_Thel2.zip I'm trying to make outside areas of my mapas as "consistents" as this guy has made here, 'cause I think its very good at this point.
  12. Ravick

    Another shootable projectile problem

    Oops, sorry, my bad. It's the full decorate code: actor meutiro { Radius 12 Height 12 //Health 5 Scale 0.4 Speed 9 Damage 2 -NOBLOCKMAP +SEEKERMISSILE +SHOOTABLE //+RIPPER //+ISMONSTER +SOLID +HEXENBOUNCE PROJECTILE //MONSTER Renderstyle ADD SeeSound "harvester/scream" DeathSound "imp/shotx" Decal DoomImpScorch States { Spawn: SHBA A 0 Bright A_SpawnItemEx("SoulBallTrail", 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 180, 128) SHBA AB 2 Bright A_SeekerMissile (10,20) Loop Death: SHBA CDEFGHIJKL 4 Bright Stop } }
  13. Hi, I'm trying to make a shootable projectile, so I've searched some topics in this forum to learn how to do that. I've tried the hints I found (+SOLID, +SHOOTABLE and -NOBLOCKMAP), but it's not working for me. Could anyone help me? I'm playng the wad in gzdoom, and the decorate is the following: actor meutiro { Radius 12 Height 12 //Health 5 Scale 0.4 Speed 9 Damage 2 -NOBLOCKMAP +SEEKERMISSILE +SHOOTABLE //+RIPPER //+ISMONSTER +SOLID //+HEXENBOUNCE PROJECTILE //MONSTER Renderstyle ADD SeeSound "harvester/scream" DeathSound "imp/shotx" Decal DoomImpScorch States { ... } } The "//" flags are things that i've tried but didnt work too. Does anyone have any idea why its not dying when i shoot at it? *P.s.: I did read all the stuff i found here; but if I've missed somtehing and breaked some rule of the forum, I apologize. it's my firts post here.